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King Daddy

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I make the rules and the bitches are my subjects.

My name is no importance just call me King. Bitches call me King Daddy and for a reason big or small I rule them because deep down women need to be bought to submission. My father taught me many things in his study back in the day. One was never ever let your foot of a woman’s neck. The are reckless and need structure for them to succeed in this world.

I miss that old bastard and man did he have my mother and older sister in line. We lived the suburban lifestyle with 2 cars pickett white fence bullshit. But in our basement was where the real fun was. My father was into BDSM and my mother and sister were his playthings. My mother was like Donna Reed with short blonde hair with baby blue eyes. My sister had blonde hair too like Patty Duke from the Valley of the Dolls with blue eyes except she was a little fat. My father’s training was strict but fair.

At age 10 I used a whip on my mother’s pale ass. Things awaken in me as I whipped her till she bled. See her red crying eyes made my dick hurt. The old man grabbed me and hug me with beaming pride. He told my sister and mother he is the man of the house when he was gone. Do as I say or face punishment.

Next weekend my pops went fishing with his lodge brothers. Leaving me King of the house and stack of Playboys he left me in my room. I started to jack my dick when my sister Melody walked pass my room. I told her come in and she told me no. I sprang up and grabbed her arm. I told her your King expects you to listen to commands or dad will correct you.

I told her get on her knees like the pig she was. The baby fat on her had not gone away like it will in the future. I opened my fly and told her to lick and suck my cock while I look at Playboy. She turned her head with a stink face until I smacked her with the magazine. Remember dad put me in charge of you and mom. Melody eyes stared to water and snot was coming down her nose. Suck it I told Melody and she place her hot soft mouth on my 5 inches.

I made her crawl with my dick in her mouth to the bed as I starting looking at the Playmates photos dreaming about fucking them. I told her to go deep on my cock the I saw Ms March and I shot a pint of my milk in her throat making her choke. I told her good job and gave her a light smack then dismissed her.

I took at nap enjoying my kingship resting to soon use my mother.

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    Yes please continue. So hot and erotic

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      Thanks for the comment!