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My cousin is so caring

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Hi, I’m lisa and I went on vacations with my dad at grandpa’s, my mum couldn’t come with us due to some work(we both know it’s like but didn’t want her to come tho, haha…)

So my first day at grandpa’s house was horrible, I was raped by my own uncle which I never thought it could happen….Jake stayed with me after his father left me in my broken form…..I was sore , some blood was also coming out with his seeds I was just lying on the bed, crying….. Jake thought I was virgin and brought a wet towel and cleaned me and changed my bedsheet…. My best brother.

After cleaning, he layed beside me. My wrists were bruised from the force uncle applied. He applied ointment and we slept while cuddling. It was around 3 in morning ,I woke up because my injuries were hurting and started whispering due to which jake also woke up and asked me why I woke up so I said my private is hurting so much …..he thought for some seconds and then asked me to lay down with him while he will massage my pussy to ease the pain.

I was tired so I did as he said….he was massaging my bald pussy, it felt so relaxing and good …..it was giving me relief from the pain, after some minutes maybe 15 or 20 I was quite well and was about to sleep again when he asked me if he could massage my boobs, I thought for some seconds then nodded my head. He sat up and removed my top and started massaging my boobies, more like groping and squeezing them so my nipples got hard and when he saw that, he started sucking it hard. I was terrified after what happened earlier but he said ” don’t worry, I m your brother and I love you” and looked at him and he said“i will never harm you…. I’m doing this to help you, to ease the pain ” I stared at him then said “ I believe you big brother ” he smiled and sucked my nipples leaving some marks on my chest.
After some kisses and massage, I saw his boner in his shorts…I was quite hard. He looked where I was staring, he said “I’m in pain sis, I want you to help me too” I knew what he wants to do, I said ” I’m still in so much pain” he said “you don’t have to do anything, I will make you feel good ….. If I didn’t enter your pussy right now, then i might die because my father seed can infect you and only I can save you by killing his sperm withy sperms…..otherwise It would start to eat me up from inside” . Ofcourse I was stupid enough to believe him…. because why not, he told me this like some scientific shit.

He laid me on the bed and stripped our clothes, I saw his cock …..it was not that much thick but it was long, longer than anyone else I had seen…..he sat between my legs and started pushing his dick inside…..moan escaped my mouth and he groaned…..he said “it’s slippery inside…..I can feel dad’s cum in me …… I’m gonna fuck this hole fucked by my dad so good…… I’m gonna save you lis.” saying this he started to thrust slowly and deeply I could feel his tip reaching my cervix. We made love for 2 times we hugged & slept naked with his dick still inside me. In morning, I woke up with a hard and deep thrust causing me to moan out loud and he started thrusting fast unlike last night and I end up coming too soon as he was really good at this. Then we showered together, later he gave me some medicines and told me not to tell anyone what happened between us and his dad and we went downstairs in the dinning room.

I saw there was only me, jake and uncle. Uncle made nice breakfast for me and asked me for forgiveness as he was very ashamed at himself at what he did last night.
I forgave him because it wasn’t his fault actually, he was under the influence of alcohol. He was very happy to know I wasn’t angry with him and kissed me, I felt weird but didn’t bothered much about it and had my breakfast.

Wanna know more about my vacations at dad’s home so let me know in comments 😉

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    I wanna be in your place….I like to be fucked in the morning

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    How dumb of you to believe him….lol he did great by fooling a bitch like you and enjoyed that pussy

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    I wish I was your cousin instead….. This made me hard

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    Nice vacation lil slut.

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