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Perks of Foster Care Part 5! ᕦ(ò_óˇ)ᕤ

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The fun I had at my final foster home! With a cute girl! And a gentle boy!

(Owen (me) 13 Jackson (brother) 22 and Olivia (sister 18) Me and my sister is down further just look:)

I was at home playing on my laptop having a good time drawing a game character. I heard a nice nook at the door “Come in!” I said as the door opened and in walked Jackson! “Oh Jackson what’s up!” He just slimed at me and walked over to the bed. The smell of alcohol hit my nose ima instant “heyyyy buddy! Want to help your big brother out heh” Jackson spoke with a large smirk as he looked over at me with a giggle. I was a nice young kid so I said “sure! What’s up Jacky?” (My nickname for him) he turned and looked at me once again before crawling up toward me as his face was inches away from mine. I closed my laptop confused and blushing as he just kissed me. He held that long drooling kiss for a good 10 minutes. After the long silence of the kiss I had drool all over my lips and chin. He giggled and winked at me before slipping off his shirt revealing his nice strong healthy body. I giggled as I looked him up and down happily. Next thing I know I was shirtless and pantless. I was left in my underwear which made my brother smirk. He began to strip as well as his nice 7 inch cock seeing him nude like this made me flustered and hesitant as I looked at him happily. I took off my underwear revealing my small 4 inch hard cock. He smirked and leaned up to me and kissed me once again. He used the drool falling from my mouth to lube up his nice cock. He leaned away and slowly licked down my body before he got to my asshole. He began to eat me out making me twitch heavily and moan as I kicked around. He loved how much I was twitching from just his tongue and giggled. I was so sensitive I was already leaking heavily from my small cock. He stood up as he lined himself up. He was gentle with it and began to push his thick head into my small hole. Jackson was a good brother and didn’t want to hurt me so he was nice and slow. He kissed me deeply as he slowly pushed all 7 inches into my tight hole. I was moaning into his mouth as I giggled. After about a good minute he began to thrust. And I mean thrust. He was thrusting rapidly making me moan loudly and squirm under his height. After about 35 minutes of hard but nice fucking he came ropes deep into my small hole. This made me and him happy as he pulled out leaving my asshole gaping and leaking all over the bed. He smiled and would lay down next time “Owen.. your the best brother ever! I love you” and with those words Jackson kissed me got dressed and went to his room leaving me a drooling, and leaking happy boy.

(PART 2 Me Owen and my Sister Olivia)

Olivia was getting home after a hard tiring day from working at the hospital, she was stressed and tired. I was enjoying a nice shower as I heard a knock at the door “Someone is in here!” I yelled out so they could hear me. Olivia didn’t care and opened the door as she stumbled in. She smiled as she saw me in the shower fog. She stripped down and let loose her nice medium sized breasts. They were the best breasts I’ve seen for a younger boy! I turned away so I couldn’t see her in all the fog. She opened the shower door and grabbed my shoulder gently. She finally spoke “Owen.. no need to hide yourself. I like you a lot buddy so let your older sister see your young body honey” I was never as I turned around my little 4 inch hard penis twitched happily looking at her breasts. “Olivia.. I really like your boobies..” she laughed as stepped closer. See I was a shorter boy for my age so her breasts were right in my face. I was shocked when Olivia grabbed the back of my head and gently pushed it forward. So my face was Being pushed into her nice soft breasts. As Sammy face connected with her breast she moved her hand down to my small penis and stroked it with her 2 fingers. I was a sensitive young boy so I twitched like crazy from her touch. I was moaning and panting as I licked her now hard nipple making her giggle. She kneeled down and jerked me off rapidly with her face under my cock. I was twitching happily as I looked down at her beautiful blue eyes. She slowly took my cock into her mouth and began sucking me off nice and slowly which made me moan. After only 5 minutes I was twitching heavily as I came for the first time into her mouth. She drank up all my white slimy liquids happiky before standing up once again kissing me with the cum still in her mouth. It was one of the hottest, wettest, and droolest kiss of my live! And I would love to kiss once again with my cum in someone’s mouth. After a good minute of kissing she got out of the shower winked at me and got dressed. After that night we always kiss before bedtime:)

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