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Me an my little sister part 12

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Emmy gets to be a three hole slut an we meet her dad …

After fucking emmy in every hole an position that you can think of emmy says she needs to let her dad know where she is. Mom told her to call her dad , we could only hear Emmy’s side of the conversation to start with . Mom asked if she could talk to her dad , mom then asked Her dad (we later found out his name was Jerry) if he wanted to come over and play with us.
We heard his car pulling in the driveway and mom said she would meet him in the garage. Mom lead him into the bedroom he was naked of course and had the biggest cock i have ever saw it was at least 11.5 inches.
Mom was behind him once inside the room, mom introduced us and asked him which one he wanted to start with, Becky, Emmy or me . I was scared when he said he had never fucked a teenage boy before but had always wanted to as he grabbed me by the ankles and slid me down the bed . He then grabbed the lube and applied a generous amount to his cock and my asshole , I was shaking because I didn’t think it would fit and said that I thought it was too big. Jerry assured me that he would make it fit as he stated forcing his cock inside my ass . I screamed in pain as he pushed opening he up then I heard the pop and he was in the pain made my head spin my heart race and sweat popped out all over me. Once he was balls in my ass I heard Mom say fuck him till he passes out, don’t worry about being gentle fuck him like a little slut . Jerry fucked me hard sliding in and out his balls slapping off my skin . He slid his arms around my back and hugged me so tight that my knees were pushed up next to my head. He lifted me up and started bouncing me up and down on cock as he went deeper and deeper in my ass the pain and pleasure was sending me over the edge. Jerry fucked me like this for 30 minutes then laid me back on the bed on my back and pounded my ass harder than ever before causing me to pass out. I was woken up by Jerry’s cock slapping me across the lips and Jerry saying wake up my little boy slut.
Once I was awake he had me clean his cock with my mouth so he fuck Becky next .
Sorry I haven’t posted in a while as always leave a comment. Next part I will tell you about Jerry and me doubling up on the girls and Jerry tries talking us into exploring more kink’s

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