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Mom catches step dad being a perv part 1

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The weekend is finally here. I cruise home windows down enjoying the warm early summer air, preparing for a weekend of relaxation. I usually arrive home from work before my wife Kaylee, especially now, with volleyball season starting she will pick up my step daughter Kylie from practice before coming home. Now, this is great for me, as it gives me time to unwind, which typically involves rubbing one out. I mean, give a man a house to himself, we can’t resist. Today I got home a bit later than usual, but figured I could still squeeze one in, so I changed from my work clothes and put on a pair of gym shorts, I never wear underwear at home, and a tee shirt. Then went down to the living room couch to start the process of finding a video. I figured it was better to be able to see my wife pull up, than to have them walk in on me if I didn’t heat them from another room. I start to slow stroke my cock as I search for the perfect video, nothing is really catching my eye, and then I hear my wife’s car pull up. I grab a throw blanket we have on the couch to cover my semi hard cock, and turn on the TV.

My step daughter kylie comes into the door first, Kylie is a little tall for her age, 5’4, about 120 pounds, with light brown hair, and an amazing body, small A cup tits, long tone legs, with an amazing ass from playing sports. She walks in with a smile, still glistening with sweat from practice, wearing her spanks, and a sports bra, seeing her firm midsection shining with sweat made me really glad I grabbed that throw blanket. “How was practice?” I ask trying not to make my lingering looks noticeable. “It was really hard today, lots of sprints, I’m exhausted” Kylie responds, heading up the stairs to the bathroom to shower. My wife walks in now, she is a beautiful curvy woman, 5’6, 180 pounds, with nice tits, and an ass I can eat for days. “How was your day beautiful?” I say from the couch still trying to hide my now fully hard cock. “Ugh, I could use a drink. Thank God its friday” says Kaylee coming over to greet me with a kiss.

“I’ll tell you what, how about you go get changed, and I will fix us up some cocktails, fire up the grill, and we can just relax in the sun” “that sounds amazing, you’re a life saver.” Says Kaylee as I give her a small smack on the ass while she heads upstairs.

I head to the kitchen, grab some meat out of the fridge, bring it outside as I warm up the grill, and prepare a couple vodka sodas for my wife and I. It’s such a beautiful day, not too hot, but plenty of sun, I stand outside soaking it all up preparing dinner. Then my wife and 14 year old step daughter walk out the back door onto the patio and I freeze for a moment. Both of them are wearing their bathing suits, and this year is the first year Kylie has been aloud to get a bikini. A matching pink top and bottom, the waist line cut really high, and the string top perfectly cupping her beautiful breasts. I snap myself out of my gaze and look down at the meat before my wife notices. “We decided we may as well start our tans since we are eating out here tonight.” Says my wife as she walks over to get her drink. “Hope you don’t mind”
“Not at all” I say ” the more the merrier”.

The girls make their way over to the lawn chairs and start to lay out. I turn the burners down low, as I want as much time to gawk at them as I can get. I was doing a good job going unnoticed until Kylie asks her mother if she can help her with her tanning lotion. Kylie sits back toward her mother, facing me head down holding her hair up as my wife starts to rub the lotion on her back. I couldn’t look away and was glad I had cover behind the grill. I was locked in, I couldn’t look away, then my wife’s hands rub up kylies shoulders and over to her perfect 14 year old tits rubbing the lotion in, and I get a small glimpse of her hard nipple from her top shifting. I was rock hard at this point and my eyes manage to shift a bit and I lock eyes with my wife from over kylies shoulder with a small smile on her face.

“Uh, fff, foods done” I finally managed to utter in an attempt to cover up what just happened. I make everyone a plate as they go to the patio table, preparing for an awkward dinner as my wife definitely caught me checking out her 14 year old daughter. But to my surprise, dinner went by as normal, laughing talking about our days. My wife enjoys a couple more cocktails, and I am feeling pretty good about my chances of getting lucky tonight as she has become a real lightweight. And I could use the release after this evening.

As the sun starts to set, my wife suggests a family movie night before bed. Kylie protests at first but her Kaylee talks her into it. “Fine” says Kylie “let me go change and I’ll be right down.” I steal one last look at her perfect tight ass as she walks away. I go to my wife and grab her by the waist and pull her in for a quick little make out session, pressing my hard cock against her body. She pulls away after a minute giggling, “easy you old pervert, you’ll get your chance later” she says with a devilish smile. “Now pick out a movie and we will be down soon, I’m going to get comfortable.”

At this point I want to pick the shortest movie possible. Kaylee and I don’t get to have sex as often as we would like as Kylie is mostly nocturnal, and always moving about the house at night. I find a short movie and pop it in the bluray player at the bottom of our entertainment center, and wait for the girls. My wife comes down first, in a sexy little night gown, almost too sexy I thought for family movie night, but I wasn’t going to protest. I give out a little whistle as she comes down the stairs, she gives me a twirl, and a kiss as she goes to make a round of cocktails. Kaylee and I start to enjoy our drinks cuddled up under a blanket as Kylie comes down the stairs, wearing a pair of red and black pj pants that fit her perfect in all the right places, and a tank top that shows her belly just enough, especially with the pants hanging low on her hips. I gulp down a sip of my cocktail as I take in the sight. “Kylie, baby can you hit play on the bluray player please?” Says my wife, which was weird, I had the remote right next to me. But Kylie walked over to the TV, and squatted down to the bluray player and her pants slide down just enough, to show her ass crack. My cock nearly jumps out of my pants, then I feel my wife’s hand grab my cock and start to stroke my dick slowly under the cover. The movie starts and the surround sound is pretty loud, when Kaylee leans into my ear, cock still in hand and whispers, “it seems like you like what you see” looking over at Kylie in the recliner.
I couldn’t believe what was happening, my wife was jerking me off to the sights of our 14 year old daughter, the screen flashed white, filling the room with light and I could see Kylie wasn’t wearing a bra. My balls pull in tight to my body and my dick tenses up, I’m about to explode, and my wife let’s go, whispering in my ear. “Not yet you old pervert.” I didn’t think much of it earlier, but now it was somehow so hot, I try to control my breathing and let my cock ease back down without drawing too much attention from Kylie. God Kaylee is such a tease! This isn’t the first time she has pulled this stunt, my wife loves to tease me until I am on the edge, sometimes I think she enjoys that more than sex itself.

After what felt like an eternity the movie finally ends, Kylie rushes over and gives us both a hug and says good night before dashing up to her room I’m sure to go play games with her friends, ass bouncing at every step. Kaylee stands up and says “I’m going to go switch the laundry over, you better be waiting for me when I get up to bed.” I rush upstairs, taking one last peek in kylies room, she is laying on her stomach on her bed ass facing the door, on her phone. God that girl really does have a perfect ass, I start to rub my cock from outside my shorts to get ready for her mother, it didn’t take long to be fully erect. I go shut off the light, and lay in my bed naked, in comes Kaylee a moment later. She climbs on top of me and slides her bare pussy along my shaft. God she is so wet. Then she holds something up in her hand, with the dim lights I can see it is a pair of panties, makes sense as she is not wearing any. She puts them up to my face and says smell these you old perv, and I immediately recognize, that is not my wife’s scent. It is very similar, but something about this scent is just sweeter, it’s hard to explain, I knew they were my step daughters, I could smell the slight hint of her perfume as well. Kaylee grabs my cock and guides it in her pussy riding me. ” do you like the smell of kylies virgin pussy?” She says picking up speed. “Oh my God yes baby, it smells so fucking good” she then puts the panties in my mouth, making me suck the creamy stain in kylies panties, then comes down and kisses me passionately. “You want to eat your daughters pussy don’t you, you old pervert?” She says “I do, I want to eat her pussy and fuck her so hard kaylee” I reply, trying my hardest not to cum. “I’ll be your Kylie for tonight daddy, fuck me as hard as you want” I grab her hips and thrust up, putting her on her knees and start to pound her pussy hard and fast, I wrap my arms around her tight, feeling like I’m going to crush her, but I can’t control it, my body has taken over, I’m on the edge of the most incredible orgasam I’ve ever had. The slapping sounds of our sweaty bodies fills the room. I can’t hold out any longer, I squeeze her body laying on top of me and give one last hard thrust “OH FUCK KYLIE, DADDYS GOING TO CUM!” I yell as I pump rope after rope of cum in my “daughter” we both lay there limp and exhausted, panting for air. Then we hear a door in the hallway close, we both look at each other and can’t help but to laugh, the ecstasy of the situation too much for us to really grasp what had just happened as we both drift asleep.

Part 2 coming if any interest.

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    Your wife is hot!! I think she wants to watch you playing with Kylie = eating her young pussy and then taking her virginity. I’m going right into to reading part 2. I hope you post more parts. I like stroking my dick as I read your hot writing. Let’s chat.
    Love, sucks and fucks,

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    Good story thank you

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