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Summer with Kim III

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That night things get even more confusing and erotic.

All through dinner, was a rush of mixed emotions. Aunt Cindy looked gorgeous as usual. Although I think she unbuttoned the top two buttons of her blouse purposely. Unc was quiet and stern as usual. However I couldn’t help but think about what he had just done to me a few hours earlier. Needless to say, between staring at her golden brown skin, luscious red lips and thinking about what the humongous man had done to me, I had a raging hard on under the table. “May I be excused please?” “Sure honey just give the scraps to the dog and put your plate in the sink” she said. Feeling brave as I got up I made no attempt to hide my erection. Her face lit up as soon as my waist cleared the table. Her cheeks instantly became rosey and she appeared to hold her breath. Once I got past her, just to be a tease I turned sideways to give Ollie his scraps. Ensuring Unc saw my hard on under my basketball shorts. To my surprise he was rock hard as well, seeing his bulge against his left leg under his overhauls. “I think I’m going to my room to rest a bit.” I said as I did my best to seduce my uncle behind my aunt’s back. “Alright.” he said his low voice cracking a bit. Never in my life had I thought of men, however now, ‘why the fuck not?” “As good as both of them feel, I don’t give a shit what anyone thinks.”. I thought as I stroked my cock walking to my room. “I just hope one of them follows me.” It was about 8:45 and I heard the backdoor close. I thought surely it was Unc going to finish up outside so I began preparing for my sexy aunt to strut though the door. The footsteps approached, my heart felt like it was going to beat out of my chest. I was oozing precum, in which I wiped a bit away to see how I tasted. As soon as my finger met my lips the door knob turned. There stood my uncle huge barrel chested, hair covering his upper body, tan, and in very good shape. It wasn’t who I was expecting but my cock didn’t seem to care. He walked to the edge of the bed, grabbed my legs and yanked me to him at the edge “oh fuck!” I squeaked “that’s what I’m going to do” he growled I sat up as he dropped the towel, he seemed a bit surprised when he realized my mouth was wrapped around him, he growled deeply, as I swirled my tongue around the tip I felt warmth and my first taste of man juice. After a few minutes of me servicing him he pushed my shoulders back. “She’s swimming I don’t have long. Lay back.” I did as instructed. Again with no mercy or hesitation I felt the tip, and quickly the shaft, I could feel his balls against my back. It hurt so bad it took my breath away, I tried to pull back a bit. When I did, he just grunted and pushed more ferociously. My legs were on his shoulders it felt like he was hitting my lungs. “God damn this hurts so good!” I screamed, I moaned as the prostate massage made me explode. That must have done it. Once again I felt my torn apart insides fill with warmth as he convulsed with every rope. He leaned over and sucked every bit of my load off my stomach and chest. After he swallowed he said “she’s gonna be up here in a bit. Long as you keep doing that you can have her all you want you little punk.” “Holy shit. They both know.” My aunt turned the corner as he was leaving in nothing but her bikini bottom. She stopped him in the doorway. Shoved her tongue in his mouth and slurped the leftover crust off his mouth. “Awe hunny you’ve made a mess of each other!”

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