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Jamaican Twins

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My first time having sex was like a contest with my mate while we both fucked twins girls in my bedroom. Greatest time of my life.

When I was 14 I was living on a estate where all poor unemployed people lived, no one had jobs due to factories closing down and it just turned in to a shit hole with drunks and druggies everywhere, crime was a normal daily occurrence, but everyone in the area knew each other and all the kids hung out all the time playing and messing about.

Our neighbours were Jamaican and they had twin girls, Fiona and Sarah, they had light brown skin and thick black hair, I’d seen them around since I was little and as I was growing up didn’t pay them much attention but when they were 9 me, my brothers and my mates started hanging out with them.

One day they came over to my house and we were just running around the house playing and stuff, that day they looked really cute though, both wearing stripy dresses, they never wore socks or shoes, must have been a Jamaican thing, just a one piece dress that went over their shoulders, their hair was in weaves and dreadlocks.

We were messing around on the landing at the top of the stairs when my mate just took his cock out right next to Sarah, who was sitting in the bare wooden floor, we were poor we didn’t have a carpet or anything, “Here. Suck my dick.” He said, wagging his cock near her face.

She looked up at him, first she looked confused then she smiled and giggled, she grabbed his cock, pulled on it a couple of times and then put it in her mouth and sucked on it, me and my brothers stood around watching her in action, it was so cool the way she just sucked his cock like that.

Her sister Fiona came running upstairs when my brothers started shouting each other, “Come look at this. Sarah’s sucking Carl’s cock. Quick!” they shouted.

When Fiona came up we were all just watching, then Carl told me to do the same to Fiona, so I got my cock out and she started sucking on it, me and Carl were stood side by side on the landing, with Fiona and Sarah kneeled on the floor sucking our cocks with everyone watching.

“Take your dresses off.” Said Carl, not bothering to wait and he just reached down and lifted Sarah’s dress off her and threw it down the stairs, Fiona whipped her own off and we couldn’t believe that they were both not wearing anything underneath, they were totally naked, they opened their legs as they got competitive with each other seeing who could suck cock the fastest.

Their little pussies looked nice, we grabbed their hands lifting them up of the floor and we ran in to my bedroom and all four of us jumped on to my bed.

Carl was already stripping off, “Can we fuck you?” he asked.

I’m pretty sure neither Sarah nor Fiona knew what that meant, but they eagerly agreed, “Yes.” They said.

The girls laid down on their backs, knees in the air, legs spread widely apart, their little pussies looked wet and were a bit soft when I felt them, we both got on top of them, they were a bit smaller than us, and their heads were about just below our shoulder blades when we were hovering over them.

I know it sounds like we’re raping them but we didn’t, they were both laughing and giggling the whole time, it was great fun, we put our cocks to between their flaps and pushed them in, both the girls screamed from the pain of losing their virginity and our cocks entering their bodies.

After a couple of minutes of screams of, “Ouch. Arrgh”, and pumping our cocks in and out of them, they got used to it and their screams turned to heavy breathing, light moans and pleasurable groans as we leaned over them, our arms under their backs, squeezing their bodies against ours and fucking their little brains out.

At one point my dad came upstairs and in to my room asking, “What’s all the fucking noise in here?”
When he saw that I and Carl were fucking the two little Jamaican girls from next door, he just shook his head, grinned a little, “Don’t be getting them pregnant. Your mother will kill us both.” He said, jokingly, and then he turned around and walked out.

Carl and I just continued to fuck these two giggling little girls, and they had really tight little pussy holes, we were even betting each other as to which one of us would come first.

For some reason I really wanted to win, beat my best mate at something for once, so I was really hammering my cock in and out of Fiona, in fact we both over did it because my old crappy bedframe snapped and one side of the bed collapsed on to the floor.

We didn’t give up though, we just continued to fuck them at an angle and I was able to hold on to the high side of the mattress to help pull myself up as I thrust my cock in to her pussy, I felt myself about to come, so I let them know, “I’m coming, man. I’m winning. – ooh – ungh!” I said.

“Nah your not.” Replied Carl, punching me on the side of my arm, he started ramming it in to Sarah really hard.

Unfortunately I was a tie, we both appeared to push our cocks right up their holes and we came at the same time.

I collapsed on to the floor, my cock flopped out of Fiona’s hole as I fell, the girls absolutely loved it as much as we did, they weren’t crying or anything, when we finished and Carl and I were on the floor totally exhausted, Fiona and Sarah jumped on us all giddy and giggling and wanted us to fuck them again, which we did about an hour later after we managed to fix my bed.

They were the greatest girls you could ever meet and were definitely my best fuck ever. Wish I could fuck little girls again, but I’m too old now.

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  • Reply TF is this sight

    jesus help yall i just wish you could make stories about legal people

    • Fuck right off

      Omfg leave then. If you don’t like it it’s not for you

  • Reply Tony

    My wife and I go to Jamaica once a year
    My wife loves the big black cocktail.
    I usually get preteen girls. The girls are so willing and wild.
    This last year I couldn’t go, so my wife took our 12 year old daughter.
    My wife sent me pics of them topless on the beach.

    I was surprised my wife sent me a vid, it showed 2 guys in their room . The vid was mostly my daughter learning to suck, and eventually losing her virginity.
    She only let out a yelp when the guy ripped her hymen.
    I sure wish I was there

    • AP

      Did your wife have two of her own?
      What’s life with your daughter been like since then? Twelve is a great age to begin if you have supportive parents, but I’m sure she didn’t come home acting like the chaste little virgin she was when she left.

    • Tony

      guess my story was a little confusing. Two guys in the room. One for my wife one for our daughter. Sure later they switched.
      Had a little scare though. Over there you can’t just get over the counter plan b. You have to have doctor appointment first.
      When she got home and when period was due she was late by a week.
      But you are right she didn’t come home like everything was like before.
      She’s a little slut like her mom, different boys sleeping over on weekends.
      But she really looking forward to going back to Jamaica

    • AP

      Yeah, I thought your daughter at taking two guys on at he same time sounded pretty spectacular.
      You family sounds pretty open. Has your daughter come on you you yet? Or with your preferences, now that she’s very active, have you been with her?

    • Tony


      Yes since my daughter is very sexually active I have had the pleasure of making love to her. I just love her tight little pussy.

      My wife surprised me saying when we go to Jamaica this year , both her and our daughter are going to stop taking the pill a few months before we go. We all think it be exciting them taking the chance getting pregnant.

    • AP

      Tony, if you want to ratchet up the excitement, about 2-3 months before you go to Jamaica take your daughter’s pills away. Now that she’s having sex up the mind game with her by taking away her choice about getting bred. She’s going to have to chart her cycle to know when she’s safe (if her cycle is regular). When she’s fertile before the Jamaica trip make it clear to her that she can run the risk of you breeding her or let you give it to her up the ass.
      You might want to stock up on plan B pills if you don’t want babies showing up ruining your family fun. My sister always fucked bare and had to go with plan B if she was fertile and got knocked up.
      Have you seen her take multiple boys to her room at the same time? If so your wife is going to need to make sure there isn’t just two guys this time if she wants filled.