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My sister and I’s incest life (Pt.1)

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We had been fucking since we were 9 and 10, back then we were both scared of our dad finding out… this eventually faded when we didnt live with him

Growing up in a washington state suburb was anything if not exciting. There were always things to do, from walking down to the local creek, to exploring the woods. Well, after 5th grade sex ed, and my relatively early puberty at roughly 9-10 spurred on by my step sister teaching me how to masturbate life got interesting fast.

After learning how, it quickly became a ritual to masturbate frequently. In the morning before school, at night before bed, sometimes after a hard day at school or a period of boring moments id go up to my room and just jack off. Well, one day, i think it was a weekend, my sister had caught me. The exchange was a ransom. Shes only a year, six months, and fifteen days younger than me, and when she threatened to tell our dad i felt as though i had no choice but to comply with whatever she asked. Surprisingly, it was initially very simple. She wanted to know exactly what i was doing… So i explained. When i rub my penis, and do it for long enough, i eventually ejaculate and thats what gets a girl pregnant. She nodded and digested the information; then surprisingly, she asked me to show her exactly how babies get made. Id be lying if i told her no. I complied, reluctantly but we began having sex. It felt great, but looking back i realize that she didnt have a hymen…regardless, we enjoyed the sex, and i proceeded to cum inside her 9 year old pussy. I wont lie, i panicked a little bit afterwards and asked her if she ever had her period… if she ever bled. She said no. So for a while we kept fooling around. Eventually i left to arizona to live with our mom, which is where the next and much spicier bit begins.

Fast forwarding about 4 years of nothing happening. My sister and little brother come down to live with my mom, me, and her wife. For all the time in between, we were sitting in her room one day, just chit chatting about school. There was a brief moment of silence when she looked at me, and suddenly asked if i remember what we did when we were younger… Of course i responded with yes. I missed those memories. We then locked eyes and gave each other a kiss. this led to us exploring each others bodies and getting very horny. At a certain point she asked me to take my pants off. As i did we kept kissing and when i dropped them, she slowly touched my dick and noted how big it was, especially compared to when we were kids. At this age, i being 14 her being 13 my dick was now a healthy 5-6 inches, and about as thick as a push pop. Considerably larger than when we were younger. She started to stroke it, and I moaned kinda loudly at the sudden overstimulation. So much so that we went to the garage to muffle the noise. We were both scared of getting caught so we tried to hurry but she was inexperienced and didnt really know how to give a hand job. After a while, i took over and in no uncertain terms, came several feet away from my body in long, solid white spurts. She was shocked, but kissed me and told me to clean it up quickly.

After a while things progressed and we ended up buying some condoms. I remember so vividly how excited she was when we finally got them because she so desperately wanted her big brother inside her. It was genuinely all we could do just to get to the bathroom. Fortunately, because our step mom worked nights, she was ALWAYS sleeping when we got home from school, and our mom, worked long hours at a staffing firm. All that said, our littler brother was always patiently awaiting playing games on my xbox 360. Anyways, we get to the bathroom and start kissing, at this point the passion has only built up more and more… by the time we get naked i can visibly see her dripping with anticipation. We put the condom on and laid down, carefully, onto the bathroom floor. We didnt need practice, we didnt hesitate… The first time in four years was explosive and rapid. As i entered her, she did everything in her power to stifle her moans but they came out quiet and intense. She must have cum as soon as i pushed the first two inches in, because she tightened up even more and clawed my back. After about 10 minutes of her moaning from the hard but slow fucking, she begged for me to cum inside her. She desperately wanted to feel her big brother empty his hot cum into her… and as much as i wish i had (because the condom broke) i pulled out, and came inside the toilet. She sat there panting and noticed 1, that the condom broke, and 2, that she wished i had shot my cum inside her… Truth is, I had felt the very moment the condom broke and had shot a string of cum into her before gripping the base of my cock to prevent the full load from possibly getting her pregnant… When i faced the toilet, no less than 5 thick ropes of cum forcibly shot into the water. They hit with enough force to quite literal splash several drops of water onto the toilet seat… After a short while we went to her room to cuddle in our afterglow, talk, and kiss some more. We were very much falling in love with each other.

We fucked an entire box of 20 or so lifestyle condoms away, and proceeded to have some VERY interesting sexual encounters after… Let me know if you want me to write more.

P.S. This is an ENTIRELY true story. Nothing here is fiction nor is anything here based on anything but the true events to the best of my memory. Im more than happy to answer any questions that might be had.

P.S.S. The pregnancy tag applies… just not detailed in this particular segment. This is meant to start the history, and provide more or less the prologue…

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  • Reply Erik ID:5x836gby6ic

    I know what you have. Me and my sister started when i was 10 and ske was 7. There is nothing better than brother and sister love.

  • Reply K9Girl ID:4j4ti2gm2

    This was so subtle but hot! I wish my brother would get me pregnant but my mom made me get on birth control when she found cum in my panties. She just didnt know it was my brothers!

    • Dre ID:y4f9ho744eu

      I wish you were my sister I love to get you pregnant and fuck are kids

  • Reply 13yr old girl ID:4j4ti2gm2

    Good story needs more detail tho

    • IncestLover ID:4j4ti2gm2

      thats honestly so hot tina! Where are you from and why are you dating a 21 year old in particular?

  • Reply Emma.H ID:jtp3mrdfqb4

    Love incest, I started at 12 with my Grandparents after school, now 45 and have two incest daughter’s 💕💓💗💙

    • incestLover ID:4j4ti2gm2

      Thats honestly beautiful! My sister and i are eventually going to have one. What most people dont realize is how difficult incestuous relationships are to maintain with dating and what not. You date someone for cover, fall for them, get scared theyll find out… etc

    • IncestLover ID:4j4ti2gm2

      may i ask who the children were sired by?

    • horny for young pussy ID:8le667cfia

      @Emm.H am guessing your going to get your daughters involved in incest as well

    • Ben ID:8nx6vimv9i

      Hello do have. Writthen story

  • Reply Curious George ID:4j4ti2gm2

    This was very hot! Part 2 PLEASE

  • Reply [email protected] ID:1ew53i5ilcq0

    Yes more please

  • Reply Happy ID:1ck8m2fs7tvi

    Awesome story and I want to hear more about this story

    • IncestLover ID:4j4ti2gm2

      Thank you. I will make sure to add more, cause there were a lot of very spicy moments in our teen years, but even still. I do have pics of recent years too so ill make sure to add them in the coming parts 😀

    • IncestLover ID:4j4ti2gm2

      Im Really happy you enjoyed it. There are definitely a lot more sexual encounters to talk about including a full on creampie in the pool 😛 Ill get to it as soon as i can 😀