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Little Sister Awakening pt2

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………… Thursday

I wake up lying on my back, feeling something heavy pressing on my body. I’m feeling remarkably wonderful for some reason. My whole body is tinteling.

“Mmn.” I moan softly and hug whatever is on me tighter against me. I wish I could wake up like this every morning.

Wait a second.. This is not my pillow.. Slowly waking up I start to note the oddness of the situation. My right breast is burning as something is kneading it over my thin shirt and.. is that a leg pushing against my crotch..?

Oh no.

Now fully understanding the situation, I try pushing my little sister off me. “Molly! Wake up!”

Molly wakes up wiping the drool from her mouth. “Morning sis.” She says in a sleepy voice not fitting her happy energetic face.

As her hand is still resting on my boob I push her to the side to roll her off me, but in reaction to the unexpected force she suddenly grabs with her hand, her fingers sinking deep into my sensitive boob.

“Ah!” I moan hotly from both pleasure and pain.

My face immediately flushes. I sit straight up and throw Molly out of my bed with all the force I can muster.

“Hey, what was that for??” Molly yells looking at me with angry.. no.. sparkling eyes? Our gazes aren’t quite meeting.

Following her line of sight I glance downwards. My erect nipples are visibly pushing through my shirt, making me notice just how hot and bothered I’m feeling. I quickly place my hands on my boobs and once again stare angrily at Molly. Just how long has she been molesting me in her sleep? What was she even dreaming about that made her do such things? With her age it couldn’t be sex, right?

Seeing her still staring at me I’m starting to feel really embarrassed. I tell her to look away and rush past her towards the bathroom.

In the shower I masturbate myself to an awkward orgasm, not managing to keep my thoughts from sometimes straying to the still very fresh memory of Molly’s fondling. Damn it..


Later that day at dinner, I tell my parents about Molly’s bed breaking in the night.

“It woke us up too.” Dad says nodding towards mom. “But we figured you would fix it yourselves. And it seems you did.”

“We did not! Molls couldn’t sleep on the floor so we had to share my bed! I’d VERY much appreciate it if you fix her bed or whatever so she doesn’t have to again.” I tell him angrily.

“Calm down Alexis, it’s not like it’s my fault. I’ll have a look at it later. Okay?”

It is his fault for not properly educating the little molester. Sigh. “Yes..”


Bending over Molly’s temporary, now broken bed, Dad turns to look at Molly and me with an apologetic look on his face. “Sorry girls, but I can’t fix this. See? The bars are all completely broken in half, no amount of nails can help this.” He says while nodding at the wooden chassis.

“Can’t she start sleeping in her own room yet? Or can we take her bed from her room and rebuild it here?” I ask already knowing the answer.

“I’m not risking it, Friday is Friday. It’s just for one more night, please don’t make this harder than it has to be.” Comes dad’s expected reply, though he wouldn’t understand the irony in his last choice of words.

“Easy for you to say.” I respond, before walking away annoyed.


Having borrowed some old pajamas from mom I head to bed, finding Mollyy already sleeping in it. Lifting the sheet I notice she’s wearing her shorts and tank top. Sigh. I try quietly climbing over her hoping she doesn’t wake up, as my bed is against the wall and she’s lying on the far side of it. When I have my knees on either side of her Molly suddenly opens her eyes. She looks at me with a mischievous smile on her face. I want to quickly continue climbing over her when she pushes my knee off the bed, making me fall on top of her. I curse and roll off her hearing her laugh loudly. Once more feeling her touch, remembering my orgasm from this morning, I turn slightly embarrassed as I can’t help my body from heating up a bit. “Damnit Molly, don’t do that.”

“Haha! I got you!” Sge responds, seeming very pleased with her little prank, making me once again groan at her obliviousness.

“Well, no hugging this time, okay?” I tell her.

“Whaat!? I told you I can’t sleep like that!” Molly complains.

“Not my problem, stay on your side and don’t touch me.” I say while I lie on my side facing away from her.

“Selfish.” She complains, but staying on her side.

Unable to calm myself down I lie awake, bothered, waiting for sleep to take me. Normally when I feel like this, I would masturbate and fall asleep soon after, but that isn’t really an option now. Sighing I try to relax, concentrating on falling asleep, when I hear a long deep breath behind me. I suppose Molly must have beat me to it.

Not unlike yesterday, I suddenly freeze when I feel her small frame hugging my body. “Molls?” I ask, getting no response. Should I wake her up? That wouldn’t really fix anything though..

After considering it for a bit I calm myself down and decide I might as well get comfortable if I ever plan on falling asleep. I relax my tensed up body and move a bit to get comfortable, unintentionally pushing myself into Molly in the process.

As if annoyed by my movement, Molly places her hand on my pajama covered stomach and pulls me against her. It’s a cute gesture, like a kid hugging her plushy in her sleep, but my body is now flaring. Feeling her arm around my stomach, her leg rubbing against mine, and her abdomen pushing against my ass, I decide to take my chances. I can’t hold on like this.

I silently slip my hand inside my pants and start to rub my pussy. I’ll finish this quickly. Luckily with my super speed, I can vibrate any part of my body. So I started vibrating my finger very slowly.

Unable to stop my ass from moving around, I extremely carefully let it grind into Molly, keeping my other hand on the mattress as support. I can’t believe I’m doing this.

A while later I suddenly feel something warm moving on the skin of my belly. I guess my movement must have made Molly’s hand slip under my pajama top. Having already pushed most of my embarrassment to the back of my mind, I continue masturbating. I’m imagining the sleeping kid behind me is actually this hot guy from school called Jason. Feeling the hand on the bare skin of my stomach I just let it fuel my imagination.

Every once in a while I become aware that the hand is sliding further and further into my top, but I no longer care about it. Feeling an orgasm building I intentionally move my body a bit downwards, letting the hand reach the underside of my naked breasts.

I grind my ass into the sleeping girl a little harder, unable to stop myself from panting. I’m happily surprised, feeling her hand pushing through the fabric of my pajamas, sliding over my naked sensitive breast until it’s fully placed on top of it. The design of the top is pushing her hand into my soft globe when I feel a little grabbing motion. Eh?

“Molly? Hey Molls?” I whisper anxiously, alarmed despite my ever growing excitement. No response, only a slow deep breath. .. This is so wrong.. should I quit here? But that will put me back at square one.. I’m so close to my release.. I can’t stop here. I.. I can finish this quickly.

I push a single finger inside me, accidentally making me push my ass back into Molly harder, where I feel something hard poking into me. My anxiousness comes crawling back, but I suppress it. I have been grinding against her for a while so I suppose it’s a normal reaction, even if she’s sleeping. I instantly forgot Molly could morph her body into anything she wants and to my surprise, she grew a penis. This situation though.. I shudder in arousal as the danger and taboo of the situation really hit me again. I work on pushing the kid’s erection upwards using the flexibility of my lower body. Not because having it slide over my ass feels really wrong and erotic, but.. so it doesn’t poke into me any longer, yeah.

I resume fingering myself, now having the added stimulation of feeling her erection against me and her hand pushing into my breast. I start moaning softly, infinitely close to the edge. Just before my mind grows blank, I shiver as I feel Molly taking her chance to start kneading my naked breast while she pushes her fully grown erection firmly between my pajama clad ass cheeks. For a fraction of a moment I fully realize she couldn’t possibly have been sleeping through all this, but too far gone to stop, I moan and shudder against Molly as an intense orgasm hits me.

Coming down from the orgasm, no longer fully registering what I’ve just done, I finally completely relax and very slowly let myself drift to sleep.

………… Friday

I wake, quickly recalling what happened last night thanks to the arm still stuck in my pajamas. OOMMGGG I scream internally. What have I done!?

I try to calm myself down and remove Molly’s arm, waking her in the process. As I glare at her many emotions run through my head. Anger, confusion, embarrassment, disgust, anger at myself, and okay, a little excitement.

“What?” She asks.

“Don’t what me, you know perfectly well what you did.” I say angrily, trying not to think too much about what the bags under his eyes mean.

“.. You mean, what you did?” She says defending herself.

“Ugh.. I need to think about this. Not a word of this to mom or dad, got it?”

“Yeah.” She says, still looking at me with a content look on her face.



I bring myself to an orgasm in the shower thinking about last night with my little sister. I know it is wrong and I shouldn’t have done it, but it was the best orgasm I’ve ever had. Molly certainly doesn’t seem to mind, but that doesn’t mean it’s okay, because.. we’re family, so we shouldn’t be attracted to each other, but she is, and fair enough I liked it, but.. “Dammit.” I groan, grabbing my head in frustration.


Having finished my classes early I park my car in Molly’s school parking lot. I decide to simply wait in the car for her, but my thoughts keep straying as I grow nervous knowing I have to talk to Molly all the way home. I still haven’t figured out what to say to her. Leaving my car to clear my head, I slowly head for the school entrance when the bell rings.

Again I notice the glances from the older kids who rush past me elbowing each other, the stares of the male teachers and parents, even seeing some mothers turning their heads. Can’t these people get a life already?

I see Molly walking outside with her friends in tow and wave at her to make sure she sees me.

“Sis!” she yells as she runs at me and hugs me.

Well, this is new, but not that bad I guess. Just as that thought goes through my head, I feel her hands moving down my back and over my ass. Her hands disappear under my skirt, where she gives my ass a little squeeze before I push her back, stunned. I quickly look around and to my relief see no one should have noticed, being too busy with their own children.

“Well, let’s go!” Molly says with a beaming face, as if she just claimed me in front of her friends. I glance at her friends who are as usual completely focused on me, before turning around and walking to my car, my head in turmoil.


“Don’t ever do that again.” I reprimand Molly while driving home. “What if someone had seen?”

“Don’t care.” She says sticking out her tongue at me. “Scaredy-cat.”

I’m stunned for a second. “What.. I.. I’m serious! We were very lucky no one saw it!”

“Well, no one’s looking now.” She says, putting her hand on my thigh.

“Quit it, I don’t want you doing it at all.” I shove her hand away while reflecting on my poor choice of words. “Seriously, it might get us in serious trouble.”

Reflecting on this for a bit, she looks at me, glancing over my body. “Then I won’t do it when people are looking.” She finally decides, placing her hand on my thigh that I immediately shrug off again.

“Molly! Quit it! I’m driving.”

Ignoring me, she waits for when I’m steering before placing her hand between my legs as far as my skirt allows her, and rubs a little.

I launch my leg upwards, getting rid of her hand by accidentally kneeing the steering wheel. The car jumped a little and we nearly hit a road sign, scaring Molly. “Knock it off!” is all I can yell, still not knowing how to rationally persuade Molly to stop touching me. Thank god she seems too spooked to continue her advances, at least while I’m driving. We continue the way home in silence


After dinner just as I stand up to leave the dining room, mom makes an announcement. “Don’t forget our weekly Friday evening family movie, I picked a real good one this time.”

“Yes, right.” How could I have forgotten. Ever since last year, every Friday we sit together as a family and watch some stupid movie. Mom insists on it as it’s one of the few things we still do together. I enjoy it though.


Wearing sweatpants and comfy shirt, I walk into the small room that mom and dad have been keeping a secret from Molly and I for the entire week. I must say I’m impressed. It looks almost like a miniature cinema. A big screen on the wall with two very comfy big couches in front of it, one on the left and one on the right. There’s no windows, so when the lights dim the only light that remains is from the screen and its ambilight.

Seeing mom and dad cozying together under a blanket on one of the couches and seeing the same set-up made for Molly and I, my heart stops for a moment. Feeling like I’ve just walked into a trap, mom calls out to me. “Oh good you’re here. Quickly close the door so we can start.” I remain standing, unmoving. “Do you like the room, I imagine it came out pretty well?” She asks with a proud look on her face, probably having made this just for our weekly movie session.

Do I have to survive an entire movie sharing a couch with Molly? I question inaudibly. “Yes, mom, it looks very nice. I’m impressed.” I say as I sit down in the corner of the other couch, on top of the blanket as far away from Molly as possible. “It would be even better with 2 chairs instead of this couch though.”

“Nonsense.” Mom says as Molly glares at me, grimacing. “Molly just told me how much she likes this weekly family time. She feels you’ve been growing distant from her lately, so be a proper older sister and cozy up a little with her will you.”

“Thanks mom..” Molly says acting embarrassed. She pulls the blanket from under me and throws it over us, then hops over and cuddles up to me.

“Really..?” I say with as much annoyance in my voice as possible, before looking pleading at my mom.

“Ah, how cute, would you look at that.” Instead comes her response, seeing Molly with her head on my shoulder looking really happy.

“Mom, I don’t feel comfortable like th..” I begin my plead when my mom interrupts me.

“Alexis, get over yourself already, it’s just your little sister. Stop complaining and let’s enjoy the movie as a family.” She begins sternly, turning cheery towards the end. She then nudges dad. “Let’s get this show started.”

Dad presses play on the remote control while I groan. I look at the screen not really registering what’s on it, but surprisingly Molly is behaving herself. Maybe the little talk in the car got her thinking after all.

We all laugh at several points in the movie and I actually start enjoying myself. Molly put a hand on my stomach at some point while I was laughing, but not wanting to fight her over just that I let it rest.

Having gotten used to her hand on my belly, she proceeds with slowly tickling my skin a little, which I admit feels really nice. Nestling her head in my shoulder more and continuing her subtle touches, she slowly starts growing more bold while I keep paying attention to the movie. She softly rubs my skin, pushing my shirt all the way up to my bra, before rubbing down my belly to the top of my pants. “Molls, quit it.” I whisper, though not very convincing. This feels way too good. She looks at me rebelliously and continues the cycle. I try focusing back on the movie but just as my parents laugh, she places her little hand on my bra and gives a squeeze. I yelp, making my mom look over still laughing. I take Molly’s hand off my breast and place it on my stomach, hoping for her to be content with that.

Molly of course has other ideas. She slides her hand down, slowly letting it enter my sweatpants, and slightly pulling the waistband of my panties, when I elbow her. “No.” I whisper heatedly. She takes away her hand, turns her head to look at me, and puts her hand back on my bra, pulling softly. “Ugh, okay, fine then.” I whisper getting her meaning. Choosing the lesser evil I reach behind me, unhook my bra and slowly take it off. I hold the blanket to my chin as Molly lays her head back on my shoulder, happily placing her hand on my naked boob. “So soft…” I hear her whisper. With the flat of her hand she pushes into it, then moves it in all directions as if figuring out the physics. I grip the blanket harder and can’t help my legs from rubbing against each other as I’m getting aroused. Alternating breasts, she grabs, nudges, pushes, pokes and rubs, sometimes playing with my nipple, never growing tired of it.

Hearing another soft moan escape me, not taking her hand off my boob, Molly sits upright and pushes her arm around me, making me lean against her. She moves her now free hand around me and places it on my stomach, sometimes slowly rubbing it, sometimes giving my other boob a squeeze. How did it come to this, I question myself. Most people would kill for a chance to so much as see me naked, yet here I am, the plaything of my kid sister. I sigh as I feel her roughly kneading my breasts. I’ve lost most of my resistance, but am still alarmed when I feel her hand sliding down towards my sweatpants where she pushes her fingers under the waistband. I quickly grab her arm, stopping her from advancing thanks to my somewhat greater adult strength. I open my mouth to tell her to stop when she pinches my nipple. Losing my grip she manages to push her fingers further down, making me shiver as she slides over my very sensitive skin, straight into my panties. I gasp audibly as she runs her finger over my wet slit and immediately tries pushing her fingers in. Mom looks over again. “You like the movie that much huh?”

“Yeah, itS fu..nny.” I say, barely managing to get the words out of my throat. Meanwhile Molly is relentlessly pushing into my slit, probably wondering why her fingers aren’t properly going in. Seeing my mom turn her attention to the screen with a slightly puzzled but happy look on her face, I slide my own hand inside my pants and, giving in, softly place it on top of hers. “Softly now.” I whisper. With my hand over hers, I slowly move her little fingers further down my slit while I shiver slightly, before pressing her middle finger softly into my vagina. Happy to have unraveled the mystery, Molly takes back control and pushes her finger in up to her second joint. “Stop, only one.” I pant feeling her move a second finger inside. I’m fine with a little touching, but there’s no way I’m chancing her breaking my hymen. “Tsk..” I hear as she places her second finger back on top. She resumes massaging my boob and enjoys me tensing my body while she slides her middle finger halfway in and out of me. Having been subject to her fondling for a long time now, and, though I will never admit it, the situation adding to my excitement, I soon feel an orgasm building. “Stop,” I whisper “or I might make noise.”

Hearing this surprisingly she really stops. Keeping one hand on my boob she slowly pulls her finger out of me. She readjusts a little, pushing me a bit more over to her, gaining some more space for her arm. I feel her pressing her finger on my lips and I can’t help myself from taking it inside my mouth. I look to see my parents safely staring at the screen, while I trace Molly’s finger with my tongue, licking it clean. She slowly pushes it fully in and out through my lips, as if practicing something, before soon taking it out again. I see my parents crack up on one of the movie’s final jokes when she suddenly pushes her hand back inside my panties and by straining her arm slams her entire middle finger inside. I want to gasp when she brushes my g spot, but am stopped by the blanket she pushes into my still slightly opened mouth with her other hand. The sheer unexpectedness of it, along with the double applied force, completely shake me, and I feel I can’t keep my orgasm in any longer. Molly is joyfully looking at my surprised beautiful face as she wiggles her finger around inside me and gives my nipple a hard pinch, suddenly feeling me tighten around it. Having my mouth stuffed with blanket, I manage to keep my voice down as I shudder orgasming.

While she lacks some knowledge, the kid really is annoyingly good at pushing my buttons, I note thinking back over the evening.

Still sinking back in post orgasmic bliss, the movie ends. Molly pulls her finger out of my pussy and places it in her own mouth.

“Haah, that was fun.” Mom says standing up.

“Well kids, we’re heading off to bed, there’s still a lot to do tomorrow.” Dad adds walking out of the room.

“Yeah… we’ll also be up in a second.” I answer tiredly.

“Well, I’m really glad you had fun after all.” Mom says, walking after dad. “Enjoy sleeping in your own private room again.”

Not feeling as embarrassed as I should be, I move off my little sister and, taking my bra, head upstairs without so much as a word between us. I enter my room and sink down on my bed. I hear Molly entering her own room soon after, but decide not to think of what she will be doing there and just have an unbothered long night’s rest for once.

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