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First orgasm from grandpa

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I was raised by a single Vietnamese mother and my American grandfather, who lived near our farmhouse. My mom liked to disappear, sometimes for days on end, and most of the time it was grandpa looking after me.

He always gave me baths in the evening and tucked me in at night and I loved spending time at his place. I was a lonely kid and longed for company and affection.

I especially enjoyed our evenings together, grandpa would run me a bath and wash me gently with his big soft hands, lots of bubbles in a tub just the way I liked it. He had a tv in his bathroom and would often put on a cartoon for me as I sat in warm water splashing around.

He’d start with washing my hair and my ears, then move to my chest. I remember how I used to giggle when he gently tweaked and pulled on my puffy baby nipples until they stiffened. He’d then move on to my belly and run over it with a soft soapy sponge and finally my “trickle” as he called it. He always used to say it was an important area to keep particularly clean. It always gave me nice tingles and I looked forward to his hands reaching between my chubby thighs.

“Let’s wash your trickle now, sweetie” he’d say and I’d spread my legs. I was born with a large clitoris and it was big even when I was a child, he was fascinated with it.

“Your magic button grows a bit more every time I see you darling, let’s see if we can tickle it and give you some nice tingles, would you like that, pumpkin?”. The answer was always yes.

He’d caress my aroused button until it swell, he’d then peel the hood back and circle it with his finger, I’d sit up and spread my legs and look down watching his fingers as they caressed my special place. He’d eventually rinse me off and carry me to my bed, wrapped in a big fluffy towel and get me ready for bed.

These sessions continued whenever I stayed with him. Over time he’d start doing it to me when we sat on the couch in the evening, watching tv. Few years before my puberty kicked in, I had enough awareness to know what we were doing was wrong, but as much as ashamed I was I enjoyed these moments too much to ask him to stop. One time, I was sitting on his lap with my legs spread, a movie was on and he masturbated me slowly, I asked him if I was going to go to hell for these things we did and he told me not to worry.

“It’s important for girls to be stimulated since they are very young so they don’t go off and do silly things” he said. “It’s a father’s job but you don’t have a dad so I’m taking care of you, sweetheart. I used to do the same for your momma and it helped her so much, don’t worry about hell, we’re not doing anything wrong” he reassured me and I had no reason not to believe him.

My first orgasm happened shortly after that. Grandpa had me sit in his lap, in a big arm chair and we were watching educational movies about sex. His hand was under my t-shirt, playing with my nipples, commenting on how puffy and sensitive they were becoming, I was naked from the waist down and with his other hand he was rubbing my swollen, engorged clitty which by that time was completely sticking out of its hood. My small hips were rocking slowly and my eyes were closed.

“Grandpa loves you so much, you have no idea. I always want to make you feel good sweetie, do you like grandpa rubbing your button like that, baby? Does it tickle nicely?”

“Mhmmmm” was the only sound that came out of my mouth. I remember my first orgasm sweeping slowly over my body, making my every muscle stiffen, and the overwhelming intensity of it making me burst into tears immediately afterwards.


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