My first time

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It was the middle of summer I was in high school. It was about four friends that we hung together pretty close. We’re at one of our friends swimming pools when we got ready to leave. It was me another friend that was changing in the area built to the side of the house, he took his trunk off and I couldn’t help but notice his dick was absolutely amazing from that point on. I’ve always wanted to suck him never knew how to tell him. I guess it was two years later he was at my house just me and him watching TV and it was a girl on TV that was giving a guy blowjob and he got really horny and was grabbing his dick and talking about how hard it was and I had to tell him , I told him I was bisexual and not very many people knew and I told him when I sent his cock. I said you might tell everybody I don’t know where you might hate me, but I wanna suck it. He just got quiet for a minute and I said, can I please fill it Feel you . He agreed to let me feel him first I felt to stick through his pants and it was hard as a rock. I just kept squeezing it, and I could feel it harder I said, why don’t you let me make you cum I should’ve promised no one will know he didn’t say anything so I’m buckle his pants and I pulled it out. There was pre-cum coming down the head. i’m licked it off the head of his cock and I started kissing the head. Then I sucked it into my mouth and slowly licked around the edge of it. I put my hand between his legs so his legs with spread and I started playing with his balls, I licked down the shaft until I got to his balls, and I started sucking them as I was sucking his balls. I was jacking off slowly I lick back up to the head and slowly move my mouth all the way down and roll my tongue around it, and sort of sucking I sucked until he cumed I kept sucking into all the cum and come out into my mouth and I swallow it. I slowly move my mouth off of it and kiss the head. I laid my head in slap and just rubbed it. I waited about 15 minutes I just laid there and I kissed it again and licked it and started sucking him again until he cumed in my mouth again. That was about two years ago and I still suck him at least once a week sometimes more and I love it even more each time he has to offer to give me oral and I don’t care as long as he lets me suck him he let me kiss his neck and suck his tits, all I need from him nice dick to my mouth. This is a very true story.


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  • Reply Jarrbo ID:1ck81rfrwlgr

    You’re having so much fun 🙂. Didn’t you feel like taking him in the ass?

  • Reply I’ll try ID:1dadaebe3d5s

    Nice cock.