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Seeing my daughters friends wild sides 5

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11 year old Ebony and I become friends on Facebook and 12 year old Jade pays me a Friday night visit

After sex with Kelly, our relationship became much deeper than daddy and daughter. Pur kisses became more loving and passionate, our tongues showing our passion for one another. Kelly started to cook dinner more and take care of cleaning duties. When her friends weren’t over for the night, we would sleep together in either her bed or mjne. I never imagined the perfect little girl my ex gave birth to would eventually become my lover.

Even with all that Kelly gave in our new relationship, I craved other girls, most of all, I craved Ebony. She was frequently at the house since her and Kelly were dating. Every time she visited she wore clothes that gut her tightly and showed skin. Her b cup cleavage in a low cut top made my cock hard, seeing her belly between her shirt and leggings or skinny jeans was an instant turn on. The fabric of her leggings or skinny jeans at her crotch was one of my favorite places to look. When she wore shorts or a skirt, I would love how perfect her legs were.

One afternoon, as I had a beer after work, I was scrolling through Facebook when I came to the people you may know section. The second one was Ebony, her picture one of her and Kelly at school. Opening her profile, I went straight to her pictures. Tons of selfies of her in various outfits, selfies with Kelly, selfies with Kelly and Jade. Kelly wasn’t home, I undid my jeans as I sat in my recliner and started to masturbate to Enonys beautiful caramel mixed race complexion, the images of her naked through Kelly’s window came rushing back and I came within a couple of minutes.

After changing to a new shirt, I continued to study Ebonys page and decided to tap the “add friend”. Within a couple of minutes I got the notification that she had accepted the request. I was back on her picture page and clicked love on a few of them. A minute or two later i got notification that she had liked two of my pictures. I loved a few more of her pictures and she loved a few more of mine. Then her chat bubble popped up on the screen. I tapped it

“We could either keep liking each other pics or we can just chat” it read

“Chat sounds good, ypu have amazing pictures, my daughter is lucky”

“Thank you, why don’t ypu have a girlfriend?”

“Just kind of like the single life” I replied

“I guess if ypu had a girlfriend ypu couldn’t fuck Jade anymore or spy at us through the window”

I was stumped, how was I supposed to respond to that, had Kelly told her about yhe spying? Had she seen me? Of course she knew about Jade, her and I had slept pretty much naked on the floor that night. Then my phone vibrated from a text. I opened it, just a phone number

“You got quiet at that one” it was Ebony

“Sorry, you caught me off guard” I replied

“I knew that I would, so did you like what you saw through the window?” Her question made my cock hard again

“You looked amazing”

“Well, Jade and Kelly have seen your cock, maybe it is time you showed it to me. Send me a Pic of it”

“What if your mom sees it”

“That bitch never gets near my phone, send me a Pic of that dick”

Undoing my jeans again, I opened the camera and took a picture of my cock resting on my free hand and sent it. A moment or two went by before the reply

“Damn that’s nice, now it’s only fair that I send one”

A couple of minutes went by and then the picture appeared. A picture of her reflection in a full length mirror, her top ans bra pulled up off of her breasts, her leggings and panties down to mid thigh. Her breasts and pussy looked so good

“Wow, you look perfect”

“Thanks, I’m thinking ypu need to see mine up and in person and I need to see yours”

“You’re dating my daughter, how do we do that?”

“Well, she is going to that cheer competition this weekend”

“And with your mom not knowing?”

“Shit, she has to dance all weekend, she will either be at work, sleeping or fucking some random guy. I can do whatever I want”

“She dances?”

“Yeah, the bitch is a stripper, here is her picture”

Ebony sent me a picture of her mom, just as gorgeous as her daughter and only looked like she was in her twenties. The picture was of her in just a pair of panties. Ebonys mom looked just as fuckable as Ebony

“Your mom is hot but not as hot as ypu”

“Thanks, she had me when she was 12, if you ever wanna fuck her I could put in a good word. She dances down at the Beach House” she replied, I hadn’t been to that club in years

“Saturday I will text you where to pick me up at, I am going to.love seeing that cock up close, don’t get too hard over my picture” her follow up text said

“Too late, it already has” I replied

“I’m glad, we will talk again soon, kisses” her final text read

As I closed the text to go back to doing other things on my phone, I got a text from Jade

“What are yiu doing Friday night?” She asked, was she at Ebony’s?

“Probably just watching TV”

“Maybe we could get together instead”

“I would love to see you again”

“Good, I’ll be over after my parents think I’m in bed, I love you”

“I love you too”

Luckily Jades family lived at the other end of the block from us, making it easy for her to get over. The alley behind our houses was the perfect way for Jade to be able to sneak over whenever she wanted.

Friday arrived and Kelly didn’t have to go to school since the team had an early flight. I had taken the day off to take her to the airport. With the day free, I tried to find things to do to keep my mind off of Jade and Ebony, was I really going to fuck both of Kelly’s best friend’s in the same weekend?

Friday night arrived, the hours seemed to drag by, wondering if and when Jade would make it over. The waiting and drinking led to me passing out on the couch, so I didn’t hear when Jade came in through the back door. It was when I felt a kiss on my lips that I opened my eyes and saw her. Jade’s hispanic beauty was before my eyes again. Her smile beamed and was loving, her eyes had the same sexy look I enjoyed seeing every time she was over. She wore light pink pajamas, her breasts pushing out the top of her pajama top.

Jade moved onto me as i laid on the couch, she felt so good in my arms. Her tongue slid into my mouth. As we french kissed, my hands slid down to her ass covered by the light cotton fabric. The bulge in my jeans against her crotch. Jade began moving her hips, slowly dry humping me. My hands moved from her ass back up and between us, cupping her breasts. Jade’s hips moved a little faster. My fingers moved to the top button of her pajama top. One by one, I undid the large buttons. When the last one was free, I slid my hands back up to her shoulders, pushing the top off of her, her nice breasts not held back by a bra.

Jade raised up to her knees, her hips still moving steadily, her crotch grinding my bulge. Her hands took mine and pulled me up to sitting, she gripped the bottom of my shirt and pulled it off of me. I put my arms around her waist, pulling her to me, her breasts against my bare chest, as we kissed I stood, her legs wrapped around me as I carried her to my bedroom.

Laying down, Jade on top of me, we continued to kiss, our hands exploring each other’s upper body’s. We rolled around on the bed, still embraced tightly. Finally stopping with her on her back. I pulled from the kiss ans looked into her beautiful eyes.

“I love you so much” Jade said in the sweetest voice

“I love you so much too” I replied

“Get me pregnant” she said, the words catching me off guard

“Are you sure, what about your parents?”

“I don’t care, they won’t know it’s you, please get me pregnant”

I couldn’t tell her no, I just started to kiss her again, kissing her harder, growing excited about creating a baby with this 12 year old hispanic goddess. I started to kiss her neck, kiss down her chest to her amazing breasts. I cupped then in my hands as my lips explored the soft mounds, closer to her nipples. Jade moaned happily as I licked and sucked each nipple.

My lips moved down to her belly, kissing her belly button and sliding my tongue into it, her fingers ran through my hair. I lips soon reached the waistband of her pajama bottoms. Gripping the light cotton fabric, I pulled them down. Jade wore no panties. Her pussy just as perfect as the first time we had sex on the living room floor.

As I started to eat Jade out, her moans grew louder, no one was home but us, we didn’t have to hold back on our noise level. She tasted as amazing as the first tine I tasted her pussy, her legs parted as wide as they would go. I looked up and saw her hands playing with her tits, pushing one up toward her mouth, she tilted her head forward and licked her own nipple.

While eating her out I undid my jeans, pushing them and my underwear down and off. Jade saw and her moans got happier. I sucked her clit as I lived my fingers to her pussy and slid my middle finger inside of her. When I die I heard her moan “Yes daddy, yes daddy”

My finger moved back and forth inside of her 12 year old pussy. Jade moved her hips meeting my finger as it went in. I sucked her clit harder, started to finger fuck her faster. My finger stopped deep inside of her, my finger tip finding her gspot. As I started to massage it, her moans grew to scream level and her body began to tremble as she came.

Pulling my finger from her, I slid up her body and we kissed, her legs on either side of me, her nakied skin against mine. Reaching down, I lined my cock up and pushed against her, my cock entering her preteen pussy that felt just as tight as our first time.

“Yes papi fuck me papi fuck me papi” her sexy hispanic voice screamed out as she gripped the sheets, her knees moving up my sides.

I was raised up on my hands, thrusting harder, her eyes closed, her head moving side to side as she moaned happily. Her breasts bounced with each thrust, she felt so good so wet, so tight

“Papi I’m gonna cum again, cum in my panocha cum in my panocha, make a baby in me papi” her cries were screams of passion, begging for my cum as her body shook again ans she gripped the sheets harder as he pussy tightened on my cock

That was all it took, the orgasm that had been building was almost at its peak. Jade opened her eyes and looked into mine, the look she gave me pushed me over the edge, my load dumping deep into her pussy, Jades head fell back and she smiled as she felt me breed her

“Papi yes I love you I love you, my panocha loves tour cock”

I lowered onto her and we resumed kissing. I stayed inside of her until I softened a little. Laying there now on our sides face to face, we didn’t have to speak, just looking in each other’s eyes

“Papi, I know you are going to fuck Ebony soon, just promise me that you won’t stop loving me”

“I could never stop loving you” I replied before kissing her

“I want to spend the night but I can’t, I have to go to work with mommy in the morning”

“I understand”

I watched as Jade pulled on her pajama bottoms and buttoned up her pajama top. I pulled on my underwear and walked her to the back door. We kissed one more time before she slipped out into the dark to make her way back home. I mixed a drink and sat down in my recliner, smiling at the thought of what what had just happened and thinking how come tomorrow I would be fuckng Ebony in the sane bed

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