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Babysitting neighbour girl

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My neighbours and my family were quite close as we new each other for quite long. One day they asked me(14) to babysit their 7 year old daughter Anna for 3 days, as they had to leave urgently for some work, it was my holidays going on so I agreed. Anna was a quite girl, she was quite skinny and pale skinned.
She was occupied with her toys and stuff and it was quite easy for me to babysit her, I brought my console and played while she watched me play.
After some time she told me it was her bath time and I had to make her bath, I was confused and asked her mom and called her, she said yes so i had to bathe her. I took her inside the bathroom and told her to take her clothes off, she had no breast with tiny pink nipples and a smooth hairless pussy, I couldn’t take my eyes off her little pussy. I started bathing her and touched her anywhere I wanted, then rubbed soap all over her body. Then I slowly rubbed some soap on her pussy which she thought was normal, then I kind of rubbed it for a few seconds, she gave 2-3 moans, my cock was so hard and leaking cum. Then I purposely put some water on me and acted like it was an accident so I could take off my clothes, we were both completely nude, she kept looking at my erect penis and tried to touch it. Then I dried her and told her to put on her clothes. I left her room, and went back to playing video games, then after some time I remembers her mom told me to comb and tie her hair as well, I walked to her room and I was shocked to see that she was on her bed masturbating her little cunt, I was so horny at that moment, but I had a plan, I went inside, she got really embarassed and told me to not tell her parents. She was innocent and it was easy to blackmail her, so i told her she had to do whatever I told her, She agreed and begged me just to not tell her parents.
I then grabbed her legs and pulled her closer, took off her clothes and started rubbing her cunt, her bald pussy was leaking already, I fingered it and made her cum. Then I took off my pants reavealing my huge cock, she kept staring at it, I grabbed her waist, slowly inserted my cock in her tiny pussy, she screamed in pain, then I started fucking her really hard, she was moaning really loud, I then grabbed her mouth and covered it. I fucked her for many hours and came a huge load inside her.
This went on for the next 2 days, she was my slave and I kept her naked all the time, she sucked my cock all day. I never missed a chance to destroy her pussy whenever I had to babysit her, also the little slut used to come to my home to get fucked by me.

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  • Reply Porno54 ID:30hsknnbb0b

    So hot fuck

  • Reply DRJR ID:16mzb6epgxmr

    Let her swallow your cums

  • Reply lonewolf19145947@gmail ID:2px1mhuf4hu

    Next time fuck.her ass

    • Cracksniffer ID:16oigapfv9d

      Oh yes, like your thinking, lonewolf!

  • Reply Alpha ID:1dkzw6qbqyu4

    A 7 year old masturbating by herself

    • daddy876 ID:30hsknnaoid

      i started masturbating when i was 6

    • [email protected] ID:5qkulcycoia

      @Lonewolf, how old was the guy at the time?

    • jfiadu8 ID:2xm1anq8rc

      you obviously dont have kids. my 4 year old runs around the house with a tiny erection all the time. very young kids can get erections and wet pussies, its a well known fact and perfectly normal. little kids do play with their private parts a lot, not because it has anything to do with sex, they dont know what sex is, they do it because it feels good and they learn from a very young age that touching themselves make them feel good and that is why they do it. so yes a 7 year old girl masturbating by herself is perfectly normal and healthy behavior.

    • Susan ID:8k41fpxrhj

      Ah yes, the ignorance about kids bodies.