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I love being a girl 4.1

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Hi I am Amy. I am 24 years old.My bust size is 36D and waist 30.
I am an assistant of a manager who is around 40s in an organisation and he loves me alot especially when you molests me in office or in my home and I enjoy it

Me being a slut and exhibitionist.

When I was in college, I was not attracted to other boys of my age… I was attracted to the older ones…my teachers, principal and his assistant. I was an average student, neither a topper nor failure.
But I wanted better marks for a better future. I used to wear denim shorts and tops with deep cleavage… My uncle trained me well.
One day I was sent to the principal’s office because of my clothes. I went to his office. My principal was in his 50s he looked at me from head to toe . He got up from his chair and asked “you know these clothes are not allowed in the college” while standing behind me . I said” I know sir”. He was putting his dick on my clothed ass, I didn’t realise he unzipped his pants. I told him I liked wearing these type of clothes.
“You know you look like a cock hungry slut.” He said… “I’m a cock hungry slut sir”…I said
He turned me around , held my hair in his fist and slapped me multiple times, spat on my face… Forcefully kissing me…said “you are a rapeslut”… Forced me on my knees and put his cock in my mouth. “Aaaahhhh… Suck it you rape whore…. You are made for rape and I will rape your mouth, pussy ,asshole everyday until you graduate. Suck it you whore”…..I gagged and choked on his cock… I was crying but he was fucking enjoying my pain… He released himself in my throat… I coughed..”you rapeslut”… Slapped me again… He removed my clothes and pushed me on the floor. I was continuously pushing him away but I was not strong enough. Inserted his cock into my wet pussy….his thrusts were so brutal.his mouth on my boobs sucking and biting my nipples.I screamed when he bit them hard and pulled them..
After some time the pain turned into pleasure..I was moaning loud and clawing at his back.My heels digging into his hips as I raised my hips and let him rape me deep. I orgasmed 4 times and he released himself in me….he didn’t let me go home that day.. He took me to a motel… I informed my uncle that I would stay in a motel for 2 days….with my principal…. For two days,he raped my pussy and my asshole… He never let me wear clothes.. I had to open the door naked… I love it when the boys gave dirty looks… After that he used to fuck me everyday… He also made me to sit in his office during my exams so that he could fuck my pussy after my exam.

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  • Reply Fuckme ID:1d5pxz2a13rx

    I wish I was that lucky girl!!!

  • Reply Derek ID:pa0xb9p49b

    So good!!!!

  • Reply Joe ID:5c8rcvm9a

    Great stories Amy . I am 67 years old and my old cock was throbbing reading your hot sexy stories . You are my kinda girl that likes to get fucked hard and deep with an old hard cock

  • Reply Bdoon ID:7z8nw2vqrd

    ..feel sorry for you. You will never know love with a decent man You have documented you are a low life. Kharma not going to be good to you

    • BRITNEY ID:1df0k80uvhff

      Then why are you here reading her stories, you sound like a hypocrite ? Your probably mad because some pretty little lady like Amy rejected you and your mad, so go and read a religious site !!! Britney

  • Reply Emma.H ID:jtp3mrdfqb4

    Loved it got me wet, love Emma from Aus.

    • Amy24 ID:1d5pxz2a13rx

      Thanks Emma❤️

  • Reply Hornydom ID:nnn4gwxic

    Mmmmm you sound fun. Wish I knew you

    • Amy24 ID:1d5pxz2a13rx

      Thanks 😊