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Training whores (Part 1)

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I‘m going to tell you about my business, how I train and sell sexslaves who’s life purpose it is to fulfill men’s sexual desires!

The only thing you need to know about me is that I am a man who knows a lot of important people. Those important people come to me if they need someone to have sex with who isn’t their wife. Some buy my slaves for a night, some for their lives.
I work with some other men, they train the younger girls, I don’t know much about how they do it, all I know is that I get them when they are 16 and it’s always worth it. Maybe I’ll tell you about this another time.
Today I would like to share the story about the girl I made the most money with. Let’s call her Alice.
As I got Alice she was 18, I bought her back from a customer who didn’t wanted her anymore, he told me she wasn’t good at sucking.
Alice has ginger hair and adorable freckles. She also owns a cute bubbly butt, but that’s all what’s cute about her. She was Ice cold, a shitty actress. Even tho she was trained to only live for men’s pleasure she never smiled or looked as if she enjoyed it. Not that I care about the enjoyment of a little whore, but I wanted to sell this bitch.
As soon as she moved with me again I started fucking her cute little face every day. I told her I’d duck it until she was able to give a good blowjob. Of course she accepted, she didn’t had any choice and I also didn’t care.
Most of the time I’d just grab her red hair and shove my whole cock into her mouth, she gagged a lot at first, even puked one time. It felt kinda warm and good on my cock as I still fucked her face, but she pulled away. I slapped her face and kicked her stomach: “I TELL YOU WHEN TO STOP” I shouted at her. For the first time I saw something like fear in her eyes, she immediately started to lick off her puke off my cock, but I had enough. It got limb.
The next day she seemed to try to make it up, she sucked for over two hours non stop, she still wasn’t that good and without me forcing her head she didn’t even try to get the whole thing into her mouth, but it was much better.
After a week I started facefucking her again, each day I was able to go deeper and after a few days she even stopped gagging, but I noticed something else. This bitch started using her teeth, I told her to stop, but she acted as if she didn’t knew how. For a moment I thought about punching all of her teeth out of her mouth, but this wouldn’t be helpful to her worth, so as a punishment I decided to assfuck this bitch.
I turned her around, she looked at me without any fear, I guess she thought I’d fuck that little wet cunt. I pushed me raw cock against her dry asshole. As soon as she noticed she started begging for lube. Without answering her I rammed my whole cock into her asshole, she screamed and started crying. I can’t deny it didn’t hurt me too, but her crying aroused me. After a few pushes she got wetter and it was much easier to fuck her. After about 10 minutes she stopped crying and pushed her face down into a pillow. I came into her asshole, my sperm and a little bit blood floated out of it. “Tomorrow we’ll train your facecunt again” I said and left.
The next day I did as promised. She seemed to understand what happens if she uses her teeth so she tried her best.
This went on for a few weeks. At the end she was one of the best cock suckers I’ve ever head. She could suck in any position and hold her breath for 3 minutes. She also was able to put a whole dick into her mouth without choking and to lick the balls while doing it.
The only thing that might have been wrong with this whore was the way she looked. So cold. No smile.
I told a friend about it, this might’ve been the best decision, because he told me about a business partner he has who searches for a girl to abuse, one who isn’t a brain dead cock sucker. Alice was perfect. She didn’t smile, she didn’t looked as if she enjoyed it. All emotions she showed to me so far was fear. Also did Alice know all the techniques needed, so no need to rape that bitch again, bc she willingly waits for you to abuse her. It’s her life purpose.
I sold Alice and the man was so happy he’s a regular customer now. He’s well known and pays me well for keeping his identity a secret and still providing him with sexslaves.

If you want to read more about my business just write a comment

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    I ushered in the new year being trained. My boyfriend knew I loved to be used and humiliated. I had a dick in my mouth, ass and pussy. I had one in school hand the a mouth from two other slaves chewing up my titties when all was done my boyfriend ducked me in my nasty pussy with a metal baseball bat

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