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My boyfriend had no idea that I got a unexpected fuck from a stranger going into the city with him

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Me and my boyfriend quickly got on the train but there was no place to sit and as people kept coming into the already crowed subway car I was separated away from my boyfriend . I could barely see him .

I held onto the safety handle that was above me , as people behind me crushed up against me , I noticed two men behind me .

My boyfriend is taking me to a theater play then out to dinner , it’s much easier taking the train into the city than the car .

I was thinking of the romantic night with my boyfriend and felt the warmth between my legs , when he makes love to me , he always makes my pussy orgasm . I’m looking forward when we get back home tonight so I can dress in my new red corset with black nylon stockings that are attached to the corset garter straps and my red heels .

As I’m thinking of all what we have planned for , I can feel my pussy getting much warmer .

I work for a hedge fund company so I always dress professionally , I’m wearing a gray pleated dress
with a white chiffon blouse and a gray blazer jacket and gray nylon stockings that are being held up by my ten strap garter belt and my 5 inch spiked heels also my black lace thong .

I have my laptop hung over my shoulder and my purse is over my other shoulder , as I’m holding on to the overhead safety strap the train jerks forward as I fell back against the man behind me .

“Sorry, sorry”! I said to the guy behind me .

“That’s okay , you have a very nice ass”! I heard him whisper in my ear .

I paid him no attention as I stared out the window of the train .

Then I felt a hand on my ass , hoping it was a accidental touch but it became clear to me that it was done on purpose .

He aggressively felt and squeezed my firm round pouty ass , there was nothing between his wandering hand and my cheeky ass except for my dress . His hand and fingers found my panty
lines of my thong and began to trace them up and down .

I tried to move my ass away from him and break the contact from his hand , but there was know where for me to go . I tried to get my boyfriends attention but I only got him to look at my eyes ,
he just smiled and waved to me as he went back to staring out the window .

The pervert that’s behind me realized that I was relaxing and put his other hand on my left side of my ass , now he has both of his hands on both cheeks of my ass . Rubbing and feeling them up .

There were so many people around that his hands were out of everyone’s sight .

I can’t believe that my pussy is starting to get wet from him fondling my ass , I have to try and stop myself right now or I won’t be able to control my sex drive .

“Please stop”? I whispered over my shoulder to him .

“Why”? He whispered into my ear .

“I’m a engaged woman”! I whispered to him .

“My fiancee is about fifteen feet away and he can see me”!

“He’s a lucky guy”!

I can’t believe that I’m talking to a perverted stranger who is still running his hands all over my lower body .

As we were whispering his hands found their way around me, to feel and rub the front of my upper
stocking encased thighs , his hands traced my garter straps through my pleated dress and got really
close to my pussy . Then to my shock, I felt his big cock against my ass , I thought it was something
he had in his pockets , but I felt the heat radiating through my dress and I knew it was his cock .

His fingers found the hem of my dress and he boldly hiked it up to my waist , I was to scared to stop him and I also felt completely dominated by him and he knew it . One hand found my thong and his fingers forcefully probed my wet pussy lips , he worked my pussy as I became wet and soaked in my thong as I put my hand over my mouth and moaned quietly .

Then his other hand unbuttoned my blouse . With one hand on the safety strap to hold me upright on
the swaying train my other hand is holding my purse , I was completely helpless !

He is right behind me now, I can feel his cock against my ass and it’s huge , he placed his chin on my shoulder . He kissed my ear as his tongue darting in and out of my ear , no one has ever done that to me before and it made me yelp out .”OOH”!! in a low voice .

“Please don’t do this to me”! I begged him .

He pulled down on the waistband of my thong until it slid down around my ankles , he reached down
and got me to step out of them .When he got up his two fingers sank into my wet pussy , while he put his other hand around my throat just above my pearl choker !

“Oh my god ! I began to cum and I would have cried out but his other hand completely covered my mouth , my cries were covered and all that came out where low mews .

I felt his hand leave my pussy , then I felt him moving his big swollen cock as I felt his fat cockhead
at my wet pussy lips .

“You can’t be serious” I whispered .

“Just rock with the train”! he said .

Well the train jolted and I was thrown against him as his huge cockhead sank deep into my pussy !

“OOOH”! “OO…OH MY GOD NO”!! I squealed out .

“God your so fucking tight , you stripped back my foreskin”!! he said to me .


“Just ride and let the train push me into you”!! he said .

As the train rocked back and fourth he pushed his cock into me .

“Oh my god ! “Oh my god your so deep inside me”!! I whispered .

“Just a little more”!! he whispered back .

Another big jolt and I was fully impaled on his cock, my mouth was open while I was breathing through it , sucking in a lot of air .

He just stood there as the train rocked back and fourth , then without warning he rammed his cock
fully into my pussy . He was fucking me relentlessly by standing completely still .

With his huge cock deep inside me , I was closer to cumming than I thought , suddenly I began cumming all over his cock as my pussy constricted around his cock !

“YES ! YES ! OH MY GOD YES ! YES”! I yelled out

He grunted low in my ear and came inside me . I felt his warm sperm flood my womb and cervix !!

He was still hard inside my pussy but I felt him deflating , he slid out of me with a wettish plop sound .
My pleated dress fell back into place as the guy buttoned up my blouse !

I felt and saw all of the guys sperm leak out of my pussy and down my gray nylon stockings , hoping
and praying that he didn’t impregnate me !

The train stopped as the guy pushed through helping me to the door , “I don’t have my thong”! I whispered to him .

“I’ll keep them to remind me of you”!! whispered the guy .

“No one has ever fucked me like that”!!! I whispered to him .

“Do you want me to fuck you again”! he whispered .

“No”! I said .

The doors opened and he vanished into the crowd , my boyfriend came up to me and we went off to
dinner . If he only knew that I have a complete stranger’s sperm leaking out of my pussy and that I’m
possibly impregnated from getting fucked from behind while he just stared out of the train’s window !


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    Textnow,Proton or Session

  • Reply Hannah ID:1fr52rk0b

    Wish this would happen to me

    • Horny teacher ID:55x8ywvqk

      Where you from Hannah?

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    • Hannah ID:1fr52rk0b

      United states

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      Best way to get to talk to to you?

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      I dont know how you could talk to me

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      [email protected]

  • Reply Joe ID:ju02ifd5l84

    She should have waved to the boyfriend while he was fucking her.

  • Reply DarkAction ID:5vahvh18ra

    You’re so cool Britney. Your stories excite and inspire me. Keep ‘em cummin. x

    • BRITNEY ID:1df0k80uvhff

      Oh thank you baby !! my big black stud ! Your (Queen Of Spades) Britney

  • Reply Grandadjimmy ID:v8qm1redh71

    I can’t stop wanking after reading this

    • BRITNEY ID:1df0k80uvhff

      That’s good grandad ! I don’t want you to stop wanking for me !!! Britney

  • Reply sickodude ID:brx4mj96ij

    One more train trip, meet same guy and anal fuck

    • BRITNEY ID:1df0k80uvhff

      Maybe sickodude but I don’t think I could be quiet if he fucks my ass dry on the train ! I’ll scream in pain ! Britney

  • Reply Clair ID:jtp3mrdfqb4

    Fantastic when he said can I fuck you a gain I would have said let’s go I’m ready and bring that big fat cock with you, Loved it.

    • BRITNEY ID:1df0k80uvhff

      Thank you Clair ! Britney

  • Reply Susie ID:1d43v67pzypj

    Oh my Britney, you’re so naughty. I like it.

    • BRITNEY ID:1df0k80uvhff

      Thank you Susie for your nice compliment ! I was really fucked standing up on a crowded train by my boyfriend when we were coming home from school ! Britney your sister slut

    • Susie ID:1d43v67pzypj

      Oh I know. I tasted you on his dick when I made him fuck my whore mouth.