Thicc girlfriend

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My thick girlfriend and her fun adventures

My beautiful thick girlfriend she loves to have sex she loves to get spanked and being treated like a dog five months we have been together in those months l know one thing she loves old men cock, she loves sucking them she loves having them pound her juicy thick ass again and again and again till she can’t think anything else but their cock pumping inside her young pussy and she loves when the older men take pictures and videos so she can send them to me you see we live far away from each other so l want her to have fun sexually wise. we love to read what the people have to say about her so don’t feel embarrassed to speak about what you want to do to her sexy ass please send us stories and pictures in this email [email protected] this is a true story that happened when l was in corpus Texas l was doing something for school when out of nowhere l get a picture from a random number in the picture is my girlfriend lapis she is on her knees with a big old cock on her lips her face is covered in cum with the text your girlfriend is keeping daddy company he then proceeds to send me multiple videos of him pounding my 16 year old girlfriend pussy her moans the way her thick ass jiggle and bounce back to his superior cock it turned me on so l asked to see more and more which has then turned into her getting fucked by older horny perverted men and them recording and taking pictures sending them to me we are also into pretend rape so if you want to send us some stories you made we are interested also yes that’s her ass in the pictures am basically a sissy femboy so l want her to be fucked by real men


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  • Reply KS ID:mn2sm4qwonk

    You should definitely encourage her more

  • Reply ... ID:4c9qt3ect0i

    my girlfriend is also into that stuff as well we pretty much have the same story in a way but she hasn’t done anything yet

  • Reply KS ID:1emxpp3phyvp

    She also posts here just search lapis

  • Reply sex ID:1db22nn7el85

    would love to pin her down and fuck her so brutally