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Little sister between bro and his friend (II)

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John and I decided to fuck Emma for the whole weekend

This is the 2nd part

As I looked back at the bed John was holding Emma’s mouth shut with his one hand and he was groping her little boobs with his other hand Emma’s eyes were teary and she looked so scared I walked towards them and sat on the bed.

I told John to take his hands over her mouth the moment he took his hands Emma screamed loudly I slapped her face hard and said
“Emma you know that there’s no one to hear you just play along with us and we can have a great weekend together”
I was so horny at the moment with her innocent look
John was still holding her Emma stopped screaming I pulled her shorts down and now her small virgin pussy is visible I rubbed her tight pussy and tried to insert a finger into her vagina but she was so tight I can’t even insert my finger into her.

Emma you’re so tight don’t you want to change that I said as I leaned towards her face and licked her face.
All this time John was holding her and getting so hard he had a huge 9 inch dick he released her and stood up and removed his pants and shirt showing his huge dick
I looked at John and asked
“Don’t you think your dick is too big for her”
(I was scared what’ll happen if he fucked her with it)
“Don’t worry man I’ll be gentle with her you just hold her for me”
Emma looked at me with a scary face I teared all of her clothes and held her hands from back John at the same time spread her legs wide showing her tight pussy in front of him.

John positioned his huge 9 inch dick in front of her virgin 12 year old pussy ready to pump in he gently tried to push it in but she was so tight and dry he spit into his dick and pushed with all his strength into her and I held her without moving as he thrusted into her little vagina Emma screamed a lot louder in pain and tears started forming in her eyes John was only half way in but he already teared Emma’s pussy he removed his dick from her just after the one push

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