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My uncle

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As a 10yo I remember sitting on my uncles lap and him moving my hips back and forth, since I would be used by my step dad I already knew what this meant, we would dry hump for hours until my mom got home then in the morning my step dad would sneak in and eat my pretty young pussy,

My uncle undid his belt and pulled them down, we were in his room and he layed on the bed after locking the door, I would strip and face the tv while I put my pussy on his dick and moved my hips up and down he would moan softly as my pussy lips rubbed his dick, sometimes I would ride his face

Recently he had got out of jail and is living in my mom’s house again for a while, I go over on the weekends and will see him Sunday, it’s bin about 4 years and I’ve bin having sex dreams about him, I am waking up wet and the need to pound my pussy is horrible,

I throw the blankets of myself and tip toe up the stairs into my little sister’s room, I open the door and see her there on her stomach with her little shorts and see threw white tank top on, “hyhy wake up” she growned “hyhy wake up” I said softly “what” she grounded “I’m horny and wet” she opened her eyes and looked at me “why” she asked “my uncle” I sighed and she laughed lightly “let me eat you” I said getting on her bed

She opened her legs and I grabbed the rims of her short pulling them her, I got on my stomach and pushed her legs up and apart and began eating her young pussy as she grinded on my face, she loved me eating her and it to the point where I can tell her and she will just come to my room for a fun time, sometimes Riko likes to watch while he fucks me good in the ass leaving my asshole stretched and bruised, a few minutes went by and she came whining like a slut who needs to be raped

“My turn” I layed in the bed and she took my pants off and began eating me good, I was so wet, he tounge licked me like a dog begging for water, hitting my clit good everytime

I started playing with my nipples with my eyes closed I came so fast in her mouth I was to horny

She got up and put her leg over mine and started rubbing our pussies together and the night ended with me fucking her young pussy open

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    How to reach you?

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      i love little girls who like to be molested

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    Who is Riko?

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      Someone who is fucking her little tight ass wish it was me