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My husband sent me to score meth at a freinds lake cabin, and I got more than I expected.

Once my freind Becky called me and ask me to drive to her boyfreinds lake house and pick up a large sack of meth. My husband and I had been useing the drug for long hours of full on sex and was needing some. It was a long drive and I told my man Id probably wait till morning to head back home. He understood so after driving five hours I arrived meeting Becky out frount and ask to try some of the stuff. She informed me it was made just for sex and if i did some my pussy would be wet and id be wanting to fuck or play with myself all night. After telling her I could handle it she injected me with a small amount and she was right, suddenly my pussy got warm and bothered and soon as I touched my twat I exploded in my panties and had to hit my knees. I said damn girl a dick would be so good right now. She reached in her bag and handed me her dildo and said she had some freinds in her bedroom to get back to come on back after got done masterbating. I fucked my ass and pussy for a while but after cumming at least 3 times wondered what was going on in the back room. So I walked back and started to knock when I heard a mans voice moaning and grunting, then a womans voice begging for more, I got excited at the thought of fucking a stranger or strangers so slowly opened the door to see Becky sucking a younger mans dick on her hands and knees while another older guy was slamming her pussy from behind. Then i noticed there were naked bodies everywhere and I had walked into a real live orgie. I got horney soon as i saw the large hard cock going in and out of my freind Becky, My panties were still in the other room so i reached under my sundress to finger my twat while watching. Then a mans hand moved my hand and began rubbing my shaved pussy from behind me, gently saying he would help me. It only took a moment for me to pull my dress off and toss it after feeling this mans 10 inch rock hard cock touching my back. I got on my knees a took his dick in my mouth sucking as hard as i could suck taking almost the entire 10 inches down my throat. As he began to fuck my mouth another man spread my knees apart and began licking my already hot cunt from behind. I never even looked at him as I spread my legs far apart as i could so he could lick every inch of my ass and twat. And he did!!!! Omg when he stuck his toung in my asshole I shook all over and screamed YES!!! As i jacked off the guy in frount of me I could tell he was about to cum and placed my lips around his cock head just in time to catch his full load in my mouth sucking his head till I had all his sperm swallowed or running down my chin. Then I turned to see the man who licks pussy so well for the first time but after seeing how big his dick was i never glanced at his face, just told him how I loved big cocks. His was curved up with a massive head on a dick so fat my hand didnt wrap around it, ive always liked the ones that curve up and his shaft was so big I thought this guy could produce a gallon of sperm outta that shaft. I felt his pulse beating as i licked upwards to the tip. Running my tounge around his tip i saw the hole in the tip of this mans cock was almost big enough to put my toung in it. I was enjoying sucking his cock when suddenly another guy turned me around and without warning grabed my hair and pulled my head back and placed his cock in my mouth and began fucking my face with his long thin cock with a large head on it. Soon as i got turned on my hands and knees the guy with the curved fat cock with the beautyfull tip spread my ass cheeks and with one push shoved his hard rod inside my pussy and began fucking me like Ive never been fucked before, all the way in and all the way out. I could feel his big dickhead bottoming out inside me. I mumbled with the other guys cock fucking my mouth, I told him yes baby fuck that pussy and backed it up to him with every stroke. After about 30 min of sucking the long skinney dick he let go a growl and blew a mega load into my mouth. With the curved dick still pounding away from behind a sucked all i could get from the second guy to cum in my mouth licking him clean. Then I felt the guy behind me tighten his grip on my hips and i knew i had him ready to blow his load inside me laying my head on the floor and perching my ass up I squeezed his cock with my pussy muscles and he started shakeing as he unloaded what felt like 3 loads of his warm thick sperm deep inside me. I rolled on my back and began licking him clean telling him how good his cock is when another stranger kneeled down spread my legs and ask me if i ever seen one like this before as he produced his penis from his trunks I was shocked to see a14 inch cock fat as a baseball bat. It was already hard as a rock standing straight out, quickly I took it in my hand and guided it into my snatch, only a few inches went in at first and i wasnt sure i could take it all, but after a few strokes most of it was going in and out smooth. So I rolled him on his back and got on top to fuck this gift of a cock best I could. Several men and some women were gathered around watching and playing with themselves when i saw a good looking youger man with a beautyfull dick hard and ready so i ask him come to me as i bounced up and down rideing this mans dick. As he kneeled down I took his hard dick into my mouth and began to get another man off. I was so horney by now i was gonna fuck every one there. I didnt notice another guy was rubbing my ass crack with his dick, i stopped humping long enough to ease his cock in my ass hole. Im now being double penitrated and loveing it.!!!! Hours later we stopped long enough to get high again and i grabbed every man there who wanted to fuck me and spread eagle to let em put there dick in me anywhere they wanted. Becky says i fucked 16 guys that night. More than i expected.

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  • Reply Johhnny Lee ID:1cuug00xuc9u

    Have you got any videos on line of you in action. Love to see you fucking a big hard cock

    • Anne Marie Fish ID:19euwfi5a32i

      I do videos for private customers who pay me well and video me doing anything they want. I dont post online or public. And im carfull with photos as my x gets hold of them and sends them all over. I havnt done porn in a few years but you could prob find one at the local xxx video store.

  • Reply Johhnny Lee ID:1cuug00xuc9u

    Love your stories despite the lack of paragraphs. Dont stop writing, keep them comming, make them harder. Love the use of meth in them. Maybe also introduce other substances like poppers and grass.
    Please keep them going, and keep my dick hard as I read them.

    • Anne Marie Fish ID:19euwfi5a32i

      Preparing a story detailing my first porn shoot in New York. Hope you guys like it.

  • Reply B4all ID:1ex2qnjq7u62

    if you’re going to post a fantasy for a like minded audience to enjoy, at least make it realistic.

    • Anne Marie Fish ID:19euwfi5a32i

      Baby all my stories are true, Im not a writer or a scholar….but I do fuck a lot and enjoy getting paid for getting layed.

  • Reply Grammer SS ID:1d43v67pzypj

    Learn what the enter key does on a keyboard. Hint – it allows for paragraphs.

    • Anne Marie Fish ID:19euwfi5a32i

      Sorry bout spelling, grammer and paragraphs, Im an escort, sex toy, slut and porn star…but not a professor. Lol