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My dog raped me

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Teddy raped me after I had a bath and I liked it so much I fuck dogs all day long now.

For my 10th birthday my parents bought me a Labradoodle puppy, it was so cute and had fluffy soft golden fur, we bonded instantly and I called him ‘Teddy’, he was like my baby and we went everywhere together and did everything together, we were inseparable and we even slept together because he was so cuddly I’d cuddle him at night when I was sleeping.

When I was 12 he had grown really big and was a tall as me when he stood on his hind legs. One night I was home alone and I got a bath, when I finished bathing I put a towel around me hair and went in to my bedroom, I was totally naked like I always was when I knew no one was in the house, it’s good walking around naked it feels nice, I started having periods a couple of months ago and I just finished my latest, that why I was getting a bath.

I sat on my bed and leaned over letting my hair dangle so I could dry it with the towel, while I was rubbing my hair Teddy walked up to me and started to lick my face, he was only playing but I still pushed him away because I was clean and I didn’t want him licking my face, I yelled at him to sit down and he did, when I dried my hair I got the coco butter mom gave me last week and rubbed it all over my skin, absolutely everywhere, mom always told me to take care of my skin because it would keep me looking young and nice.

I think Teddy smelt it because he started to lick my foot that I just rubbed the coco butter on, I think he liked the taste of it, he was tickling my foot and driving me crazy with laughter, then he pushed his nose in to my pussy and licked it, his tongue felt rough and it was kind of nice but I pushed him away, bad dog I shouted at him, but he wanted to play and he started jumping on and licking my face and then he rose up on his hind legs and put his front paws on my shoulders, still licking my face, he was really big now and really heavy that couldn’t hold his weight and I fell backwards on to the bed.

I was holding him and moving my head side to side trying to avoid his licking my face, he wouldn’t stop and I felt something touch my pussy, when I looked down he had a big red cock sticking out and it was knocking against my pussy as he wagged his tail and kept trying to lick me, down Teddy I shouted, but he didn’t listen, he kept licking me then he was swinging his hips and he pushed his red cock inside my pussy, it really hurt because I was a virgin, I tried to push him off me he had his front paws dug in to the bed under my arm pits pinning me down.

He was having really fast painful sex with my pussy and his breath stunk while he panted in my face, but I started to like it, his dog cock felt good inside my pussy, so I gave him trying to fight him off and let just him fuck me for a couple of minutes until he came in my pussy and then just casually jumped off of me like nothing had happened, I laid down for a few minutes in shock then used my towel to wipe up the watery come dripping out of my pussy, I had scratch marks on my rips from where he had his paws pinning me down.

I got off the bed and sat on the floor and stroked him, good boy I said, good boy, he rolled over so I could stroke his belly and his red cock was still sticking out a bit so I started to rub it, so this is what a cock feels like I thought to myself, I pushed the fury skin back and it poked out a bit more then it starting coming out by itself, so I curled my fingers around it and started to rub it up and down, Teddy was enjoying his belly rub and poking his tongue out a little, he didn’t seem to mind me rubbing his cock.

I think I squeezed too hard because he then whimpered and jumped up and then licked my face, I gave him a playful stroke and a cuddle then I laid on my back again this time on the floor, I put my knees in the air and called him over but he went behind me instead walking over my head, I saw his red cock sticking out so I grabbed it and he stopped walking, I rubbed it a little then for some reason decided to put it in my mouth and suck on it, it tasted funny but not bad enough to make me stop, Teddy just looked off in to the distance while I sucked his cock, I wanted him to fuck me again, I enjoyed his cock in my pussy.

I stood up and teased him playfully and ran back over to the bed, this time I was all the way on top of it, I wrapped the towel that was wet from water and dog come around my chest, under my arm pits because I didn’t want any more scratches and I called him over, here boy, I had my legs wide open so he could sniff my pussy, he jumped on the bed and crawled through my open legs and put his paws under my arm pits again and licked my face, he moved his hips but cock wasn’t anywhere near my pussy, I was too low so I got pillow and put it under my butt.

My pussy was at the right height for his cock now, I teased him playfully and he started moving his hips and his cock quickly entered my pussy again, it felt better this time, this time I wanted it and my butt was angled perfectly for the angle of his cock when he swung his hips wildly, his cock was fucking me really deeply, good boy, good boy, I said, he suddenly stopped and was panting heavily and I saw a big lump come out of his skin at the bottom of his cock, I now know that it was his cock knot but I didn’t know at the time, before I had a chance to investigate the lump he started fucking me again, really fast.

The knot was pounding against my pussy really hard and forcefully, it had been a couple of minutes but he was still going, I screamed when my pussy stretched really wide, it wasn’t natural, his knot popped in to my pussy and as he continued moving his hips it felt so tight inside of me.
A few minutes later he stopped and turned to walk away but his cock still inside me and I felt it twist, as he tried he jumped off the bed I was pulled along with him, he had his front paws on the floor and his hind legs still on the bed, his cock know was wedged inside of my pussy, Teddy stop, sit, sit, I had to use my fingers to pry my pussy open and it was really painful but eventually his knot and cock popped out and loads of his come poured out with it.

Teddy got his back legs on the floor, shook his entire body like he does to dry himself when he’s wet and he just walked out of the room, I fell backwards on the bed and remained there for ages thinking about how great that was.

That happened last year and I’m 13 now and still in a loving sexual relationship with my Teddy and other dogs, I love fucking dogs so much I started a dog sitting business 4 months ago and people pay me to take care of their dogs while they’re at work, my parents converted our garage in to a dog play room and I fuck all the neighbourhood dogs in there when they are at work, I’ve had German Shepherds, Labradors, Border Collies and a Jack Russell.

Dogs aren’t just a man’s best friend, they’re also a girls greatest lover.

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    My daughter was 14 when our dog “raped” her. Heard the high pitched scream from her room by the time i got there he was already knotted in and swelled up so wasnt easy trying to pull him out without it tearing her. I had witnessed dogs matting when i was younger so i knew he will stay tied in for a while. I stayed with her to comfort her during this ordeal. Interesting things happened in the 25 minutes that followed.

    • Rita ID:ndoolep49b

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      Awesome. I partnered with a lady that ran a pet grooming salon and we expanded into wealthy communities. So got easy access to all sorts of beautiful breeds any time i want.

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      What happened?

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