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gay raped at summer camp

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He was my cabin mate for a month. He was bigger, stronger, and I became his “girlfriend” for the summer. He raped me and I became his.

I was chubby, short and at 13 had a tiny nub of a cock with some hair around it. My chest looked bigger than girls my age, I had boobs. I didn’t want to go to camp, especially for a month but my parents thought it would be good for me and get me into sports and other “boy” things. I was a boy, not a girl and didn’t want to be a girl but my cabin mate had other ideas. He was Ted, almost 6ft. tall, muscular, and immediately stripped revealing a cock that was about 5 or 6 inches long and thick when it was soft. He changed to his swimming trunks in front of me, and waited for me to do the same. I went to the bathroom to change. He stopped me and told me to change right there in the room. I tried again to leave and he grabbed me and stopped me. He took off my shirt and his first reaction “Damn look at those tits, those are bigger than my girlfriends back home, NICE!” Then when I took off my underpants he started pointing and laughing at my little nub of a cock. He reached for it, I pulled away and he came at me anyway. He reached between my legs and was rubbing my tiny sack. My nub grew to it’s very thin two inches and width about that of my forefinger.

He was laughing and touching it, then told me to lay down. He pushed me onto his bunk and started jacking on it. I’d never had another guy do anything to me. “can you even feel that with such a tiny one?” I told him I could, He asked if I liked it. I said no but then I shot my load. He laughed again and said that I was a liar. Then he made me pick it all off my fat belly and swallow it. “Get used to it ” he said “You’re gonna get a lot more”. Then we went swimming. I saw him pointing at me with some other jock types, they were snickering and laughing. I overhead one say “He swallowed his own?”. I looked down in shame.

That afternoon, whenever he could he’d squeeze my “tits” as I had to call them, and would put his hand down the back of my swimming trunks to my bare butt. He rubbed his finger all around my hole. “feels good baby” he’d say. “But it’s gonna feel even better after a few times with me”. I honestly didn’t know what he meant, I was quite naive and really knew next to nothing about sex, or men and womens differences. I knew girls had tits and pussies, but had never seen any and I had tits. That night Ted turned off all the lights, and put a jar of vaseline on my nightstand. He stripped naked and told me to do the same, to go to bed naked. I didn’t want to but he came at me and I did it out of fear. About an hour later, I was still not asleep and I saw him get out of his bunk and come to my bed. He told me to take the cover off and lay on my stomach. I was asking him why and not wanting to do it, and all of a sudden a punch to the side of my head and I was crying. He rolled me over, hit me in the head again, and told me not to make it so hard on myself. If you just do what I tell you, you’ll be fine, you’ll even enjoy it. I didn’t know what I was to enjoy, he was putting vaseline on my butthole and doing something else with it. I felt the slickness of his cock when he laid it between my buttcheeks. He was fully on top of me, and told me to reach back and guide it in. I didn’t do anything and then two punches to my head I grabbed his now rigid 9 inches and put it at my butthole. It honestly never occured to me that two guys could have sex. But at least as i look back, he did take it slow. He was so damn thick it was really burning. “Don’t worry baby, I’ll let you get used to it, you like daddy’s cock going inside you? Huh? You like it baby?” with that he was reaching around under my chest and grabbing my “tits”, pinching my nipples. “You have such nice tits baby, I wouldn’t even had wanted to fuck you if I hadn’t seen these nice titties of yours, with your little pussy-clit”

With that it was all the way in me, I was begging him to stop and he did. “Please take it out” I cried. “Call me Daddy or baby” was his response. “Please baby, take it out of me, it hurts”. He told me to squeeze with all my power on it, then let go. He had me do this about 10 times, and it did ease up the pain. I guess I was getting used to his cock. He very slowly started moving in and out of me, but not all the way, only moving about 3 inches “How’s that baby, better?” I told him it was, and he announced he couldn’t help it he was going to cum. I felt every spurt of his hot sperm shooting into my backhole, no, not just my back hole, it was about 9 inches up into my insides, and with the force I felt I knew his sperm was shooting probably a foot up inside me. He was inside my body, raping me, shooting his sperm in me, forcing me to have sex with him. He eased up squeezing my tits and pulled his hands out and then his big cock growing soft now, was eased out of my hole. “Oh, damn that felt good baby, your pussy feels better than any pussy I’ve had, you’re a good fuck honey”.

He got off and went to his bed, he told me to keep the cover off and be ready in case he got horny again during the night. He made me roll over on my back and told me to rub myself till I shot. After I did he just said “You know what to do with it” and I wiped it up on my fingers and put it in my mouth. “Yeah, baby, tomorrow I’m gonna give you some of mine to swallow down”. About 1am I felt him come over again, He started playing with my tits, and sucking them, rubbing me between my legs. I just rolled over onto my stomach and let him fuck me. It took him probably 30 minutes of fucking before he came in me again. I got up to the toilet with two loads in me I barely made it and shit it all out into the toilet. The paper when I wiped had poo stains mixed with his slippery sperm.

The next morning, he brought in some orange juice, and muffins. He told me again how good it was the night before, and how I was so sexy. He made me take off my shorts and then made me make the beds and clean the cabin nude. I turned around and before I even got breakfast his hard 9 inches was upright and he told me to suck him off. I was defeated by this time, I’d been raped twice that night, and he hit me several times. Rather than risk it again, I just knelt down and listened to his instructions and sucked his big cock till he blew his huge load into my mouth. He made sure I swallowed it all. THEN I was allowed to eat my muffin and drink my OJ. At crafts that morning, he brought me into a back room with him and three other guys. “show them your tits” he demanded. I resisted, and a swift slap to my face and I took off my shirt. The guys were all over me. My tits being grabbed, squeezed and sucked on. An hour late I had finger sized bruise marks all over my “tits”.

That evening I was told to fix his meal tray and bring it to him with mine. At our cabin he moved the two bunks together and made me refix the sheets to we had a double bed. I had to sleep nude. That evening I sucked him off, and he did the same to my little one, calling it a clit and telling me I was a girl who “squirted”. Then he kept it up, and I got fucked twice again that night. The next morning the three boys came into our cabin, Ted had me naked as i cleaned, as he wanted. I tried to cover up but he pulled my hands away from me. They were all laughing at my clit. Then getting behind me he reached around and was flopping my tits all around, then bent me over and fucked me there in front of them. One guy put his cock at my mouth, and with a fist to the head from Ted I opened up. I sucked and got fucked my all three of the guys, and Ted took a second turn after they left. “That was hot baby, you’ve got some fans. Look” He showed me $30. $10 from each of the boy I sucked and who fucked me. He came and wouldn’t let me go to the toilet. It was pool time. Even the other boys who didn’t know about me were all pointing and commenting, everyone knew, and if not they could see the bruises on my tits. Then as I let out a big fart in the pool I turned around and saw sperm floating behind me. I’d had 2 loads up my pussy from Ted and three more from the other boys, everyone knew it was sperm from my now “Pussy”.

It went on for the full month, I lost weight which Ted liked, and it made my tits show up better, he started sometimes doing it missionary position with me. I liked that better. He stole some panties from the girls camp and had a few pairs for me to wear for him around the cabin. Everyone knew I was his girlfriend, my hair grew even longer, and I let him and whomever he allowed to get sucked by me and to fuck me.

My parents insisted on sending me to camp to get into sports and “boy” things. Instead I turned into someones girlfriend. I got raped at camp, over and over again, I just accepted whatever Ted wanted me to do, it was better than getting beaten again.

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  • Reply Cracksniffer ID:16oigapfv9d

    Summer camps are great experience for all ‘boys’!

  • Reply Ronald D. ID:8bvxdgx4qm

    You’re not alone, my friend. When I was that age I was stupid enough to let this female friend of mine talk me into letting a guy fuck me in the ass “like her”. Of course, she said it was my “boy pussy” and if I wanted to keep hanging around with her, I’d do it. So I did. How I could be that stupid, I have no idea. I had a plan though. I knew it was going to hurt like hell and as soon as he got it in a couple of inches, I was going to yell and not do it anymore because it hurt so badly. Thing is, it did hurt some but not even that bad so instead of stopping him I thought to myself that it was really no big deal so why not? She thought it was funny and she and her boyfriend laughed while this other guy fucked me. Came in my ass, too. She told me to get used to it because I was her “girlfriend” from then on and we were going to fuck together, only she didn’t mean she and I fuck. She and her boyfriend did it while this other guy fucked me. I don’t know how many times that summer it happened but it was a lot. Not every day, but a lot. I didn’t even mind it that bad because it didn’t hurt like I thought it was going to. They probably told everybody they knew about it but nobody said anything so I can’t be positive that they did.

  • Reply OHMclub ID:1zfupa9hrc

    I had a similar camp experience some of the church counselors taught me a think or 2 we need more