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My GF was used by college boys

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Do not take your GF to college parties if you are a wimp

I(Adam) was just 18 when I was a college freshmen. I was lucky that my girlfriend(Amy) from school also got into the same college. We have been together for 4 years. We lost our virginity to each other and have never cheated on each other. We were in love with each other.

When we reached college we were trying to make new friends as we didn’t knew anyone else. So when a classmate of mine invited to his Frat house for party I immediately said yes. It was ok to bring my GF as well. It was Friday night, we got dressed up and left for the party.

Amy was wearing a floral print, thigh length, sleeveless dress. I was in my t shirt and shorts as it was very close to my place. We reached there and excite to see so many people of similar age and all in party mode. We had a great time talking to new people, having some drinks, smoking weed. Amy does not hold liquor that well. She gets drunk a little too fast. I saw her having a very conversation with 4 boys of senior year. She was laughing and touching them a lot. I mean, she was drunk and they were 6ft above jock boys with huge biceps and chiseled jawline. I went over there to make sure no one takes my girl from me. I’m 5’6″ and very, very lean body.

I introduced myself as Amy’s BF. She saw me and started to hug me and lean on me. Still laughing. They said, it’s fine and why don’t I join them upstairs for some 8 ball. I thought that’s good, being friends with the jocks. So I left Amy again and went upstairs.

Here the party was on another level. Here there were senior girls as well. Hotties as they say. One of the jocks, Hunter introduced to a hottie(Jenny) and said I was his new friend. She started to touch me and look me in my eyes in a sexy way. She held my hand and pulled me to the corner of the room. We started to have a conversation. She was very touchy and flirty with me. She was like a swim suite model. Then she looked here and there and said, “Do you mind if I suck you cock?”
“Here? Now?” I asked naively.
“Well, let’s go the other room we have arrangement for this” She started to pull my hands and navigating me to the other room. Here I saw a couple of more guys getting a blowjobs. But they were all on one side of the plyboard partition and the girls were on the other side. So they were not able to see who was sucking them. kinky I guess.

“Stand here” She placed me infront of one of the partitions and asked me to pull my dick out. I did. Then from the other side she instructed me to shove the dick inside. I did. Then I could feel her hands wrapped around my cock. It was so good. Then she licked my already hard dick. Mmmmmm.. Then she started to suck my dick. It was so good . She knew what she was doing, I closed my eyes as I was enjoying my dick sucked by the most beautiful girl I had ever seen. Don’t get me wrong, Amy is beautiful, but this girl was hot hot.

I was getting close to cum. She started to suck me faster. And with a fast thrust I ejaculated in her mouth.

I opened my eyes. I saw Jenny and Hunter next to her. And the room was empty. Hunter was holding a camera on my face.
“Wait, what are you doing?” I asked trying to pull my dick out the mouth and shove in my pants.
“And if you are standing here, who was sucking my dick.” I asked
Then I saw a man coming from the other side of the partition.
Everyone started to laugh.
“Welcome to the other side, Adam. You are now gay.” Hunter said still recording my expressions.
Everyone was laughing.
And now since you are gay, I guess you do not need Amy anymore.
“What? no. Leave her alone. She has nothing to do with this” I tried to take the camera from his hands.
“Easy Tiger, Or I will share this video in your class and everyone will know that you like getting your dick sucked by men” He laughed.

“Ok what do you want? ” I asked
“Well, I want to go down there and bring Amy here and ask her to suck my cock” Hunter said.
I was in shock. I loved Amy, but my reputation was on the line. And I didn’t wanted her to know I got sucked by a dude.
SO I went downstairs and brought her up. I introduced her to Hunter and Jenny. Then I told her that I would like her to suck Hunter off as now we are friends and I owe him a favor. Amy was drunk, but she protested. She was angry and slurring her word due to alcohol. Then she left the room. Jenny looked at me and said.”Give her this drink and bring her back here” She handed me a “Magic” drink.
I ran out said sorry to her and gave her the drink. She started to loose control of her legs. I brought her back the room. Hunter had already pulled his pants down and Jenny was giving him a blowjob. Amy was half conscious. She opened her eyes and said. “Heyyyy… what are they doing here… infront of others…. this is nasty” We come from a small town so we are a little prude. She thought having sex in front of others is bad.

Hunter gestured me to place her on the side of the bed. Amy went back to sleep. Hunter pushed Jenny to the ground pulling her hair to the side. Came close to Amy and place her on the bad in a doggy position with her legs on the ground and her belly on the bed. Her hands were spread apart on the white bedsheet. Then he lifted her dress. Looked me in the eye and then pulled her panties down. I looked down in shame. Then he went on his knees and smelled her pussy.
“mmmmm…. awesome” He said. Then he licked her pussy. She made some noise in her sleep. And tried to move. He held her waist and dug deep in her pussy with his tongue.
“I haven’t tasted a pussy so good. She is practically a virgin” He stated as he stood up.
Then he gestured Jenny to suck his dick again. She immediately went down on her knees and started to suck Once all wet and ready he pushed her to the side again and turned to Amy’s bare ass. Then while looking me in the eye, he held Amy’s ass cheeks apart and shoved his 10 inch rock hard white dick inside Amy’s pussy all the way in just one shove.

“AAaaggghhhh” Amy screamed. Even though in half medicated state, she was feeling the pain of Hunter’s giant dick. She was moving a little. Hunter held her tight by placing his weight on her waist and fucking her hard. Again and again and again. Amy’s thick, mid west, pale white, ass was getting a pounding of her life.
Thap thap thap- the room filled with the noise of Hunters pelvis hitting Amy’s thighs and ass. The smell was so good.

Then hunter looked at Jenny and said “Bring the party here”

I was like wait what, but I couldn’t do anything.

Jenny opened the door and whistled. “Hey boys, your boss is having a great time and wants to you to join him”

“Yeaaaahhh” A bunch of boys yelled as I heard foot steps getting closer. Then the room got filled with so many people. Boys girls all. There were like a 100 kids in one room surrounding the bed, watching Hunter bang my girlfriend.

“Show us some tities” Someone shouted.

Hunter smiled and turned her around. He lifted her legs in the air and placed them on his thighs with him between her legs. Then he pulled her dress up. Jenny helped to remove it completely and the bra as well.

Everyone cheered. Why not? Amy had a beautiful 34D boobs. White tits with pink small nipples. She was perfect. Her arms where above her head placed on the bed. Jenny couldn’t stop and started to grope Amy’s boobs. Everyone cheered more. Then Hunter turned to the side with his erect dick. And looked at one the girls in the crowd. She ran to him and went on her knees and started to suck him. He was ready again. Then he again inserted his dick inside the wet, pink pussy of the love of my life.

Jenny was kissing Amy on her lips and everyone was making sex noises. Amy’s tits were jiggling up and down with every thrust from Hunter.

Hunter was getting close. He gestured Jenny to place her head on Amy’s belly. He made cumming sound as he pulled his dick out and came in Jenny’s mouth. Everyone cheered. Jenny showed everyone the cum in her mouth. Then went on to bend over Amy and opened her mouth and spit the cum on her mouth. Amy was trying to turn left and right with her eyes closed. But Jenny closed her noise making Amy swallow the load.

Everyone cheered again. Then Hunter said, “Boys, she is all yours”
As soon as he said, a couple of his friends lined up near Amy. One was sucking her boobs and other was already in between her legs and sucking his erect cock inside her pussy. Others were jerking off touching her naked body.
Everyone man/boy in the room took turns fucking my girlfriend. All came on her boy and cover her with cum. Her face had a thick coat of cum.

After few hours everyone started to leave. I went to the bathroom and brought in a wet towel to clean her up. I wanted to take her back to her room. Jenny was still there.
She told we can sleep there. She helped me clean Amy up. Then she pulled something out of her purse and turned Amy on her belly. It was butt plug. She started to oil it up.

“What are you doing?” I asked.
“Hunter told me to get her ready for tomorrow.. So here we go” She replied, oiling Amy’s asshole.
“Hold her cheeks apart” She instructed. I followed.
Then she started to shove the metal butt plug up Amy’s tight virgin ass. It was a little hard, but Jenny seemed to have experience. Amy squealed a little, the butt plug was in.

“Well then I will leave you guys. Make sure when she wakes up, you make her believe that it was her idea and she enjoyed every bit of it. Tell her that you support her and she should let Hunter fuck her ass” She said with command.

“Till when we have to stay here? ” I asked.
“Well, at least the weekend. If Hunter gets bored with her by then, you can leave. Else you have to stay longer”

She started to leave.
“Oh I forgot” She said. Looking into her purse.
She pulled out a cage like device out.
“I am supposed to cage your punny dick so that you do not get to fuck her while you are here” She quickly locked my dick and kept the keys in her purse.
Then she came close to me and kissed me on my cheeks and said “Good night Tiger”

And she left. I was so humiliated and aroused at the same time. Slept next to Amy’s naked body with my dick throbbing in the cage.

Not sure what Hunter is going to do and for how long….


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