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My sister my teacher 3

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With my sister have serious health problem i found fun in other place

In our house the next days me and my parents were in stress because my big sister start rise high fewer and terrible pain in her belly and she didnt eat much with result to stay in bed.Doctor say she has flu very simple it hit her hard he write her some medicines and day with day she start become a little better or this we were thinking.I to escape of all this i go with my friends cinema it was 2 nice hours and another 1hour later for icecream with my friends and after we take everyone road for house my road for house is inside a old kindergarden i was wearing my music headphones when sudenly one hand grab me and with other put something in my mounth and all going dark.

When i wake again i couldnt see anything because something was covere my eyes and i had something in my mounth but this wasnt the worst but that i was handfolded around something metal but my legs was free and i was laying down in my belly i start panick and then i hear a man say come she finaly wake up good say another man i was feared we give her too much anesthetic but this that matter is we will have fun i dont know for you but i am very hard for her little ass entrance the same i say the other man this words between them doing me understood their intentions and i start cry and i close my legs from instrict then one of the men come above me tell me we want your legs full open like will be your ass entrance very soon and with his legs open my legs and he put his cock rubing in my assheeks.
His cock was big sure if not kill me it will tear apart me i start scream but with this thing in my mounth it was imposible then the man tell me that i am the first girl they take here the other two times was boys then his cock left my asscheeks and it go to my entrance i try to beg him to not do it it was too late he start to push and his cock to break my ass the pain was incredible i start to cry but noone could hear me then stranger with a push feel his cock slide in almost all inside me doing me cut my breath now you are our little bitch and he start to hammer my ass i was cry and scream but all this doesnt touch him only tell me that the previous kids were doing like me and he give me a kiss in my cheek soon after enough pushes he cum in my ass i feel big relief but its not over the second man say its my turn i had forgeting him my ass entrance was already open from previously time so this time i take it more easy.
But this time the second stranger was more violent i could feel his ball hit in my ass i the only thing i could do was stay here to pray to end all this and the stranger to tell me that in the thought they will sent me in my family full tear apart its driving him crazy until he also empty his cum in my pure ass i think its time to take her home her parents maybe search her you are right and they left free my hands but not eyes and mounth they help me wear my clothes and they put me in a car or van and after i dont know time they left me i set free my eyes and mounth i was in the old kindergarden but it was night now and my ass hurt me wild after my wild rape at least i could walk a little strange of course i was thinking their reaction after see me in this contition and when i to house i didnt find any of my parents but my aunt worried where i was i aske my parents search i ask her.
No she say very simple ellen contition going worse and they had to go to hospital is she okay i aske her she didnt know only that her pain was too big and she come here to take care me come i have prepare dinner ok i say but with the shock of this news i forget my terrible adventure i had difficulties to sit down but my aunt thanks god she didnt understand that,The next day that we communicate with my parents we learn that ellen will have to do xrays and tests to learn whats going on her contition was realy serious and after two days we learn the terrible news when i return from a walk i found mom and aunt in kitchen table in bad condition mom cry and aunt to keep her hand i fear that something happen to ellen and i was right i run to hug her she was happy to see me but she tell me to sit down we have to talk whats going on with ellen i aske her she say the fewer and pain in her belly wasnt flu.
Then what it was i aske her she burst into tears she couldnt aswere but aunt tell me cancer in her stomach no i say this cant happen ellen is a young healthy and good girl sweetheart this disease doesnt look if you are healthy or your age and now what i aske them she soon will start chemos and radiation aswere my mom she will need us in her side all this difficult time and we will be i say.

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