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Puberty Hit, and my Mom and Little Sister Weren’t Safe – Part 3

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Now that I was in love with dry humping my little sister, I needed to figure out a way to fuck that fat, juicy ass of hers

Where we last left off, I just got done dry humping my little sister and it was the best feeling in the world. Thankfully, I didn’t get caught when my mom came home. However, all I could think about was tearing my little sister’s plump ass apart with no fabric between us this time.

Around 2:00AM, I woke up because my little sister Cassie’s TV in her room was really loud. She always keeps it loud, and it pisses me off sometimes. I always have to go in there and either turn it down or turn it off, depending on if she’s sleeping or not. I went in her room around 2:03AM and saw she was still awake. I told her to turn the TV down because it’s keeping me up. I went to the kitchen to grab a drink and saw my mom’s door was closed. I thought to myself, “shit, I really wanted to see her ass again”. However, I didn’t really care for my mom much anymore now that I had my little sister’s ass I could actually play with. All of a sudden, it hit me like a ton of bricks again. I remembered that Cassie was a heavy sleeper, and I would just wait for her to fall asleep, and I would sneak in her room and try to hump her again.

I went back into my room and set my phone alarm for 3:00AM. I dozed off and I woke up to my alarm going off. I jumped out of bed and made my way into Cassie’s room and saw SHE WAS STILL AWAKE, just watching TV! I told her, “You need to go to bed, you’re staying awake too late”. She ignored me and I just made my way back to my room and set my alarm for another hour. I dozed off again, and my alarm finally went off at 4:00AM and I could hear small snores coming from Cassie’s room. My heart was racing from excitement because I knew she was finally asleep.

I made my way down the dark hall and into her room which was illuminated by her TV. I looked at her and she was sleeping on her back which pissed me off because I wanted her ass. Out of disappointment, I turned the TV off, and walked back out of her room. I laid back in my bed just angry at the situation because I was so horny and wanted to fuck my little sister’s ass cheeks. I then told myself, “I’m not going to let this stop me.”

I creeped back into Cassie’s room and turned her TV back on so I could have some light. I made my way over to her bed and thought about how I was going to turn her over on her stomach. At first, I tried just rolling her over, but she kept flinching and turning back on her back. I then tried crossing her legs over and pulling on her legs, but it put her in such an awkward position, I couldn’t do anything with her. I was getting so frustrated at this point because it was about to be 5:00 in the morning. Cassie was kind of a thick girl, so she was a little heavy for dead weight, but had a very curvaceous figure. But finally, I saw an opportunity!

I noticed she was laying on top of a blanket, so I pulled some of the fabric out from under her. I then pulled the blanket upward which created some type of incline. I guess subconsciously, she thought she was rolling down an incline, so she instantly just rolled right onto her stomach. I said to myself, “BINGO!”

I then went back into my room and waited for about 10-minutes to make sure I heard her snoring again. After I heard the snores, I creeped back into her room, and she was right where I left her. I sat next to her on the bed and began massaging her ass cheeks like before. Oh, they were so heavenly. I even started talking to her ass cheeks. I would put the cheek of my face on her butt cheek and say stuff like, “I’ve been waiting for you all day and you’re going to let me slide up inside you, aren’t you?”. I would then smack her ass and watch it jiggle. I knew this was the moment and I was going to have my way with Cassie.

I put my fingers around the rim of her tights, while also grabbing her panties, and I slowly pulled them down inch by inch, taking care not to wake her. I pretty much figured out her sleep patterns, so I knew that if she was snoring, then she was out like a light. I kept pulling until I got to the halfway mark, but her ass so plump, that her pants were getting stuck trying to make it past all the ass meat. This was mainly due to her body weight still being on the pants. So I had to work my fingers around near her hips and actually pull her tights and panties down past her hips. After this, it made it much easier to get her pants all the way down. After the fabric cleared that mountain of an ass, I rested her pants and panties on the bottom of her butt cheeks. The fabric was so tight that it would push her ass up where the top of her butt cheeks was almost touching the lower part of her back. This turned me on like crazy and I just slowly rested my hands on her butt cheek and began squeezing. Then I licked my finger and slid it up and down her ass crack. There was so much pre-cum in my boxers that it looked like I peed myself.

I covered her up with the blanket so cold air wouldn’t disrupt her naked ass while she was sleeping, and I went into the bathroom and grabbed the lotion and the roll of toilet paper. I kicked off my shorts into my room and I just went into Cassie’s room with only my shirt, boxer shorts, lotion, and toilet paper. I completely removed my boxers next to Cassie’s bed and I made my way on top of her. I set the lotion and the toilet paper within arm’s reach, and I mounted on top of her where I was essentially sitting on the back of her thighs. She was still snoring and had no signs of waking up. I picked up the lotion and squirted some onto her ass cheeks, but her ass cheek jerked, because I guess it was cold. I froze in fear, but she never woke up. I then I decided I should pump the lotion into my hand first, and then rub it in to make it warm.

I filled my hand with about 5-6 squirts of lotion, rubbed it together, and then started rubbing it all over her ass. My dick was rock hard, standing straight up, just inches away from her butt crack. I put so much lotion on her ass that it looked like a birthday cake. Just lotion smeared all over her. I will admit, I over did it here quite a bit. After I was done lubing up her ass cheeks, I began lubing up my cock with the lotion. At this point, I knew I was ready. I laid the lotion down to the side, and I leaned forward with my fists mounted into the bed right next to her shoulders. I made sure my cock was positioned right between her ass cheeks. I then slowly brought my hips down, while spreading my legs apart and in all its glory, my dick was sandwiched right between her butt cheeks. That initial feeling was so sensational, I felt like I was going to cum right then and there.

I slowly began humping her, and watching her body just bounce up and down slowly. I looked down at my cock and pre-cum was just leaking all over her ass and onto her back, while mixing with the lotion. Her ass was just greedily eating my dick, just opening and closing for me. I made sure I was getting full strokes in as well. I would reach my dick all the way back, where the head of my penis was at the entrance of her butt, and I would slide my cock all the way up her ass crack where the shaft of my dick was pretty much massaging her asshole. This turned me on unlike anything I ever experienced. I noticed my strokes started getting faster and harder. At one point, I even grabbed her by her left hip and raised her ass more upward towards me so I could get more of her booty meat.
I stopped for a second because I didn’t want this moment to end. Just looking at her with her ass exposed to me sent me over the edge. Like before, I regressed to a primal state of being. I lost all morals and values. I just didn’t care anymore. I wanted her full ass. At this point, I didn’t even care if my mom had walked in on us. I wanted more.

I got off her and I just pulled her pants and panties all the way down. She didn’t even wake up or budge. I threw them off to the side and lifted up her hips and placed a pillow underneath her. Since this pillow was used as a place holder, I was able to lift her hips up more and place another pillow underneath her hips. I then pulled the pillows back towards me which inadvertently, propped her up into doggystyle position. I spread her legs and positioned myself behind her. I didn’t even bother to look at her pussy, all I wanted was her ass. Cassie was still snoring away, and for some reason, I didn’t want to see her face for what I was about to do because I didn’t want my first experience to be with images of my little sister’s face. So I took piece of the blanket and lightly covered her face. At this point, it just looked like a random girl propped up in doggystyle position waiting to get penetrated in the ass.

The view was magnificent. Just seeing her body in this position turned me on beyond belief. I didn’t even put a finger or anything to ease my way into her. I just took some of the lotion and precum from her ass, lubed my dick up some more, and slowly started pushing my 8 inches into her asshole. Her ass kept twitching from discomfort, but for some reason, she still didn’t wake up. I was shocked. 2 inches went in, then 4 inches. Until finally, all 8 inches was up her ass. The feeling was sensational. I began slowly pulling out and pushing back in, and then her legs started shaking. At this point, I didn’t care anymore. I grabbed her hips and just rammed her ass towards my dick.

This caused her to jump up off of me and she ran to the other side of the bed. She looked around as to try to figure out what was happening and immediately started screaming for our mom. I tried to rush and cover her mouth, but she started screaming louder and ran out of the room and down to our mom’s room. I chased behind her and to our surprise, our mom wasn’t there. I guess she left to her boyfriend’s house and when I looked in the driveway, her car was gone. Cassie looked so scared, and I felt so bad, but I was still horny. She didn’t say anything, just cowered in our mom’s blanket. However, something came over me.

I just walked up to her and pulled the blankets off. I didn’t even say anything. I grabbed her by her feet and dragged her to the edge of the bed. I grabbed a couple pillows and threw her body back in doggystyle position on top of the pillows. I don’t know why but I didn’t care that I was about to start ass raping my sister. She was screaming and kicking but I just didn’t care. I just grabbed more of the cum/lotion lube mixture from her ass cheeks, lubed my dick up, and rammed it right up her ass. I just kept pounding and pounding with no mercy, while she was screaming. She even tried to crawl away, but I had a firm grip on her hips and just kept pulling her back in and pounding her sweet little ass.

I then fell on top of her where we were in prone position, and I was just thrusting away while she was screaming and kicking. I stuffed her head into the pillow, then I gripped her body like before (with my arms wrapped under her armpits and my hands locked around the back of her head). I just kept pounding my sister’s ass relentlessly. I was making sure the entire length of my dick was fully inside her ass. I felt the urge to cum creeping up on me and that is when I went animalistic. I just picked her up like a lifeless doll and was ramming her up and down on my cock like a sex toy. My mom had a mirror in front of the bed, so I could just see my little sister’s body taking the full shaft of my dick. I threw her ass back down on the bed, while my dick was still inside, propped her up in doggystyle again, and just ravaged that ass. She even passed out from the pain and just laid there. Cassie was also really flexible, so I spread her legs apart where she was doing a split. From there, I was just gripping her hips towards me, slamming her ass against my throbbing cock.

After several more strokes, I came so much in her ass that I almost fainted. My dick just kept pulsating and throbbing as ropes of semen spurted out uncontrollably. I laid there on top of her for about 15 seconds, slapped her ass, and started pounding away again. It got even rougher this time and she was still passed out from all the pain. I was grunting and growling as I was just viciously trying to tear her body apart. I even picked her up, sprung backwards onto my back with her still on top of me. She looked like she was in a reverse cowgirl position. I just kept pounding away at her ass. I then turned her over on her side and continued to destroy her asshole. While my dick was still inside, I pulled her to the edge of the bed and leaned her over the bed. Her feet couldn’t even touch the floor. I just kept butt fucking my little sister. You could hear the loud smacks in the room and all the liquid flying everywhere. It was dripping all down her legs and all over my groin area.

I was fucking her so hard that the bed had moved all the way over next to the dresser. Even the items on the dresser were shaking and falling over. Finally, I felt the urge to cum again. I propped her up in doggystyle position one last time and just pounded away until I blew another load. As I pulled my cocked out, it made a loud popping noise from how tight her ass was. I licked her asshole, slapped it once more, and literally passed out next to her.

I’m not sure how much time went by, but I woke up and she was still sleeping next to me. I woke her up and told her to go clean herself off in our shower. I remade my mom’s bed and put everything back the way it was. The sun began coming out on this Sunday morning and I saw my mom had left a note for us saying she was at Tommy’s house, and she won’t be back until tomorrow morning. That is when I knew I had a full-day with my sister. She had locked the bathroom door, so I was banging on it, but she kept telling me to go away. I kept telling her I was sorry, and I couldn’t help it, but she kept saying she was going to tell mom. I went to the kitchen and grabbed a butterknife to open the bathroom door and I ripped open the shower curtain. I told her if she said anything to mom about what I did, I would hurt her again and again.

She looked so afraid and just cowered on the side of the bathtub. For some reason, this turned me on again, so I took all my clothes off, got into the shower with her and pulled her towards me. She started whimpering and crying, but I just turned her around and began ass fucking her again. The way the water felt between our skin didn’t feel good, so I turned off the shower, picked her up over my shoulder, walked her down the hall, into her bedroom, and threw her onto her bed. Nothing could prepare her for what I was about to do to her.

To be Continued.

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    When is part 4 coming out?

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    Hey. I love your stories. I’ve had similar experiences with my little sister and I’d love to share them with u. I’d love to get in contact with u if that’s possible. Please release part 4!

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    When are you releasing Part 4.

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    Dude I know that exact feeling when you’re waiting for them to fall asleep so you can go have your way but they won’t go to sleep and are staying up until like 4:00 in the morning but mine isn’t as deep a sleeper as yours so i ended up getting in trouble cause my mom was at home and nothing to bad happened just a firm talking to and her getting a lock on her door i guess being a single mom with 4 kids and a below average paying job means you cant completely fix everything but hey ill take the freebie

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    Keep fucking her eventually getting a slut pregnant. What you have her cunt Pregnant then sell her pussy every man with a cock

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