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A new chapter

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I am 70 now and thought my days of underage sex were over .MAYBE not. This just happened last week

A New Chapter
Its been many years since I had sex with my sister but my desires for young girls has never wained and over these many years I have had some sexual experiences with younger girls between 15 and 18 but not any younger. At 70 I also didn’t ever expect to either.
I am very close to my cousin Jane and her husband Brian and have been since before the had kids. They have 2 girls now Margie and Kat. Margie is now 15 and Kat just turned 12. During covid when they were 12 and 9, stayed with them for 6 months and home schooled them while their parents worked from home. I had always had a soft spot for Margie since she was a baby and we have a very special relationship. Starting at 6 or so she would come and hug me when I arrived for a visit and lead me to a big chair in the family room that they called Hughs chair and we would sit for as long as it took for her to tell me what was going on in her life. I loved it. Even when she started to develop which in her case was around 9 and a half she would sit in my lap and we would chat. I had run my hands down over her budding tits a few times and she didn’t seem to notice and she always wanted me to tuck her in at night and I would get a good feel of her puffy nipples then too and on a couple of occasions I had let my hand drop to her mound but she always turned away from me so I didn’t ever go farther . She is an exceptionally beautiful girl. At 15 she is about 5’6 with long black curly hair and deep blue eyes. She is into cheerleading now so her legs are well muscled as is her ass. She now has at least D tits and since she turned 12 and got her period she no longer sits on my lap but does still hug me when I visit. If her tits weren’t so big I’m sure she could have modeled. She has always been my favorite . She tends to be very shy and has little confidence in herself.
Kat on the other hand has been a little cunt since she could walk I think. A polar opposite to her sister Kat is very blonde and has always been tall for her age and now at 12 she is taller than her sister by about an inch or so. She unlike her sister is late in developing and has A tits and is still long and lean. She has been into dance for about 5 years so her body is well muscled. Unlike Kat when I come for a visit she has to be told to say hello and to give me a hug. She is always looking to be the center of attention and sometimes its too much. Too say the least she and I have never been close nor did I think we would be but that all changed last Thanksgiving.
I was going down to their place but had to have dinner with a friend first so I told Brian that I wouldn’t arrive on the Thursday evening until around 9 p.m. Brian called to tell me that he and Jane were going to a friend’s house for dinner and drinks and wouldn’t be home to 10 or so and Margie was at a sleep over with her cheer friends. Kat would be there and they were ok with her being alone until I got there.
My dinner plans fell through so I headed for Toronto around 6 and arrived at 7:15. I let myself in through the garage door and headed up to the first floor. Their house is huge with 4 bedrooms and 3 full bathrooms on the 3rd floor. I called Kats name but there was no response. I thought I had missed her and she might be playing video games in the basement. I headed up to put my suitcase in my room and then I would go find her. As I got to the first landing, I could hear moaning and cursing. “Fuck me. Fill me with your huge cock and cum in my cunt”. It was Kat’s voice for sure. At first I thought maybe she had a boyfriend here so I quietly took two steps up the stairs to the top.
Her bedroom was wide open and I could see most of her room and her bed. There she was on her back with her legs splayed wide open. She was up on one elbow and she had a dildo in her other hand plunging it in and out of her cunt. Her eyes were closed as she fucked her cunt with the dildo and she continued to dirty talk to herself. She said “ Oh yes that’s the way. Fuck my little girl cunt until I cum. And I want to feel your sperm spray into me”
I decided now would be a good time to announce my arrival. I stomped up the last 3 steps and called her name. Her eyes flew open and she pulled the dildo out of her cunt and tried to hide it under her pillow. At the same time she was reaching for her covers to hide her body but because she was laying on top of her she was having trouble pulling them over her naked body.
I just stood there watching her discomfort until she was pretty much covered. I then stepped into her room and said “ Hey Kat I’m a bit early. Hope that’s alright” and then I smiled a big smile and waited for her to respond. She finally said “Hi.” A long silence ensued before she said “Why are you so early and what did you see”.
I told her I saw pretty much everything. She said “please tell me exactly”. I said I heard you saying you wanted someone to fuck your little girl cunt and spray your vagina with sperm. I also saw you masturbating with a small dildo and ramming it into your cunt. I had no idea you were this sexual at 12. I also see your tits have a way to go but I love your puffy nipples. The question is what do I tell your parents when they get home.
At this point she got a bit like the Kat I knew and disliked and started telling me that I should have called louder when I got there and that I had no right to stand and watch her. I said I was sorry but I was so shocked at what I heard and saw that I was dumbfounded or I would have said something sooner. Either way I felt it was my duty to let her parents know about this since I felt it was very unusual for a girl her age to be using a dildo and talking like I had heard. And I asked how she even had a dildo. She was quiet for what felt like a minute or so but I didn’t say more. Finally she looked up at me with tears in her eyes and begged me not to tell on her.
I was in control until she looked at the front of my pants to see my cock was rock hard. She got a big smile on her face and said “you liked watching me didn’t you uncle Hugh. I can see you have a boner and your face is all red.” I said of course I am aroused. I just watched you masturbate with a dildo and I saw it go completely into your cunt. Have you had sex or how are you not a virgin at 12.” She told me that she had broken her hymen at dance doing the splits about a year ago and had started to play with her self right after. She said she had ordered the dildo online and had been hiding it behind her books on the shelf for a few months.
She started to relax a bit and answer my questions without pause. She seemed to like talking about it all with me. I was really uncomfortable as my cock was pushing down my leg and begging to be released. I think she recognized the affect she was having and asked me if I wanted to see it. I knowing it was wrong said ok. She leaned over and pulled the rubber cock from under her pillow and as she turned back to me the covers fell down around her waist and she didn’t move to cover her A size tits but just handed me the dildo and sat watching me. I took the dildo and without another thought about how wrong this was held it to my nose and smelled her on it. I opened my mouth and stuffed it in and started to lick her juices of it. It was quite small. About 4 inches long and about as big around as my middle finger and shaped like and cock with a small set of rubber balls for her to hold on to while she pounded her little cunt.
When I had taken the dildo from her I had moved right over to her bed and I was still tasting her when I felt her hand rub up over my hard cock in my pants. I looked at her and saw lust and a way out in her face. I dropped the dildo on her bed and stepped back.” This is so wrong is so many ways Kat” I said and I turned and left her room and walked across the hall into the quest room and shut the door. I down on the bed and as I did the door opened and Kat came in wearing a housecoat. I pulled my jeans in front of myself and asked her to leave. She said “You saw me now I’d like to see a real cock.” With that she took off her housecoat and stood in front of me completely naked. Her small tits had these perky nipples that I could tell were hard as rocks. She had no hips yet and just the start of soft downy pubic hair. You had to really look to see them at all. Her cunt lips only spread a little bit and her clit was just poking out of her clitoral hood. I sat there like a moron and did nothing but stare at her body. She reached over and took my jeans and I let her pull them away from my body exposing my 7 to 8inch hard cock. I wanted to tell her to get out but I couldn’t as she reached over and took my cock in her hand. “OMG she said that’s so hard but soft too and she started to run her hand up and down my shaft. I thought I was going to ejaculate right there but got control of myself in time to pull her hand off my cock and pick up her housecoat and wrap it around her. I asked her to leave and as she did but she looked back at me and said “ I guess my secret is safe now huh. Maybe tomorrow we can do more.” It was then I realized that she had bested me again. I had no choice but to keep her secret. As I lay in bed that night after her parents got home and she chatted away like nothing had happened I knew I had no choice but to see where this would go and I fell asleep right after I jerked off and shot the biggest load I had in years.
The rest of the weekend didn’t present any time where we could be alone and I was grateful and on Monday I packed up and prepared to leave. Margie came over and gave me a huge hug and told me she loved me and couldn’t wait to see me again soon. Kat also came over and gave me a huge hug and said “ I love you Uncle Hugh” She had never said that before ever.

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  • Reply Joe ID:7481adjbql

    I hope you go back and fuck her

  • Reply jackthebadlad ID:2muspuhb0d

    Hugh I am an uncle in my mid 60s and lucky enough to have a relationship with a great niece, if you would like to share experiences wickr me

    • farmertracy ID:6fji2i17qm

      I am trying to reach Hugh but sadly no reply. I have read some of your stories on 69 and did like them, I would love to swap stories and chat with you. Will send my email if you wish.
      [email protected]