Kidnap me (I’m serious)

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The title says it all but my story has more details

Kidnap me….no actually kidnap me I’m like so fucking serious, see I have a rape kink and all those other hard kinks due to trauma i went through I want you to kidnap and fuck my underage tight pussy and ass also throat, my pussy gets so wet for people older then me I’m 14 so usually people 16 or older, I want you to demolish my pussy let me give you an example this is how I look first though, I’m 14 dark brown eyes (almost black) I’m 230Ib I’m 5’2 I’m black and I have a septum nose piercing and this might sound like I’m lying but I’m not I have triple d’s yea huge tits and they’re still not done growing must be good genes, but yea I also have like really nice thick thighs, I have small but full lips and yea that’s all for appearance oh one more thing my hairstyle usually changes up once a month but anyway, I just want to be out one day minding my business when I get pulled to somewhere secluded and fucked out of my mind I want my pussy ate and fingered I want my boobs played with but most of all I want the thrill the adrenaline that runs through me after getting kidnapped I want to be passed around in a group or fucked together of course with condoms or a lot of plan b’s (not trying to get pregnant or let people get caught) I post nudes and videos on twitter all the time, I want someone to fuck me in a changing room on the back of the bus in a public restroom anywhere just use my needy underaged cunt for your sick perverted fantasy I’ll bring my dildo let you fuck me while you do something else hell I’ll even bring my maid outfit or the short see through mesh dress I got, anyway use my throat hold my head still and use it however you want, slap my pussy or ass or tits anyone of those three if you have a foot fetish use my feet and I mean when I say use me however you want the only way you would be able to cum in me is of course using my ass or throat, get me drunk then take me to your place and fuck grope me anywhere it doesn’t matter just use me

Part 1….tbc

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  • Reply Blake ID:7zv3axx6ia

    Hey zia2.0 what happened to you Twitter account?

    • Zia2.0 ID:1d3pvg8noql2

      I accidentally signed out and now I can’t sign back in so I created a new one my new one is Nsfw_Ezi

  • Reply @6inch8326 ID:i1kgr9vnmdr

    im 17 and wanna fuck so badly. hmu on twitter @6inch8326

  • Reply Vlad ID:5qvdwnbt0k

    If you have dìscord I’d love to chat

  • Reply MystyGardens ID:1a4kzeo0d2

    You do realize that if this ever actually happens, you WILL become pregnant.
    Kidnapping is never going to go your way.
    You instantly lose control over everything in your life.
    You can’t even shit unless told to do it. Think about it.

    A fantasy kidnapping with trusted friends is different. Hopefully.
    Be careful what you wish for.

    • Zia2.0 ID:1d3pvg8noql2

      This is the most wholesome comment I ever saw on here 🤧

  • Reply MarkinHawaii ID:41fvj5t0d

    Message you how?

  • Reply Jake ID:7xsgtphk

    What’s your Twitter?

  • Reply Gonzo ID:1czgxyqnguvy

    230 lbs and 5’2″ good god your as wide as your are tall. No thank you. I like woman/Girls that care about them selves and what they put in their bodies.

    • Zia2.0 ID:1d3pvg8noql2

      You do know that a person can eat the healthiest ever but still gain weight but I sincerely thank you for your opinion that nobody asked for I love all my fans

    • MystyGardens ID:1a4kzeo0d2

      Gonzo, this girl will probably be 300 lbs by 15, or 16. Maybe 400 to 500 lbs as an adult.
      That’s a hard life.

    • Zia2.0 ID:1d3pvg8noql2

      MystyGardens while I highly appreciate the concern I don’t need it I was 230 but I got weighed and found out I lost weight 205 now I’m getting healthy and dealing with my eating disorder accordingly I don’t need grown men and women or non binary people leaving hate when ik that they’re secretly a fan

  • Reply A. ID:h2f7zeynlxc

    If you want this to happen, then you need to know you will get no control or choices, you will need to accept the consequences to include getting bred and having a baby

    • MystyGardens ID:1a4kzeo0d2

      If you want this to happen, then you need to know you will get no control or choices, you will need to accept the consequences to include getting bred and having a baby

      Truer words have never been spoken.

    • Ash ID:9yicds3zuqs

      I want to be bred so badly

  • Reply Curious George? ID:4j4ti2gm2

    Interesting request… love black girls and already have two black kids so a third or fourth by you sounds fun

  • Reply John doe ID:1e4409tbptsi

    Got a way to control you

    • John doe ID:1e4409tbptsi

      Got a way to contact you*

    • Hardon ID:1enxflfkcc61

      Bb I wood use all of your holes and fill that hot ass with my cum and your mouth to dam I am hard now send me pic bb

    • Zia2.0 ID:1d3pvg8noql2

      Ziarie2point0 is my twitter

  • Reply G ID:645g3mkim1

    Id love to see on Twitter

  • Reply Blank ID:b9wq97zk89x

    What’s your Twitter handle then?