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Taking advantage of my little cousin

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True story of how I get horny around my little 9 year old cousin and start taking advantage of her innocence and how far I take it.

So it was my grandmother’s birthday, and every year on her birthday we go over and there’s a party where everyone gets together over at her house and listens to music and drinks and just chats, you know.. Family type party things. Family & Friends go there, not too many people but a decent amount. We were driving there, I was tired because I hadn’t slept much the night before but I knew I would soon wake up quickly naturally.

When we got there, we walked up to the door, knocked, was welcomed in, I quickly said hi to everybody and gave everybody a hug went over to my grandmother and kissed her on the cheek and said happy birthday. Now.. I’m not very social, so I’m the one to just sit down and then proceed to not do much until we go home, so that’s what I did, there were people all in the living room talking & I was there too, it was uncles, aunties, my parents, a whole bunch of family friends, my little cousins who are once removed & my cousins (their mothers), one who was 2-3 and also my 9 year old cousin. She was cute, I noticed myself looking at her naturally to see what they were up to, just taking everything in.

While everyone was talking they had toys all over the floor just messing around, and so I was just staring at her, my 9 year old little cousin, she had a cute little hoodie on and some black leggings, which made her legs look nice, I couldn’t stop looking but I knew I had no problem looking as everyone else was preoccupied with talking to one another. Her ass looked cute in her leggings and looked like it would of been nice to just grab at and touch and play with. I felt a tiny little bit of weirdness looking at her like that, becuase I’m an 18 year old guy, but I didn’t really care too much, I liked what I saw and that was that. Her mother who is my cousin was walking around and talking to people, and she has a wonderful ass in these wonderful pants, they’re flare pants but these ones are called astrid flare pants (search them up and you’ll probably know which ones I mean, they are fucking sexy), so I had no problem enjoying the view of that ass jiggling as she walked around, but she was walking around and went back outside where some family & friends were too.

Now a little time has passed as I decided to get up and just talk to people a little about what I was up to and then I had a little to eat & drink, after a while I went and sat back down.

I shifted my attention back over to my little cousin, enjoying just staring at her as she messed around, she picked up some of her toys and came up to me and handed me them and kinda just looked at me and smiled, her smile was cute, she had a cute face and some really pretty eyes that were kinda green. She was kinda climbing on to the couch next to me and kinda sitting next to me on her knees and handing me things, she kinda tried climbing on me but was failing as she was just being a big goof.

I decided to stand up because didn’t want any embarrasment of anyone looking over as she was climbing on me and being silly, and I did actually need a piss so I decided to walk over to the door at the back of the living room and opened it, but before doing so my cousin kinda latched on to my leg, you know? Like, annoying kid holding on to your leg and laughing to try and stop you, and so I pulled the door open and went out and she was still holding on to me, her laugh was cute so it did make me giggle just a little, and the living room door naturally closes and I don’t think anybody saw us go out. Through this door is just the hallway to the front door, some front room where my grandmother keeps stuff and then the stairs which go upstairs where nobody ever really goes when people are over, it has two bedrooms upstairs & a small toilet room & then a bathroom. Nobody comes up here because it’s where my grandmother lives so everybody stays downstairs when they’re over. I was kinda slowly struggling up the stairs as she was holding on to me, kinda just letting her make me suffer. Anyway, when I got up to the top of the stairs I told her to let go because I needed to use the bathroom.

It hadn’t really hit me until then that I was alone with her, my cute little innocent 9 year old cousin, it was just me and her upstairs alone in the hallway as you could quietely hear everybody talking & music playing downstairs. I went into the little toilet room & shut the door before she came in and I just had a piss, then quickly came out, she was just walking around and looking at me, then I went into the bathroom to wash my hands and she followed behind me, the door was open, it’s just the room people use to wash their hands or have a bath. I was washing my hands & kept thinking about how I was alone with her and was thinking about how I was looking at her in her leggings and it got me a little excited, so suddenly. I thought about how there’s opportunity here and I felt like taking it, but I thought I would start casually. So I randomly thought of something.

I turned the tap on at the sink and was about to wash my hands, I pretended that I couldn’t find the soap, I actually had put it in the mirror medicine cabinet above the sink, I made concerned sounds & lightly said “oh no!” as to make her curious, she asked me what’s wrong & I said I can’t find the soap. She started looking around and I asked her if she wanted to help and she smiled and said yeah really enthusiastically. I asked her that what if it was in the cabinet and I pretended I needed her help to check, I told her to get in front of me, and this is where I felt a little rush of exicitement, I bent over a little bit and ran my hands quickly up her legs and felt her thighs and ass and then moved them up quickly to her waist and I started lifting her slowly, making sure to pull her back against me and grind her ass into my crotch as I pulled her up, I was excited already and started getting harder in my underwear. I purposely didn’t raise her up enough to make her say “up up” and I lowered my hands to her ass as I lifted her and kind of groped and played with her little plump ass as she tried to get the cabinet open, it felt heavenly.

Her ass in her leggings felt so soft, I was now rock hard in my underwear, she grabbed the soap for me and I thanked her, I put it down and gave her a little friendly kiss on the lips as a thank you and she smiled and said no problem and I could tell she was really proud of herself. I wanted more of her and so I sat down in the little chair next to the sink next to the window and asked her if she wanted to sit on my lap, she said yes of course not having any reason not to, I lifted her up and sat her ass right down on my crotch, her ass right away pressing down on my hard-on in my underwear underneath my black shorts. My cock throbbing below her little cute self. I acted friendly and bounced my legs a little & hummed as I would use this to purposely grind into her a bit with each bump, her little ass plumply pushing down harder on my cock.

Eventually she felt it under her butt & innocently giggled a little bit as it tickled her butt, she asked me what it was and I felt another little rush, I told her it’s my “private part”, and she said “why is it hard”, I know right? Classic question they always seem to ask that in these stories, but she did in fact ask me that, I didn’t know what to say, the urge to tell her nothing and then say she’ll find out when she’s older was strong, but I was throbbing too hard underneath her & was too damn horny to actually go ahead and say that. So I just said boy parts are different from girl parts, her face didn’t change as she obviously doesn’t really have concept of that, so she then bounced a little more herself and giggled and said “its there its there!” and just bounced on my bulge, having no idea to what she was actually doing to me. Then she asked me if she can see it, sort of an expected question at this point is what I thought.

My heart was beating hard & I was incredibly horny, I was gonna say no, but after 10-15 seconds of hesitation, I just said “sure” .. I got her to stand up in front of me as I was sitting there, and pulled down my underwear and shorts past my throbbing cock, and my hard cock flopped out and pointed right up, now my cock isn’t the biggest, it’s just over 6 inches, like 6.2 inches roughly, not small but still a decent size, it was a little thick and had decent girth to it. She didn’t do much with her face, she kind of just stared because I’m not sure what the expected reaction of a girl who didn’t even know penises existed is when seeing one, she just looked at it, my cock was twitching and throbbing because my cute little sexy 9 year old cousins eyes were layed upon it, she naturally touched it, her tiny little hand grasped at it, I moaned a tiny amount and twitched some more, it was so fucking hot.. I was so incredibly turned on.. Her two little hands were touching at my cock, it looked giant in her hands, she didn’t know what to do or how to please it so she kind of randomly put her hands all over it.

I was so horny and just letting out long sighs as she touched it, I grabbed her little hands & I showed her how to move them up and down on it to make it feel good, I was just guiding her little hands up and down my cock teaching her how to stroke her first cock, I let go and let her do it herself as I let my head flop back as I looked up and just sighed some more, I called her a good girl and that she’s doing a great job & she just smiled so innocently, not knowing she’s pleasuring her cousin. I told her that she’s making me feel good so that she would think she’s doing a friendly thing, even though she doesn’t really know what I meant by feeling good. After a little while of her stroking my cock, I pulled her a bit closer, and slightly pulled her head down and told her we’re gonna play a cool game where she has to guess what flavor it is, I’ve seen it before in porn.. Where I guess it’s a fetish for people to be innocent and so they pretend they have been tricked into sucking cock, it’s where I got the idea for the “game” from, I told her to put her tongue out, and she did, and before you know, she was licking her little cute, soft warm tongue on the tip of my cock, the connecting of her tongue to my tip sent an instant rush through my whole body and my cock twitched some more as I moaned, she gave random responses to guess what flavor it was but I wasn’t even listening, I was somewhere else, I was in a world of bliss, only connected to the sensations I was feeling off of this little girl’s tongue.

I placed my hand on the back of her head ever so gently to make sure she didn’t stop licking or move her head away from my cock at any point, pre-cum was just leaking so much out of the tip of my cock, I told her to make sure she got all of it because it was the special juice she had to guess the flavor of. And she did, she was getting all of it, licking my warm cock. I called her a really good girl, I called her a princess and I let her know how much of a good job she was doing.. I was getting close to cumming, and I knew I didn’t want to, I knew I wanted more & I knew I wasn’t done.. And I stopped her from licking, in those first two seconds where the licking had ceased, all that was in my head, was pleasure, all I could think was pleasure, there were no flashes of this being wrong, there were no regrets, I was in a high, I was high off of this moment, I wanted more.. I wanted her. And so I didn’t even ask her to, I started stripping her, I took off all her clothes and grabbed them, I grabbed a towel too and then took her by the hand and left the bathroom and went into the little toilet room. I came into this room because if anybody came upstairs there would be an excuse for this door to be locked over the bathroom which didn’t have much reason, I didn’t wanna raise any suspicion. After shutting the door and locking it, I threw her clothes into the corner & laid a towel flat on the ground and I pulled her over in front of me and laid her down in front of me. The sight was magnificent, the sexy, cute slim soft and silky body that laid before me was so perfect, her amazing flat chest and pretty pink little nipples.. Her hairless & might I say GORGEOUS pussy, so soft, her beautiful little hairless puffy lips..

I looked down at her body, her face looking back at me with slight confusion, I knew what I was about to do was wrong, that it was not a good thing, that it was evil, but I just wanted her body and I wanted to do anything to it, and so I lifted her legs and shifted towards her.. I pointed my cock down to her little mound and start rubbing my tip between her little puffy lips, it was heaven, It was fantastic, it was everything. I was about to push my cock straight into her and use her, I told her I was gonna make her a big girl and that she had to be brave, after saying this, I slowly started pushing my tip into her fucking tight little cunt, it felt like nothing was happening, she started making random faces and sounds, but I knew it was going to happen, I knew I was going to fuck her. I pushed a little harder and slowly I felt my tip start to be swallowed into this little hole of bliss, she started making sounds because she knew what she was feeling was starting to hurt, I didn’t care, I knew that this was what I wanted and knew that if I had to cover her mouth to enjoy this moment I would.

I was working hard on getting my tip in, and whenever I felt I made a tiny bit more progress I’d do a little sudden pump as I was trying to push into her more, at this point she started crying, because she didn’t know what was happening, and to reduce risk before she would start making a lot of noise, I put my hand over her mouth, when I did this, the sight of her cute little what I had to say was 4’0 body being taken advantage of by me, all over her with my mouth over her little mouth fired me up even more and I decided to go harder, I started now making each movement a pump, I wanted to be in her more, it was so fucking tight, the walls of her cunt were grasping so hardly onto my cock, it felt impossible, it was so incredibly tight on me, but I kept pushing, she cried more, she got a little louder, but I contained her noises, and I started pumping hard, back and forth, one hand holding her waist and another over her mouth, nearly half my cock was swallowed by her little cunt, and I knew that this was enough, and so I started sliding in and out, slow at first as I eased up in the little space I had, but then I picked up the pace, I was sliding in and out of her, and that’s when a little blood seeped from her pussy, all this did was push me even further, getting me off even more, I took advtantage of her little defenseless self and I fucked her hard. She was so lost, confused and oblvious as to what I was doing, how I was ruining her little body.

Then suddenly I slipped out of her and wanted to go even further, I sat down on the closed toilet lid, lifted her up as she was crying, pulled her back against me as I positioned myself and licked my fingers a little and rubbed her cute little asshole before lifting her up and pushing her little body down on my rock hard penis, I knew this was about to make her hurt even worse.. But I simply didn’t care, I was high and I was loving it, I loved her tears, I loved her desperation & I was loving raping my little cousin, it was slow like before but as I got more rough I was lowering her real good onto my cock, I was able to slowly get more inside of her than I did with her cunnie. Her asshole was so tight, so incredibly gripping onto my throbbing meat inside of her. She was crying badly but she wasn’t strong enough to force her sounds past my hand clasped over her mouth, I lifted her legs upwards and had one hand on her mouth and one hand wrapped around her legs underneath her knees so her legs were bent at the knee as she plopped down on my cock over and over as her little cute feet in her ruffled white little socks bounced in front of us as she went up and down.

I kept fucking her down onto my cock as I lifted her with ease and completely fucked her inside, and then! Suddenly, a noise.. I stopped using her, I slowed down the pumping, me freezing. My cousin, slowly walked down the hallway of upstairs and came to the bathroom and knocked and asked who was in there and I replied saying it was me, and she asked me if I had seen her at all, I said “No, why?” and she replied by saying she couldn’t find her at all. Little did she know, her own daughter was on the otherside of that wooden door of a couple inches, plonked down on my throbbing cock that sat inside of her, her still crying as my mouth was as tight as it could be over her mouth and face. I said I hadn’t seen her and she said ok, I mentioned I feel like throwing up as I needed an excuse for being in there so long and she asked me how I was doing and beore you know it she moved away from the door, I was still frozen, waiting for her to leave properly as she must of been checking the other upstairs rooms before I could hear her walking down the stairs again and then hearing the loud bang of the living room door that always happened because nobody was ever aware of the gust coming from outside that would always make it slam. I knew we were once upstairs alone again, then before you know it, after a couple seconds of being back in reality and thinking things over, I carried on pumping into my little cousin, I had completely stripped her body of innocence, I was using her, and I know I needed to hurry as she was now missing.. I got real aggressive at this point and start properly pounding inside of her as fast as I could, my hand wet with the amount of tears that had rolled down over it, her face red and struggling.

I pumped harder and harder, holding on purposely for as long as I could before what I could tell to be giant big shots of my hot cum started unleashing from my cock inside of her 9 year old asshole, completely filling her little insides with my ropes of hot liquid, I moaned loudly and sighed so much as I kept pumping a little harder as this happened.. My heart was beating fast and pounding so fucking hard.. I calmed down and breathed heavily as I tried to calm myself, keeping my hand over her mouth for minutes after.. I lifted her and slid my cock out of her and let it flop as I then sat her back down against me, her thighs on top my thighs as I sat there, still holding as she was crying, waiting for her to calm. I knew she was in pain, and I felt little pieces of guilt as I felt bad for her knowing how she really had no choice over what had just happened.. I just massaged her thigh and then massaged her face as I would just do calming little “Shhhhhh”s to her, calling her a really good girl, calling her my little princess and telling her proud I was of her.. Eventually after 10 minutes, her crying inevitably got quiet as I comforted her, and eventually I moved my hand from her mouth, lifted her and flipped her around and sat her so her legs were at my sides, and I kissed her little luscious lips a couple times and said sorry, I told her I feel bad but that it was important for her to be a big girl and that she had to have it happen to make her a a big woman, I made up whatever excuse I could to take advantage of her overwhelming innocence.

I stood up and gently laid her back down on the towel I had on the floor earlier, and I got down with her and I then started gently licking her little pussy, rubbing my tongue softly between her little puffy lips, my cock did harden again but there wasn’t any time for more. I gently licked over her precious pussy, coating it with my warm saliva, licking her gently, and then turning her over onto her cute tummy and then lifting her ass up towards me in the air and started tonguing her hole, her beautiful little clean sexy hole, it was so exciting, but I tongued it, nice and softly, I was doing this for another 10 minutes. I got her up and put her clothes on her, I fanned her with my hand and calmed her, I did whatever I could until eventually after not too long her face wasn’t as red anymore. I knew I couldn’t risk exiting the bathroom with her right now, as I actually had a plan that I formed earlier before my cousin even came upstairs looking for her which you will see shortly. I put my shorts on and we were dressed again. I sat her on my lap in there for another 10 minutes, until people came upstairs, were obviously looking around again, asked if I was ok, in which I said yeah as I assume they now knew I was “feeling sick”, I definitely now knew it was soon time to go because we weren’t planning on staying too long today, so waited until it was clear, until there were definitely no people upstairs, I took this time to get it into her head that she could NOT tell anybody about what happened, and I won’t talk much about that, but I think naturally I know what tones to use to get across to somebody that I’m being serious, and I got her to agree soon after. Then we exited the bathroom, I took her into the bathroom, bent her over a little and pulled down her leggings and panties to check her holes and body, to make sure it was ok, I cleaned them and wiped them some and then I pulled them back up, I stood up, took a deep breathe and then walked down the stairs with her and opened the living room door holding her hand and walked in, just like that, everybody looked and gave a kind parent gasp, and then asked where she was, I said she was hiding in one of the warddrobes in the bedroom and everyone kind of just sighed heavily, some people went down into the kitchen, my parents stood up to get their things ready to leave, and then as that all started happening, my cousin, her mother, came closer and crouched down and started scolding her, telling her she’s naughty and pointed at her saying she scared everyone, then she stood up, looked at me and kissed me on the lips and then hugged me, her boobs are pretty big and pushed against my chest, and she kind of just praised me and said thanks as she hugged me, me saying no problem, knowing very well what I had just done to her daughter. After this I was calming down from it all as we were about to leave, I said bye to everyone, and then we exited out the front door, got in the car, waved as we drove up the road and then went home.

I hope you like this true story, I’ve fantasized about this incident tons since it happened, it has done a lot of things to me, I get off to it, think about it, but it has also affected me, I’ve self-harmed over what I did, I scold myself for what I did and I consider suicide over what I did, I can’t avoid how it makes me feel and how it arouses me simply because I like it, but it is still affecting me. And I regret it but also don’t. But it has had a lot bad results for me personally which are still happening and I still hate myself in general but hate myself for it also, I still consider suicide, I hope you can leave some comments maybe telling me what you think.. Thanks.

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  • Reply [email protected] ID:p9ae2uoii

    hope you write more!

  • Reply hellstrand. ID:15bdv98

    Appreciate some of the comments on here.

    again my e-mail is: [email protected]

  • Reply Ghostlyservent ID:4j4zos6ii

    I new to this site, but I do have to laugh at some of the comments left about stories posted on here. Cause I’m trying to understand the ones that bash the creator on the story they wrote, when I guarantee they are fucking themselves hard while they read it. I don’t get it, why come to a site that have all kinds of stories like this, then proceed to read the stories ( while you’re getting yourself off, don’t forget that part) if this material sickens you?? I just chalk it up to jealousy, your just pissed off that the creator got to experience something you’ve always wanted to do. Yep that’s it. And I think DoseOfReality28 said it best, you are scum, and I already know that I have a reservation…SO I WILL ALSO SEE YOU IN HELL!!

    • hellstrand. ID:15bdv98


  • Reply dll ID:2c3g7uer8l

    should just think that if not you someone was going to have sex with her soon better you then person who was not family hurt her worse she is okay your okay later you tell her how sorry you are but before you can move on forgive your self impulses are hard to control at times it is part of the mind take years learn to control if ever it took over like auto-pilot .

  • Reply DoseOfReality28 ID:vzhgtgm2

    I never understood how people read stories or watch videos, see the tags and descriptions, then shame or insult the creator. Like you didn’t have to take in the material. You had every opportunity to ignore it, but you DID. I dont watch or read things that disgust me, so why did you stick around? Now you come with your “holier than thou” attitude like it will make you look better to God, no it doesn’t. You are scum as well, I’ll see you in hell.

  • Reply Slut ID:2c3ilmk9qj

    Yes my brother used me the same way when I was a little girl he told me to play house with him he’s the daddy and I’m the mommy and we have to sleep naked together where he would touch suck and fuck my young body I love showing my pussy I’m a horny girl add me on snap sweettslutt

    • Craydon ID:2bgnyufrzi

      Bet baby i will add you and i will fuck your pussy mouth and asshole the same way as in the story

  • Reply Donatello ID:cq15vsb09

    Bro you basically raped and took the innocent life of a child, all you should be doing is begging god to forgive you, either way your going to hell (I just wanna thank random TikTok links for this 😟)

  • Reply Hmmmmmm ID:71p6leo49i

    I remember when I fucked my 10 year old sister sister but she didn’t get mad now she is 18 we still fuck

  • Reply Jackie <3 ID:371en0fv0

    The hate on this wonderful story, is baffling. Suicide is never the way to go in anyway possible. But I’d say, Rape isnt really something that should be a thing… Consent should always be a must have when doing something like this. Always make sure to ask for consent to your sexual partner before going and fucking them. Other than that, this story is pretty good.

  • Reply Jay ID:71p6leo49i

    Do you still see her and how old is she and is awkward between you guys

  • Reply jacob ID:7zv3091l8j

    no suiciid li ve you life like my son brandon should have done so do not kill your salf ok live your life goodley ok thakeyou

    • hellstrand. ID:15bdv98

      Thank you.

  • Reply jacob ID:7zv3091l8j

    no suicide plz live yor life happely like my son shuld have done but he did suicide to him salf and i miss him so plz life your life good

  • Reply send me ur discord ID:vziekbsh

    i always cum while fingering my pussy to this i wish you could use me like this if i was little

    • g ID:7zv38z1b0d

      I want to use you

    • RXM ID:c0lt6tkh

      You should fucking kill yourself. You raped a little girl. However, there’s nothing you can’t do to change that, if she remembers, you just scared her for life. So just change for the better. Feel what you want to feel but have some fucking self control.

    • :) ID:5q9gj90um99

      What’s your discord?

    • Zero ID:4hv515xzj


  • Reply Anonymous ID:vziekbsh

    i always play with my pussy to this story i wish i wasnt 16 and was little so u could want me and play with me like this

  • Reply Anonymous ID:4o6yf549k

    This it sick

  • Reply Anonymous ID:4mxe5kdiz

    Ive done something like this and i had these same thoughts because i felt like i ruined her sense of worth and self image but after i looked through myself and spoke to her on the matter we resolved it and currently we are past it and choose not to speak over it anymore i dont think suicide is the right choice because your gonna mess up in life but that doesn’t mean you need to die the lost of life is the worst thing and try and think how many people in your life need you in their’s you’d be letting all those people down and your cousin might even feel like it was her fault in some way and she could go through these feeling your having but anyway what im tryna say is that you need to calm down take a breath and try and see how she feels so you can get relief and work through it

    • hellstrand ID:15bdv98

      <3 appreciate this

  • Reply beumio ID:vziekbsh

    “goodgirl” “my little princess” those are so cute

    • hellstrand ID:15bdv98

      hehe i knowww <3

  • Reply hellstrand ID:15bdv98


  • Reply hellstrand ID:15bdv98

    If anyone wants to talk about this!:

    [email protected]

    • hellstrand ID:15bdv98


    • hellstrand ID:15bdv98

      replying to see if anyone else might wanna read this.

  • Reply Tessa ID:2a74nlf18k

    This is absolutely sick

  • Reply hellstrand ID:15bdv98

    If anyone wants to talk about this:

    [email protected]

    • Concerned ID:bfw5n1cv9i

      I don’t believe there is anything wrong in the realms of fantasy but multiple studies show that actually assaulting children will cause them mental health issues for life. If this story is true, I recommend seeking professional help and removing yourself from the vicinity of any children. Also if she has family who would help the child and get her therapy, you should confess what you did so the poor child can get support and process what happened to her so she does not grow up traumatised. I don’t think you should kill yourself but she is an innocent little human who will be deeply psychologically scarred by what you did. The only way to right such a tremendously deep and wounding wrong would be to take accountability for the serious crime you have committed. It might wreck your life but it will Ave your wounded soul.

  • Reply Gonzo ID:fx7ital42

    hellstrand; I would worry about these clowns. the story it self was really good and even though I am not much on rape it still was exciting. I have actually had one that young come on to me and yes I let her have it at her pace and to this day she calls me her fav uncle even though I am not related.. Sure I might have coaxed her a little but it was all her. it could of been that way with this girl to but you got to impatient. sex is as natural as living and dying as all humans are hard wired for sex. I have seen many 9 year old’s seeking sex all on their own. if your lucky to be there at the right time it will include you. just like you did at the end I kiss there pussy and lay one on their cute butts telling them their so beautiful. they eat up the attention, respect and the compliments.

    Good luck, now go repair what you did to her making her feel special.

    • hellstrand ID:15bdv98

      Yeah I was taken over by pure hormones and excitement, next time I see her which isn’t very often, I was thinking of taking her up there again if possible and being soft and sweet to her instead, as I’m sure the fun doesn’t need to stop, I know it was scary for her and it hurt, but I will definitely be treating her right next time and I’ll be making sure she feels extra special, thanks Gonzo

    • dll ID:2c3g7uer8l

      your right had few 9 and 7 year olds ask about sex and ask play house then ask how and what mommy and daddy did to make her it can be sweet tell them and explain to them how and what they did some they want you to show them but thats another story i may share some day.

  • Reply Bad ID:hd33o4yqi


    • hellstrand ID:15bdv98

      Thanks Bad ^^

  • Reply Robbie ID:5m8hdyd1

    I’ve got to say I enjoyed reading what y’all did. Part of me thinks that’s sick and the other part of me thinks I would have loved to have done this. I will never have sex with a girl under 18 but I will forever be a curious guy. Taking a young girls virginity. Wow.

    • hellstrand ID:15bdv98

      Thanks Robbie!

  • Reply nsfwredorange ID:2vkjmtm3

    i have a simliar experience with my little sister that i’d like to share with you. we have a lot in common. i’ll send you an email. hope we can chat soon 🙂

    • hellstrand ID:15bdv98

      Sounds great, be sure to send an e-mail 🙂

  • Reply Thomas ID:7ylrenqb0i

    Nice mmmm. Don’t kill your self. Now your cousin is your bitch. Continued. Kidnapped run away with her. Keep fucking her..

    • hellstrand ID:15bdv98


  • Reply Nunya ID:173z4lfid

    Kill yourself nigga

  • Reply Hayter ID:4ke90ifzl

    Ppl like you should be put in jail. Even murderers and others would want to kill you, but death is a quick release & you should die slowly!

  • Reply Littleluv ID:bo1u6owqk

    Please please write more. This experience is so hot and reminds me of things I’ve done Must write more !!

    • hellstrand ID:15bdv98

      Thanks! Be sure to e-mail me if you wanna ask anything!

    • nsfwredorange ID:2vkjmtm3

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