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My first experience why I masturbate so much

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this Is what triggers my masturbation even if it sometimes makes me extremely physically weak and sometimes run a fever because of it.

I was alone in a classroom when a filthy slum lowlife interracial young street thug came in. I innocently asked him what he wanted why he came. Without saying a word he suddenly snuck in his filthy rough hands inside my undergarments then unceremoniously toyed my virgin genitals, which no man has ever yet laid their hands upon.

I was shocked at what he did and was not able to react immediately to his violation of my dignity. And since it was the first time my private parts was molested by a male pervert, I felt the sudden rush of arousal by his rude dirty hands fingers. It felt like a jolt of electricity giving me goosebumps from that sensation. I realized that if I am not going to do anything my body might as well be carried away by this arousal I was reluctantly experiencing. It will be shameful for a decent white skinned chinese from a rich family like me to cave in to a filthy lowlife poor interracial filipino bad boy from the squatters and become his bitch fuck toy slut.

My mind was racing, revolted at the thought of being defiled and shamed, I was afraid what to do to stop him. He might become violent. As he was molesting me his eyes stared at me with a smirk as though daring me what I would do about it. Finally I resolved to resist I punched him in the nose, but i was weak so I only manage to hurt him a little. It angered him and he hurt me badly until I lost consciousness or pretended to lose consciousness so he would stop hurting me. I regreted what i did and became so afraid of him that I surrendered to what he will do to me. He left the room and escaped after he was finished with me.
It will not be my only encounter with those lowlife perverts, but it left me with these unquenchable arousal over being bullied sexually and being taken advantaged of.

Today I constantly relive in my mind what he did to me and masturbate over it. I would rub my crotch to any corner table if no one was looking until I have an orgasm. Even if it was shameful for me to do so, I became horny over true stories of other pretty white ladies or rich chinese being violated against their will by lowlife filipino workers thugs or black rough muggers thugs gangs. I constantly look for online email friends whether they are victims or predators who can email me their stories about lowlife filthy poor bad boys who are nigger muggers bullies or squatter pinoys violating molesting their pretty white or chinese bosses teachers housewives into becoming their bitches sluts milking cows fucktoys sex slaves degrading their dignity milking their money impregnating blackbreeding them unwillingly.

I don’t know why I am aroused over this true stories of humiliation of my own kind. I constantly look for videos of rape by black thugs or pinoy squatter laborers, even cartoons or comics. Have I become a pervert myself craving those shameful stories or media? virgintsik1 @ gmail com


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    What you call ‘lowlife ‘ thugs are sexy, rough boys looking to give sluts like you a good time. Be fucking grateful!

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    horrid get a life nigger