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I raped my daughter and her friends

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My daughter and her friends acted like sluts so I treated them like sluts

I’m a 58 single father who has soul custody of my daughter Hannah, shes a big fan of tiktok and takes quite a liking to all their weird dances and shit, even follows one of the influences lifestyle to a T, she takes hours getting ready and wears revealing clothes but when I talk to her about it she just talks to me like I’m a creep for looking, she doesn’t respect me whatsoever.
There’s two of them which she referrs them as her ‘sisters’ theirs Katie (11) and Leah (15), Leah kinda has a thing for me cause she would always cuddle up to me and volunteer to help me whenever is need while the others just bitched and whined.
Her friends too also wore revealing clothes but this time it was worse, they were wearing very tight fitted dresses that bearly covered the curve of their asses I told Hannah she’s not going out anywhere like that but she just laughed and said they were just gonna watch TV all day.
So I was stuck with three little girls in tight dresses all day my cock was aching the entire day and my hands were shakey from how horney I was.
They didn’t even change into pj’s when they went to sleep on the couch I came down around 3 am to grab water and Hannah’s ass was showing and she wasn’t even wearing underwear I know it was wrong but I came closer and slowly moved my hand in between her thighs to her pussy and fuck it was wet.
I took out my cock and shoved it inside her waking her up and she screamed out waking her friends to tried to run once they realized what I was doing but I caught them by the ankles and forced them to me and shoved my hands into they dresses they pleaded for me not to but I shoved my fingers inside them fisting them roughly.
Their crys of pain was music to my ears and fuck did it make me cum but sadly their crys of pain turned into pleasure and they started begging for more.

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  • Reply Badass Billy G ID:2px1mhuf4hu

    Don’t listen to the negativity. There is a bunch on here that just likes to put down their writers

  • Reply Your story sucks ID:32e54wnoxid

    Wow U just slide Ur whole fist in an 11 year old just like that . What was she 456pounds and 3′ nothing Ur stories sucks

    • Badass Billy G ID:2px1mhuf4hu

      You suck big green donkey balls.

  • Reply A. ID:11wfijf20a

    Too short, lacks details, lack imagination. Overall BORING

  • Reply You're A Fucking Liar ID:28as4r5zrk

    Jesus Christ. I can’t tell if this was written by a 13 year old autistic boy or a 70 year old Alzheimer’s patient. Either way, the writing is terrible. It’s so bad your next story should be an apology for even putting this out into the world.

    • Badass Billy G ID:2px1mhuf4hu

      You know what asshole you cross the line my nephew is artistic and he happens to be very smart. You also need to stop putting down Alzheimer patients they have a hard enough problem without you putting them down

  • Reply Ace ID:2px1mhuf4hu

    From what I read I believe that your story is just beginning keep it going you need to pack all three of them next time it might be nice to have it a little bit longer

  • Reply Strong board ID:1cudcxeayv1n

    Could have made your story longer and more graphic

  • Reply Ywan ID:2m80osafik

    What is this? Business report?

    • Wishiwasmolested ID:3ga5i9z