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Let’s All Get Pregnant! Part 1 of 2

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A week had passed since prom night when I found out I was carrying a baby inside me. I was only 16, just about to turn 17 and already a mother. Like me, my mother was also pregnant, however unlike me her baby wasn’t going to be white like mine, but black. I was so happy to have a baby inside me and was excited for everything it would bring, but my mother was worried like any mother would be. Dad knew she was pregnant, after all he filmed her when it happened, but he didn’t yet know his little girl was, too. I haven’t told anyone else yet other than my mother, so I got my phone out and called my boyfriend over to talk. He said he was helping his parents with something but he’d be right over. While we waited, I just gave my mother a hug as we felt our belly’s press together, soon to grow much larger. Johannes came up to the door and walked inside to the kitchen where mom and I were standing.

“Hey there, what’s up? Everything ok?” he said walking in the house.

“Hey Johannes, nice to see you.” my mother said.

“Nice to see you, too. Looking lovely as always.” he replied.

“John, I have some news for you. You remember our prom night right?” I asked him.

“Of course, who could forget that?” he said confidently in front of my mom.

“Well, ever since I’ve been late for my period and this morning I took a test and found out I’m pregnant. I know it’s yours because I’ve only had sex with you.” I told him bluntly.

“Are you sure!? You mean there’s a baby in there right now?” he asked shocked, “Well this is great! How long have we been doing this now? You’re finally pregnant, I’m so excited. I hope you both are, too. I don’t want you to be mad at me for knocking up you’re daughter, but this is great!” he said happily, hugging me.

“I’m so glad you’re happy, too! I was worried you’d be scared and leave me. I’m so happy!” I said hugging him and my mother.

“Now are you two ready to be together forever? I mean, now that you have a baby I expect you two to get married. It’s what I did with your father when he got me pregnant with you.” my mom said.

“I haven’t really thought that far ahead but yeah, that seems like something I’d enjoy. Having a cute Spanish wife give me lots of babies, holding her close to me all the time would be nice. If you want me to I’ll do it.” Johannes said back to my mom.

“Well of course I’m ok with it, your baby is in her womb, it’s not like another guy is going to take her now.” she said back.

“I’m sorry I don’t have a ring or something more prepared, I didn’t think this was going to happen today. But, Camila, will you marry me?” he asked on one knee.

“Of course, silly, I love you so much!” I said crying as we grabbed hold of each other tightly. I was so happy, a baby and a husband. I wanted to fuck him right here and now, but my mom was with us. I wonder how all the little cheerleaders conversations are going with theirs parents about getting pregnant. Now the only person to tell was Isabelle. I hoped she would be happy for me, and that she was happy herself. The last time I saw her was prom night when she said she wanted Ted to impregnate her. I hope it went well. We decided to go over to her house to tell her together, my mom gave Johannes a kiss goodbye, and we walked out down the street towards her house. I was so happy I could melt as my man held me in his arm as we walked together down the road. I don’t know if every girl is like this, or if I inherited it from my mother, or I’m just a special case, but when I’m with my man like this I don’t care about the laws or any rules, I could just fuck him right here. Just throw him down in my neighbors lawn and rail myself on his cock like a pornstar. It must be the hormones. We made it up to Isabelle’s door and rang the bell.

The door opened up slightly, “Who is it?” her mother said before seeing it was us, “Oh Camila, how nice to see you!” she said.

“Hi Mrs. Lopez, is Isabelle home? I wanted to talk to her.” I asked.

“I’m sorry but she’s grounded right now. We found out she’s pregnant from that black boyfriend of hers yesterday morning. I’m not so upset about that, these things happen, but her boyfriend hasn’t shown up since.” she told me at the door.

“When can I speak with her next? I have something important to tell her.” I asked.

“I’ll let her come down if it’s important, but she’s grounded indefinitely for right now till she learns not to let boys do this sort of thing to her.” she said. Johannes and I were let inside and walked up to Isabelle’s room. We went inside and said hello before sitting down next to her.

“I hear you’re grounded? Your mom is letting us talk just this once since I have something important to say but I want to know what happened?” I asked her.

“Oh Camila, I thought we were in love! Ted always cared for me and was so nice. He only ever did one thing to me I didn’t like but he’s been so sweet the rest of the time. We went to a cheap hotel together after prom and I let him have his way with me. I let him cum in me and then he just flipped me over and went in from the back! It was so painful and I told him to stop but he didn’t. When I woke up I was bloody and couldn’t sit down, he apologized but I was still mad at him for it. I forgave him since then but when I told him I was pregnant he just hung up on me. I haven’t heard anything from him since yesterday.” Isabelle told me emotionally.

“That’s terrible. I can’t believe he’d hurt you like that. I’m surprised you forgave him so quick, I mean it sounds like he raped you, if Johannes here did that I’d of killed him.” I told her.

“I just wanted to have a baby with the man I loved, but it looks like he ran away.” she said somberly.

“Just wait a minute, he’s my friend, if he won’t answer you he’ll answer me. He’s probably just scared, I’ll try and talk to him.” Johannes said to her, trying to calm her down.

“You will!? Oh thank you!” she said hugging him, “What was is you two wanted to tell me?” she asked coming back up.

“Well, it turns out you’re not the only new mom… I found out this morning that I’m pregnant too.” I told her smiling.

“Shut up! No flipping way! We’re gonna be mom’s together?” she said shocked, but happy.

“That’s right, I haven’t been to the doctor yet, but the test I took said I’m pregnant. Johannes found out earlier and my mom made him propose to me. I don’t think a 16 and a 17 year old will get married so soon but we’re both excited.” I told her.

“Thanks wonderful! I’m so happy for you! Now, since I’m stuck here, go find my boyfriend and beat some sense into him for me, ok?” she asked.

“We’re on it.” I said as we got up to leave.

We got up and hugged one more time before walking back out. We decided to go tell his parents next as they should know their son knocked up his highschool girlfriend. As we were walking to his house, I asked him what his parents would think when we told them. He said they’d hopefully be happy, and that they don’t have a whole lot of room to say anything negative since his dad got his mom pregnant when he was 26 and she was 17. Fuck that sounds hot. My body was going overtime with hormones right now, I couldn’t wait all day while we told everyone I’m pregnant, I need cock now. We were too far from my house to go back, but still a ways away from his. However, there was a small forested area nearby that we could go to. I had these thoughts race through my head in an instant after he told me about his parents and I just yanked his hand and started running off into the trees. “Where are we going now?” he asked. I just kept running, “I need to fuck you now!” I said like some kind of desperate whore. We found a small clearing in the trees, far enough away from anyone outside walking to hear. I hoped. I jumped up on Johannes and made him fall back onto the ground as I kissed him, more like sucked on his face. We were on a slight hill and I told him to go hard on me as we stripped each other’s clothes off in between kisses. There was no blowjobs or pussy eating this time, I needed cock.

He flipped me off him onto my hands and knees and inserted his bulging cock into my pussy from behind. Moving just as quickly as I was, he started off immediately railing me. God my pussy grabbed him so hard, sex with a baby in your womb is something else, God knows how good it’ll feel over the next nine months. “JESUS! FUCK! FUCK! FUCK! RAIL MY GODDAMN PUSSY! FUCK MY GODDAMN PUSSY LIKE THE DIRTY SLUT I AM!” I shouted at him desperately trying to take more cock than he had. Sex has never felt this good before, something had clearly come over me, but my man didn’t care to fix it, he was going to ride it out, literally and figuratively. He grabbed my throat from behind with both hands and pulled back hard, pulling my head back and choking me as he fucked my pussy doggy style on the forest floor. Gasping for air as he railed my pussy, the sound of my ass clapping on his hips with every powerful thrust, I was orgasming in seconds. He choked me all the way through my first orgasm until I launched off his cock falling to the ground convulsing beneath him. “I’m your dirty slut, daddy! Breed my fucking pussy like the whore I am! My cunt belongs to you!” I moaned as I came down from my orgasm.

He just pulled me up by the hips and went straight back into fucking me in the same position as before. I had my back arched and my tiny waist and torso leaning into the ground, presenting him with my holes like a good slut. This time he grabbed my long black hair and pulled me up, pushing the arch in my back while also pulling my head back leaning into my ear to whisper, “You’re my little Spanish bitch! Take my fucking cock you little whore!” God damn I loved hearing that! I don’t know why, but the degradation as this absolute viking of a man conquers my little Spanish pussy, knowing his baby grows inside me already, just sends me over the top. I was sweating from the intense fucking as the sun beat down on us through the trees. “I LOVE YOU! I FUCKING LOVE YOU SO MUCH! I WANT YOUR COCK TO EXPLODE IN ME! GIVE ME ALL THAT FUCKING CUM, DADDY!” I screamed as he fucked me to another orgasm. Two orgasms just from doggy style sex, with no warm up and I was covered in sweat like a whore. He pulled himself tight into me and I felt his shaft expand inside my pussy as the cum swam up to the tip. The overwhelming feeling of satisfaction as I collapse on my stomach and he follows me down, pumping his massive load into me, covering my pussy walls with more cum. The thick baby batter that already got me pregnant was swimming inside me once again.

I don’t know if I want a girl or a boy, if I have a girl she can experience a tall blonde viking boy fucking her like this as her mommy did, and if I have a boy he can conquer some tiny girls pussy like his father did. Either way it’ll be good. After our climax we laid down on the ground to catch our breath. We talked about baby names for awhile sitting in the sun before getting dressed, and cleaning up as best as possible. Now back to normal, we set off to his house, I hope his parents would react positively to the news. I’ve met them several times and they always seem to love me. Afterwards, it’s time to find Ted and get him to go back to Isabelle, no one fucks over my friend like that. I won’t let her become a single mother…


Part two of this story will be up later this week sometime, don’t worry Britney, it’ll turn out in your favor! In the meantime I hoped you enjoyed this one as always. Leave a comment if you did! I also want to ask what your favorite pairing in my stories are, do you like BM/WF, WM/BF, or some other combination? Personally as a white woman, my favorite secret kink is watching white men fuck black women. I don’t know why, just something about it is even more sexy to me than me getting with a black man myself. I’d write more stories about it if I knew you wanted it, so if you do, just say so!

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    I need a part 34and5 after part 2

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    Great story Courtney love it. I think it’s great that you and Britney are working together on stories

    • BRITNEY ID:1df0k80uvhff

      I submitted our story slim56 I really hope you like it . there’s no racial overtones or violence just you and your wife Christina and me . I hope I make you and your wife cum for me ! Britney

    • Slim56 ID:1e32x0bcb75j

      Can’t wait to read it Britney I know it will be a great one.

  • Reply BRITNEY ID:1df0k80uvhff

    I’m sorry I got the character wrong , it’s Morgan from Long awaited reunion part 2 ! if you ever decide to go on with that series I would love to play her ! Britney

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      The pairing of stories don’t bother me ! I love it all , even bi sexual ! My biggest fantasy is being either a white house wife or inner city public high school teacher being force fucked and sodomized by the black teen students ! also my other fantasy is me and my best friend doing ballet and dance practice , and get fucked by the creepy new male dance instructor ! as you can see , I’m open minded for everything !! Britney

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    Courtney this part was excellent ! You have to admit that I got it pretty damn close to your version ! I now see the little differences of Isabela’s mom answering the door and Ted being a fucking jerk ! it figures that Isabela’s mom fucks her life up by grounding her and Teddy being the stereotypical black thug !! I really think everything is going to align up really soon because we’re on the same wave length now , just a few more kinks and we will be all set ! I would love for you to do a white guy fucking a black woman , just let me know what part that you would love me to play !! You have made me so happy to be in your stories, I have always looked for someone like you here on this site to be in each others stories and participate in them ! now I have you Courtney ! I hope you feel the same as me !!! love Britney (HUGS & KISSES)