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Britney is waiting for courtney as her mom comes out of the house and is picked up by a black guy

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Britney goes to Courtney’s house and waits for her to walk to school as Courtney’s mom comes out and gets into a car full of black guys .

It’s Monday morning and It’s 6:00 am , and I woke up before my alarm went off . I have to get dressed for school and meet Courtney at her house so we can walk to school together .

We both go to a prestigious private school and are in our Senior year and she just started going out with Johannas .He’s gorgeous looking , standing at 6’5 and looks like a Viking with his flowing blond hair .

Us girls have to wear our school issued uniform , so I put my Burgandy red tights on and my gray , high waist , pleated gray dress , and my white blouse with a red necktie and my gray uniform jacket that has the schools logo patch on the upper breast area and 2 inch heel pumps .

As I was about to knock on Courtney’s front door, her mom came out in kind of a hurry , she saw me and said hello to me , and she yelled up the stairs to Courtney saying Britney’s here ! I watched her very pretty Spanish looking mom , wearing a very provocative and sexy red skirt and dark black stockings with high heels get into the passenger seat of a large Cadillac car with a big black guy in the drivers seat and two in the backseats .

Courtney comes out and we both said hi to each other, as we walked to school . I asked her about her mom being all dolled up and getting into a car full of black guys . She told me that she saw a video of her mom on her bed getting gang banged in her ass including getting double penetrated , then the
black guys fucked and bred her pussy !

I was speechless when she told me that , then she told me she doesn’t want to talk about it anymore .
I turned to her and said sorry and hugged her .

She’s now telling me about Johannas, and how he fucked her and creampied her . I said to Courtney ,

“Oh my god Courtney , do you know how gorgeous and beautiful your children will look”!!

“You being part Spanish and what ever your dad is , and Johannas being that very well built blond Viking hunk”!! “Oh my god”! “If the two of you decide to get married”!! “please”! “Can I be your Maid of honor”

“Oh Britney sweetie”!! “I just started going out with him”!

We are now in school and she saw Johannas at his locker and went off to him as I went to my locker .

One of the guys who is on the football team and plays with Johannas, Ted , and is black . Asked if he could see me alone near the furnace room in the basement . I said okay, as we’re walking downstairs ,
I’m checking him out and he’s so big and muscular , thinking to myself, what a hunk , and I hope he askes me to be his girl , I can see the big bulge in front of his pants and it’s making me horny .

As we got in front of the furnace room door , he opens the door and looks around and doesn’t see either the furnace guy or the janitor . He grabs my arm and pulls me in as I said ,”Oh Ted”!! “What do you want to see me about”!!!

I asked , kind of excited and turned on as my pussy is starting to get stirred up by getting my tights and black lace panties wet .

Ted closes the door behind us and quickly takes me behind the furnace where there is a cot for the
furnace guy , when he has to stay overnight in the winter to keep the furnace going .

Ted looks into my eyes and asked if I will go out with him ? I said yes Ted , I want to be your girl but why couldn’t you just asked me upstairs in the hallway or classroom ?

“Because of this Britney”! He gave me a very deep French kiss as he puts one of his hands under the
front of my dress and places it between my black lace panties and my Burgandy red tights , he then
starts rubbing and finger banging my now very wet pussy through my wet tights as I’m moaning out

“Oh Ted”! “Oh Ted”! “Oh Ted honey”!!! “I need to suck your big black dick Ted”!!

Ted wasted no time when I said that to him , he unzipped his pants and removed his hand out of my panties and tights, as I quickly got on my knees and put my hand into his pants and took out his 9 inch
black dick , my eyes got wide as I stared at this hunk of black meat . I opened up my mouth and started to suck his dome shaped cockhead , I sucked and swirled my tongue all around his cockhead
as I looked up at him with my seductive brown eyes .

As I’m looking up at Ted , I can see his eyes roll up into his head as he moans out, “Oh shit”! “Oh my god”!! “Oh Britney baby”!! “Your mouth feels just like a warm wet tight pussy”!! “Oh fuck”!!!!

As I’m sucking his dick, I just took a deep breath and went all the way down on him , I felt my eyes bulge out a little as I started bobbing my head up and down , Ted is telling me to slow down so he
doesn’t blow his load in my mouth .

I pulled my mouth off his black fuck stick, with my very stringy saliva and his salty precum all over his
dick and my mouth and face .
I stood for him as we locked up into another French kiss . He placed me on the cot as I hiked up my dress and he put his head between my nylon Burgandy covered legs and moved my black lace panties to the side and starts licking and sucking my wet pussy juices through my tights .

When he started sucking my pussy I squeezed his head with my thighs and pulled his head deeper into my pussy with my hands yelling out, “SUCK MY PUSSY”! “SUCK IT HARD BABY”! “PLEASE TEAR MY TIGHTS AND TONGUE FUCK ME BABY”!!

I released his head from my thighs and as he brought his head up , I leaned over and kissed him as I licked and sucked all my pussy cum off his face .

Ted did as I instructed him to do by tearing a hole in my Burgandy red tights at my pussy area , he took
hold of my legs and put them up onto his black muscular shoulders .He then put the head of his dick
between my wet pussy lips and slowly and steadily he pushed it in as my pussy lips stretched and parted causing me to quickly moan and squeal , “OOH”! OHH”! “OHH”! “OOH MY YOUR BLACK DICK IS

Ted started fucking me in a steady rhythm as I have my arms wrapped around his back , and I started

While Ted’s giving me a very hard thrusting and pounding fuck , my pussy starts to cum and I can’t
control myself from the feeling of his big dick going in and out of my pussy . As I’m panting and looking up to him , I see my Burgandy nylon encased legs and heel pumps on each of his black
muscular shoulders just rocking back and fourth by his head with every hard pounding thrust he gives
me , suddenly my pussy clamps down like a vice and constricts around his big black hunk of meat
making me squeal and yelp out , “OOOHHHHHH”!!! “OOOHHHHH”!! “OHH MY GOD YES”! “OHH GOD”!!



As I’m cumming all over his dick and squealing and moaning uncontrollably , Ted starts grunting as I
can feel his black dick twitching , he lets out this loud groan and I instantly felt his dick shoot stream
after stream of his black baby making seed deep into my pussy and womb as I wrapped my arms
tightly around him and bit down on his shoulder making little purring and girlish yelping sounds .

He collapsed on top of me completely exhausted as he kissed my neck and ears telling me how much
he loves me and eventually to marry me when we get out of high school .

When he got off of me his dick made a wet plopping sound as it came out of my pussy and all his
white seed leaked out of my pussy and ran down my Burgandy red nylon covered legs , I tried my best to clean up his spunk but I just ended up smearing it into my tights .

Ted went to the door and slowly opened it and looked out to see if anyone is around , he tells me the coast is clear as he takes my hand and pulls me out with him as we kissed and giggled all the way upstairs .

He walked me to my locker and as we were talking, Courtney saw me from down the hallway and yelled out and waved to me , I told Ted that I got to go with Courtney now , he grabbed me and gave me another long French kiss and took off to the football field for practice with Courtney’s guy
Johanna .

As we walked out of school together heading home , I told her that Ted the black guy is on the same
football team as Johanna , and he asked me out to be his girl . Courtney said, “OH MY GOD BRITNEY”!

“I’M SO HAPPY FOR YOU”!! Then I told her how he took me down into the school basement into the
furnace room and fucked the living hell out of me !


As we were walking , she told me to stop to take a good look at me , then she pointed to my nylon
Burgandy red covered legs , and asked what is that white smeared stuff , is what I think it is ?

I looked at her with a big smile, not saying anything and she said , ” BRITNEY”! “YOUR SUCH A NAUGHTY GIRL”!!

I just nodded my head as the both of us walked to her house talking about our two hunky football guys . Then out of the blue she asked me if Ted used a condom , I said no !

Then Courtney asked me if I’m on the pill , I told her no ! She looked at me with those mother like eyes
and shook her head back and fourth laughing as we headed to her house .


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  • Reply Casey15f ID:6rkc4r1qrj

    This is a hot story. My session:


  • Reply Cracksniffer ID:16oigapfv9d

    Let’s hope Ted’s baby is in your tummy! It’s all good fun!!

  • Reply Slim56 ID:1e32x0bcb75j

    Fantastic story Britany great addition to the story line can’t wait for the next

    • BRITNEY ID:1df0k80uvhff

      Thank you Slim56 ! Be careful !! I might inject myself into your story , and do very naughty things to you , without your loving wife ever knowing !! Britney

    • Slim56 ID:1e32x0bcb75j

      I wouldn’t have a problem with that. It could only make the story more epic

    • Courtney ID:1ewfw1xwubif

      Slim56, I just posted your story, it should be uploaded later today. It’s my longest story so far so I hope you enjoy it!

  • Reply DarkAction ID:2nhj701bzl

    Another red hot story Britney, Queen of Spades. Love your writing x

    • BRITNEY ID:1df0k80uvhff

      Thank you DA ! Your stories believe it or not but have inspired me on how I write and format my stories !! love your (Queen Of Spades) Britney

  • Reply Courtney ID:1ewfw1xwubif

    Damn Britney, giving me more angles in my own story line… A wonderful story with a good simple fuck. I like down and dirty, deep breeding creampies. Leave all the fancy positions for pornstars. Since you’re writing your own addition to my story line, just know my idea of what Camila (main character) looks like is actress Isabela Merced. Just a cute little Spanish girl.

    • BRITNEY ID:1df0k80uvhff

      Thank you Courtney . Can you please clarify for me who is your girl friend , is it Camila ? When I inject myself in your story again, only if you want me to. I didn’t seek your permission and I’m truly sorry for that Courtney , and I don’t want to screw up your continued story . So who could I be. I have seen Isabela Merced in a few movies , Transformers the last knight ! and I think that she would cast well in west side story if they have a current remake ! Britney

    • Courtney ID:1dv38digptx2

      No problem, you can keep writing from your perspective in my story line as much as you want. In this story line I write as Camila the main character, I don’t believe I’ve named my “mother” character yet, but my friend is named Isabelle which is who you were writing as in this story. The boy my character is with is named Johannes as well. Hope to see more parts of you and Ted in the future!

    • BRITNEY ID:1df0k80uvhff

      Thanks so much Courtny ! I’ll be known as Isabella and not Britney , and thank you for allowing me into your story series and yes Teddy will be in it to !! (LOVE & KISSES) Britney