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Amy Encounter/s – Teasing Troy

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I pulled Troy down and kissed him real nice and said, I know girls that have bigger fingers than your dick.

Amy Encounter/s are true short stories.

Troy and Eric are close friends, and they are both in the sports league with Ken and Greg. Troy has a little dick, like less than 6 inches long, which I guess is average by popular standards. I have teased Troy many times prior to this night about his little dick, and I even used little dick taunts to get him to suck Eric’s 10” cock the first time.

I shared that, and another time I teased Troy, in, Amy Tale/s – Saturday Video Game/s, and, Amy Tale/s – Well, I’m Hot Tubbin, Check It and See. Both Troy and Eric are bisexual now, but they both like girls more, but Troy is obsessed with me. I have had some interesting sexual encounters involving Troy, and tonight is one of them.

It was after 8pm on a Saturday, and I was returning from an overnight with Kelly. Eric and Troy were at the apartment playing video games with Ken and Greg. I showered and put a nightie on and grabbed a wine cooler, and Troy was staring at me. Troy would lose his game just to watch me walk around, and the guys were telling him to pay attention.

I was going to go back to the bedroom, but now I was curious. I sat on the couch, and Troy continued to watch, so I flashed my trim hairy pussy at him. I said to Troy, you would wank that little wiener of yours just staring at my pussy, wouldn’t you? Troy nodded his head yes. I said, are you saying yes because you agree that you have a little wiener? Troy replies, I was saying I would jack off just to watch you naked, and he turned back around like he was mad, and he went back to playing the video game.

I asked Ken if the four of them had sex before the video game, and he said yes. I asked Ken, did Eric fuck your ass with that big cock of his? Ken smiled and said, oh yeah, it felt good too. I asked, did Troy fuck you also? Ken looked contemplatively off to the side like he was thinking about what happened during their gay sex fuck, and he said, yes, I think so. I laughed and said, damn Troy, they can’t even remember your little dick fucking them. Troy put the controller down and went to the kitchen and grabbed a beer, and he stayed in there, drinking it.

I walked into the kitchen, and I took my nightie off and I was naked. I rubbed my pussy and tits, and I asked Troy, do you want to eat my pussy Troy? He got happy and said, yes. I took him to the bedroom and laid back on the bed, and Troy moved in between my thighs and started eating my pussy. After a little bit, I told him to get undressed and turn the other way. I taught him how to eat pussy, and I said, you need to get good at pussy eating, because this little dick of yours might only please tweens, and I rubbed his little uncircumcised dick.

Troy’s little dick was max hardness, and I pulled his thigh over my head, so we were in a 69, and I sucked his tiny dick and licked his smooth balls. Troy ate my pussy to orgasm. I said, do you want to fuck me, and he nodded his head yes. Troy is good looking, and fit, and he has a nice ass, and I squeezed it as my pussy swallowed up his pecker. I pulled Troy down and kissed him real nice and said, I know girls that have bigger fingers than your dick. Troy cums in my pussy, and I held him in and kissed him until what little I felt of his dick slipped out of my pussy.

I rolled Troy over, and I moved into a 69 on top of him and said, eat your cum out of my pussy, and I sucked his little limp dick. I said, this is the one thing your little dick is good for, being limp, I could suck it all night, it is so cute and soft. I sucked and played with his little flaccid cock, and I gobbled the whole thing into my mouth. Next to sucking Greg’s nice 9” cock, I would rank sucking Troy’s limp uncircumcised cock next to that. I said, damn Troy, I am getting excited sucking your little weeny.

Troy ate my pussy to orgasm again. I took Troy by the hand to the shower, and I made him wash me and douche my pussy. I let him suck my tits and I kissed him a lot. I washed his dick and said, look baby dick, you are going to have to accept that your dick is small. You will get more pussy if you learn to eat pussy, and if you suck big cocks and share them with girls. That turns girls on. So, do what I say, and I will fuck you from time to time.

We got out of the shower, and I lead Troy back to the bed, and we were naked. I went to sleep holding Troy, and I let him to rub my body. I like Troy’s little dick, and I like teasing Troy about his little dick. Troy can brag about one thing! I have never fucked Eric’s 10” cock.

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