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Young Love Part 3

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Part 3:

My step sister Jen was all smiles when she came up to me. “Ok…What do you want?”, I asked

She hugged my leg playfully and held on to me. “What are you doing?”, I asked. She giggled like the goofball she was.

“What I can’t hug my step bro?”, she said

I was at the sink washing a cup out. She grabbed my swim shorts and pulled them down. She grabbed my dick and ran. I pulled them and went down the hallway towards the bedrooms. “I am going to hurt you when I catch you! You little brat!”, I said. She snuck out from inside my Mom and Dad’s room and tapped my crotch and tried to run but I caught her. I lifted her up.

“What is the matter with you?”, I said.

“Errrrrrrrr”, I said as I shook her up and down.

“Stop that! Jerk!”, she said. I did it again.

“Just let me see it!”, she begged

I carried her into my room and sat her on the bed. I was already starting to get hard. But my little sister was cute. She just turned 12. We were the same age now. She reminded me of the neighbor lady Ellen with her long hair and cute little body. She had budding tits and already had a nice ass. She was going to be a knockout when she grew up.

“Well?!!!!”, she demanded

I playfully backhanded her. I did not really hit her. I just touched her cheek. “Shhhhhmack!”, I said

“COME ON!”, she said throwing a mild tantrum her legs back kicking the bed angrily.

I took my dick out and she gasped. She just stared at it.

“COME ON!!”, I mocked and laughed. She slapped my hip. “Touch it or I am putting it away!”

She put a hand on each side and felt up my dick. Squeezing the mushroom and playing with the tip. She felt my balls.

“That is so fucking cool! Wow!”, she said, “What does it taste like? Molly said she puts it in her mouth and sucks on it and stuff shoots out of it.”

“Tastes like chicken!”, I chuckled. “How the fuck would I know? I ain’t gay. Molly didn’t tell you what it tasted like? Seems like she told you everything else.” She laughed

She continued playing with it until I was hard. Jen examined my dick and put the head in her mouth. She slid her tongue against my cock head moving it side to side. “Take a little more Jen.”, I said. She gagged and I laughed until she bit down gently. “Sorry! Sorry!”, I said. She giggled with a mouthful of dick.

She took it out of her mouth. “That is so fucking cool!” I kissed her head and stood up. “Take your pants off.”, I said and she undressed. Her cute little slit had a hair or two coming in. She had nice little budding breasts.

“Are you going to lick it like you did to Molly?”, I smiled and nodded. I had her get on top and continued sucking my dick while I ate her out.

She hovered her pussy over my face and I dug in. I started flicking my tongue against her clit. She was uncomfortable with it at first but she got used to it. She was giving soft moans as her mouth bobbed on my dick. I was rubbing her pussy with my thumb and then jammed it into her head popped up straight. “Aw-uhhhhh”, she said. I stuck my finger in her asshole and rubbed the lining in between with both fingers. She couldn’t take much more. Her pussy became soaked as my thumb and finger slid in and out of pussy and ass. She let out a load high pitched moan. Her ass and legs tightened as she let out an animalistic moan as she came. She went limp. She buried her face in my crotch next to my dick just breathing heavy.

She got up. Her hair surrounded my face as she kissed me.

“Will you be my first?”, she asked me.

Misunderstanding what she was asking I said “sure we can do that later.”

“I mean now dufus!”, she said

“Are you sure?”, I asked. I was shocked but willing. She nodded and told me she loved me. We kissed some more. The she laid on her back. Her mostly bald pussy looked beautiful as ever as she spread her legs. I lined up my dick. I pushed it in. She had a facial grimace as I poked my cock in her little hole. The head went in. I came back out and it went in a little farther. She was saying “Ow ow ow” as it slid into her. I got about half my cock into her and started slowly sliding in and out. She was saying “ow” with each thrust. I finally got my whole dick into her. It was still uncomfortable for her until I felt her hymen break. I noticed blood on my dick as I fucked her. I came down and enjoyed her little body. I sucked her little tits and then came up and made out with her. Her body was moving now with my thrusts. I started pounding her as hard as I could. She was making high pitched noises and squeals as I rammed my cock into her. I felt my orgasm coming on and I just unloaded into her tight little pussy. She held my face and kissed me as I my dick went off inside her. I collapsed on top of her. I pulled out and laid next to her out of breath. She giggled and cuddled up next to me.

“Any good?”, I asked jokingly.

She laughed. “I was a virgin. What am I supposed to compare you to?” I laughed. “But…..since you brought it up. Ellen said you were pretty good.”, she said

“What the fuck? How did you know about that?”, I said

“She like young girls also and she mentioned it to Molly and I”, she said

“You mean you and Ellen..”, I asked

“Not me! Molly! I like that!”, she said pointing to my dick. “Ellen was a little upset that you got to her first.”, she laughed. “By the way Ellen wants you to come over this evening by the way.”

“Are you coming?”, I asked

“Nah go have your fun”, she said

To be continued

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