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Pregnancy Party: Part 2

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Little 11-year-old Megan was my first choice to impregnate at the daddy-daughter pregnancy party, where fathers met to impregnate each other’s girls.

Little 11-year-old Megan was my first choice to impregnate at the daddy-daughter pregnancy party, where fathers from around the region met to allow their daughters to be fucked and impregnated by each other. Megan was smaller and shorter than my 12-year-old daughter, but her beautiful golden hair made me instantly fall in love. Now Megan was standing before me with the card indicating that we were to make a baby together.

“Hi!” she said with boldness but also a little reserve, expecting me to take charge of the situation. “You were my second choice you know!” One of the rules was that you weren’t supposed to reveal who your choices were, but I wasn’t going to complain with this little 11-year-old fertile goddess standing before me.

“I’m happy I was one of your top picks, Megan,” I replied politely with a shake in my voice. “I really wanted to be with you as well.”

“Yeah, the only reason I put another daddy first is because he looks like my daddy the most, but…” she trailed off, thinking for a moment if she should reveal the next bit of information. “But, when I talked to you… umm, you made me the most… uhhh… the most wet you know.” She was so shy about what she was telling me but I was absolutely floored that she had the courage to say it.

“That’s wonderful, Megan! And are you still, you know, wet?”

“Yeeeeessss,” she said, drawing out her word in a half-attempt to hold back her answer but inadvertently just making herself sound all the more eager.

A took her hand in mine and smiled. “Then I think we should head over to our room now, right?”

“Yes, please,” she replied, her big eyes looking directly into mine. This pre-teen was practically begging me to fill her with my cum.

As we exited the room with several other couples the group leader reminded us we would need to try and make this session quick. Due to scheduling issues some of the fathers and daughters would only be able to attend one day out of the three sessions, and this first one was the shortest due to a problem with the rooms being ready in time.

We walked down the hall to the elevator, hand in hand. She had pretty blue chipped nail polish and her hand was thin and warm. I’ve held my daughter’s hand many times, but there was an excitement in holding this 11-year-old girl’s hand, knowing she was a complete stranger and I was on my way to fuck her and hopefully impregnate her innocent pre-teen body. We entered the elevator and I took a good look at her outfit as we traveled several floors up. There was no dress-code for this event and most of the girls wore the normal clothes you would expect to see them wear to school or the mall. Megan wore tight yellow cotton shorts that were cut so short you could see her little round butt hanging out the back. Her shirt was just a thin white tank top with flower print on it. Her titties were small but I could see the outline of her young nipples through the fabric. I thought about how if I am successful in impregnating her these little underdeveloped tits will grow and fill with delicious little girl milk if she is allowed to remain pregnant long enough. On her feet she wore a pair of white sandals with little sparkly gems. Her cute toes matched her fingernails, making her all the more adorable! She saw me staring lustfully at her and gave me a quick smile before hugging me.

The door opened and my room was at the end of the hall. When we got inside she remarked that the room was so clean. Apparently she thought she had packed panties for the trip and she and her dad had been digging through their suitcases in search of some this afternoon, making quite the mess.

“So did you find them?” I asked as she walked over to the bed and stood next to it.

“No, I’m not wearing any,” she replied, and held her yellow shorts in both hands. “See?” she added as she slowly slid them off her butt before letting them go. They dropped to her ankles and the 11-year-old stood before me with nothing covering he beautiful little hairless snatch. Her perfect little mound was just waiting to be filled with my cock.

“Yes, I see that,” I replied sheepishly. I did not expect Megan to immediately begin stripping for me.

“My daddy loves to suck on my boobies and he wants me to get pregnant so I make milk with them. Do you want to drink your daughter’s milk too?” she asked me while lifting her shirt over he head. With her arms raised her little titties spilled out into the air. Her areolas were pink and very small, with mostly her perky little nipples showing.

“Yes, I want to drink Melissa’s milk, but right now I can’t stop thinking about sucking on your little titties, Megan.”

“Go ahead,” she said, trying to squeeze them together despite them being only an A cup. “You can do anything you want to me.” This child had been groomed very well.

I walked over to her and leaned down to her chest, taking one of her 11-year-old nipples in my mouth. She made a cute little girl squeal as I licked and sucked, pulling her small titty into my mouth as I squeezed the other one with my hand. Her frame was smaller than my daughter’s and she was shorter as well. She felt so fragile in my hands, like a porcelain doll, but this little girl was my personal fuck doll I was trying to knock up. Per the agreement of the group I hadn’t ejaculated for almost a week prior to our meeting, which was nearly impossible given how horny it made me all month thinking about ejaculating into a pre-teen stranger’s little cunny.

“We only have 30 minutes today,” I told her. So I was going to have to enjoy my little goddess’ body faster than I wanted. “Is that okay if we start working on getting you pregnant right away?” I wasn’t sure if talking to her like this would be arousing or not. Apparently it was.

“Yes, Daddy. Fuck me,” she said as she leaned back and laid down on the bed.

“Oh wow,” I said without thinking. I was not using to hearing a child use language like that, especially considering this little girl was literally telling me to fuck her. Even though I was used to fucking my 12-year-old daughter, hearing this young girl — essentially a baby compared to a middle-aged man like me — use a word that felt so wrong and dirty coming out of her mouth, reminded me of how illegal it was for me to fuck little girls. But knowing how much trouble I would be in if the police ever found out just made me that much harder.

“It’s okay that I say fuck, right?” My dad doesn’t let me say words like that but you won’t tell, right Daddy?”

“Everything we say and do will be our little secret,” I said while removing my clothes.

She watched me undress and raised her knees, her two dainty pre-teen feet resting on the bed. I caught just a glimpse of the actual opening between her legs.

“I hope you cum a lot in me when you fuck me,” the little girl said. “I want to get pregnant so my boobs grow bigger than Hannah’s.” She spread her legs apart and I saw her open 11-year-old hole. Her pussy was so underdeveloped she barely had a labia so her little wet cunny opened right up and I could easily see inside of her. Her crevasse looked so warm and inviting, but also so very small. I felt that by comparison my daughter Melissa’s cunt slit was a fair amount bigger, although still incredibly tight.

“I promise I will cum so much in you Megan and give your little fertile egg a nice sperm bath.” I never talked like this but she seemed so much younger than my daughter, even though she was only a year apart, that I instinctively wanted to turn this experience into a little anatomy lesson.

I moved my rock-hard cock close to her pussy and that’s when we both realized how large my member was by comparison. An adult man’s dick going into a little girl’s pussy is already a tight fit, but Megan had the smallest pussy I had ever seen in real life.

“You are a lot bigger than my dad,” she remarked.

“And you are a good amount smaller than my daughter. Are you sure you want to do this?”

“Yes,” she said without hesitation. “It always hurts a little at first but then it feels good. Please fuck me. Don’t go slow. It hurts more that way. Just shove it in me.” She was so much more talkative and direct than I expected an 11-year-old to be.

“Okay,” I responded. I positioned the head of my penis at her gash and spit on it, lubing it up. Then I pushed the head into her opening, just the tip of it, but I had to push hard because her cunt was so small.

I cannot begin to describe to you how tight her cunny was going in, but this girl took most of my cock without flinching. She moaned and a huge smile of pleasure broke across her young face. I slid to the back of her pussy as my head came to a stop right against her cervix. Despite completely filling her with my cock, she seemed to enjoy me penetrating her immensely.

I pulled out a little, then slid back in until my cock was hitting her cervix again.

“That feels so good. You’re so big,” she moaned.

I slid back out, then pushed back into her tight, wet passage. It took everything in me not to explode inside of her instantly.

Her tiny hips thrust upward, begging for me to continue fucking her. I paused for a moment to regain my composure. Waiting a full week before cumming was too long. This little girl was going to milk all of the semen out of me in seconds, but I didn’t know what else to do.

“Do you know how old I am?” she asked, taking advantage of the momentary rest.

“Yes, babygirl.”

“I’m only 11-years-old,” she confided. “My Daddy likes when I remind him how young and little I am. Do you?”

I would have to congratulate her father on doing an absolute fantastic job of grooming this girl. “Yes, I would love that,” I replied to her.

“You know, I’m just a middle-school student. Do you like knowing that your full grown, adult cock is inside of a little 7th grader?”

I began grinding her again slowly, feeling the wettest, tightest sensation around my cock. “Yes, I love that.”

“Ohh! You’re so deep inside me. Do you know you’re an adult and you’re fucking a child right now?”

Fuck, this girl was good. I had to stop again. “Yes, babygirl.” I could think of nothing else to say in the moment.

“Don’t stop fucking me, Daddy. Keep pumping me with your big grown up cock. I want you to make my little girl body pregnant with your baby.

“That’s a good girl,” I praised, pistoning my rod in and out of her warm slit. My hands explored her tight body, caressing and groping her skin.

We fucked for about ten minutes, with me having to frequently slow down because her little loli cunt felt so amazing squeezing my cock. Several times she opened her mouth and began moaning and gasping, and I could tell she was on the verge of an orgasm, or having one, but that would push me so close I would have to stop myself, not wanting the experience to end so quickly.

Eventually, Megan put me in a position where I just couldn’t stop. As I plowed her tight child cunt she wrapped her little legs around me and pressed her delicate angel feet into my ass.

“Breed me, Daddy! Right now,” she whimpered. I couldn’t believe she was using the word breed, and begging a man she had known for less than an hour to do it. “Fill me… fill, fill my… my womb with your…” She struggled to finish her sentence because of how hard she was panting. “Make my 11-year-old body pregnant, Daddy!”

I thought about pulling out again or slowing down, but time was running out for our sessions and my balls were aching to release. I started thrusting faster and harder into Megan’s pre-teen cunt, slamming my cock head into her baby cervix. Her legs squeezed tighter and I wrapped my arms around her neck, almost the full weight of my adult male body against her small underage body. I felt her face against my chest, her wet mouth pressed against my nipple. I didn’t know if she could breath and I didn’t care. My hips thrust into her forcefully and I felt the most intense eruption of cum jet out of my cock and directly into this pre-teen blonde. Instead of continuing my thrusts through the orgasm I stayed fully inserted into her young gash, making sure the tip of my cock was kissing the hole of her cervix. With the two touching directly, my balls pumped a weeks worth of pent up cum directly into her womb. Ribbons and ribbons of jizz rushed into her cervix to soak her fertile egg.

As my cock continued to lurch I could feel her already tight cunny contracting rhythmically, squeezing every last drop of cum out of me. I now realized Megan had her mouth wrapped around my nipple and was sucking on me while moaning intensely.

Once our ecstasy had subsided I rolled off of Megan and she rotated her pelvis upward with her dainty pre-teen legs in the air. “To help me get pregnant,” she explained. Her toes looked so tiny and adorable, and we had about 10 minutes before we needed to head back to the meeting room, so I came up with a plan.

“That was incredible, Megan. I really feel like I impregnated you just now.”

“Me too.”

“Do you know what can also help make sure the pregnancy sticks? There are nerves in your feet that connect to the rest of your body. If I massage, or umm, suck on your toes, it will help stimulate your uterus. Would you like me to do that for you?”

“Mmm hmm,” she replied with a greedy look in her eyes.

I sat up on my knees and turned her body so that her feet were pointed at my mouth. Her soft blonde hair was spread out on the bed. My still-hard cock brushed against the underside of her smooth little girl thighs. I took her precious feet in either hand and brough her 11-year-old toes up to my lips, where I inserted her left foot into my mouth and began to suck and lick her toes, making sure to get between each one. I though it might tickle her but she looked up at me with the lustful yet innocent eyes only a well-groomed child can give. I watched with surprise as the girl bit her lip and placed one of her hands between her legs, sliding her fingers between her slick gash. I wanted to fuck her again right then but I knew I needed to save my next load for a different girl tomorrow night.

Her little toes were so perfect and delicious, and after savoring the taste of one foot I switched to her other and enjoyed licking those blue-painted toes. There is something heavenly about the smell and taste of an adolescent girl’s feet. Megan’s little white feet were perfection in my mouth.

After she made herself orgasm again with the help of my tongue foot bath, I let her feet down gently and told her it was time to go back. She put her tank top and shorts back on, and within about a minute I could see a dark spot form between her legs where my cum was soaking into her little yellow cotton shorts.

I kissed her on the mouth and as we walked back toward the elevator she told me how her friend Hannah at school was going to be so surprised when she saw how big Megan’s titties were going to get. When an older couple passed us in the hall Megan went silent for a moment, very aware of her surroundings and knowing when to stop talking about such things.

In the elevator she stood on her tip-toes, and after a brief, open mouth kiss with tongue she said, “Thank you for making me pregnant, Daddy. Did you enjoy knocking up a little school girl?”

Wow, Megan knew exactly what she was saying and my cock was already getting hard again. I secretly wished there was some mix-up and that I would have to fuck her again tomorrow night, but I knew the rules were to fuck three different daughters on three different days in order to maximize pregnancies.

Back in the meeting room Megan gave me a hug before saying goodbye. All of the dads had big grins on their faces. Some looked worn out. The girls for the most part looked excited and happy as well. One girl was crying and hugging her father. The sire was having a calm conversation, explaining why she was in distress. Both adults seemed concerned for the girl. After a few minutes she wiped away her tears and smiled.

My 12-year-old daughter Melissa surprised me from behind. “Hi Daddy!” she declared.

“How was it, angel?” I asked, wanting to make sure she didn’t have a similar experience as the crying girl.

“It was very good, Daddy. I think I got pregnant for you but we shall see, good sir!” She was in a very silly mood, which was great. This is often how she behaved after we made love.

Later that evening Melissa and I showered together and cuddled naked in the hotel bed.

“Daddy, am I allowed to suck on you?”

“Yes my Darling girl, but you can’t drink my cum because I have to save it for another little girl’s ovaries.”

“Okay, Daddy,” my daughter agreed, before inserting my cock into her wet pre-teen mouth.


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