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Amy Tale/s – Party Time Pt. 1

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…she rubbed her middle finger under my nose, and I smelled her “stinky pinky,” and it smelled good, and I got hungry in a way.

It’s Friday, I am leaving work at 3pm with Ken, Greg, and Clair to go to Janet’s for another pool party. The guys are excited because there is a lot for them to do, and bisex too. Clair has also become a sexual deviant, after her gangbang last time. I just want to see Janet and breathe her in some more. We arrive at 3:15, and Max, Janet, and Anthony are busy, and I will give you a guest rundown shortly.

The party starts at 3pm, but some people came as late as 5:30pm. It just depends on the person, their work, if they are wanting to swim, or just fool around. As usual there is plenty of food, drinks, and alcohol, and Janet is helping in a t-shirt over her bikini and a ponytail. Janet takes me to her bedroom, and she strips me and throws me on the bed. She wrestles with my naked body, playing around. Clair changes and I dress myself as I try to keep Janet from tickling me and pinching my ass. Janet is in a playful mood.

Last time at Janet’s party we swam for a bit and ended up with Janet in the bedroom for a long shower and I got a massage. This time Janet wants me to help her with her guests. We eat and drink under the gazebo and listen to the guys shoot the breeze about sports, video games, four wheelers, and how much fun they are going to have tonight. Clair starts talking about her problems with Michael, and Janet wants to know if Clair just wants to dump him. Clair says, yes, but there is the fun she is having with me, Ethan, and Emma; and it would just be like what happened with Amy (me) and Michael, only worse. Janet has an idea, and we will share that in its on tale.

We swim some, and before you know it all the guests have arrived. Janet is stoked about a few of them, because it is a first-time situation for them. I am just going to break down the overall guest compliment, and as we get into sex, describe them in more detail. This was my third time, but second with Janet. There are 3 white married couples, 4 single black guys, 2 single white guys, 2 single white girls, and 1 black girl. That is not including me, Janet, Clair, Ken, Greg, Max, and Anthony. Janet talks to the people, and fields their desires a little more, and unless it is just single guys wanting to fuck, she tries and determines their preference and some sort of matchmaking order. You don’t want Greg trying to stick his dick in a guy’s ass if the guy is not bisexual either.

Anthony is not bisexual. Anthony (a black mechanic that works for Max) is sort of Max and Janet’s stud horse of sorts for those white husbands wanting to see their wives fucked by a big black cock. However, tonight is different, Janet has added to her stable, and one of the black guys is James. James is the black guy from Thursday who was flashing his dick at me while trying on shoes where I work. James is 29, and really did play basketball in college. James works for one of the auto parts companies that supplies Max’s business. Janet told Max about Ethan, and you could say, Max found Janet what she wanted, and drafted James. No doubt Max promised James all the white pussy he wanted as an incentive.

One white couple was here last time for a gangbang. Janet is excited because one of the other white couple’s husband wants his wife to fuck a big black cock for the first time; and this is her first time cuckolding her husband too. Now there is no guarantee people will hit it off with other people. For instance, one of the white girls is less than beautiful, but she wants to have a lesbian encounter (probably with a pretty girl, because she already looks like lesbian is her only option). However, in my mind (and my friends), unless less than beautiful hooks up with one of the other guests, she might be settling for a chair and a finger, because me, Janet, and Clair are not interested.

It is just after dark, and Janet compels me and Clair to swim with her. Ken and Greg and 3 of the single guys, and one of the white couples is swimming. Janet is being playful with me again, and she pins me against the pool wall and starts kissing me. She is kissing and getting handsy, and she manages to work her hands into the straps on my bathing suit. She pulls it down to my waist and then causes me to upend in the water, where she manages to remove my one piece. I am naked in the pool in front of everybody. I am covering my breasts and shouting at Janet who has fled with my suit. I compel Clair to get me a towel, and I get out.

I was going into the house, but Janet stopped me. Janet strips naked and grabs me and kisses me and apologizes. Next thing I know Ken and Greg are skinny dipping, and it sort of spread to most everyone else except for one couple that wasn’t even dressed to swim (and Max, Anthony, and James who are hosting). I can really only follow me and what I see, but some ass grabbing, and dick sucking got started, and Janet gets me to swim naked in the pool with her. Janet gets me up on a float, and she starts eating my pussy. The less than beautiful white girl swims up and starts rubbing my breasts. It is not that she is totally ugly, she is just sort of manly not feminine, and big, not fat. I look at her arms and she has like, black hair on her forearms, bushy black eyebrows, and thick black hair on her head. She got the hair gene.

All the sudden Janet spins the float, and my pussy ends up in front of less than beautiful, and Janet grabs my breast and starts rubbing. Less than beautiful dives into my pussy, and fuck, she had a long ass tongue, and she could eat some pussy. This butch bitch was the poster girl for flannel wearing female lumbersexuals, but she was a good pussy eater. I started fucking moaning loudly. Somehow her top lip was rubbing my clit, and her long tongue was in my hole tickling the shit out of the top of the inside of my pussy. Her mouth formed a connection from her top lip, all the way down inside my pussy to the tip of her tongue. I orgasmed, and I would have fell in the water convulsing but she-man, wrapped her arms around my ass and waist and was holding her mouth to my pussy, and Janet stabilized my head on the float.

Less than beautiful kept going and I cascade orgasmed for like 2 minutes and had to stop her by screaming. I went under the water in embarrassment because everyone saw it, and I looked at less than beautiful’s pussy. It was huge and hairy, big hips than seemed not to curve and big thighs, midriff, and upper body. She was not fat, just manly but with a big pussy. Janet grabbed me and said, was that good? I told Janet that less than beautiful has a unique technique and a very long tongue. I was less than beautiful’s coming out first for the night, but a number of other girls ended up getting their pussy’s eaten by less than beautiful, including Janet and Clair. I was her demonstration, and the other girls took note. I saw her and the black girl later locked up in a bed, and the black girl looked like she was trying to eat less than beautiful’s big hairy pussy.

Janet and I went upstairs and showered and dried our hair, and just put on a t-shirt and flip flops because Janet was excited about the white coupled that did not swim. I think it was the husband’s idea, but he wanted his wife to get fucked by a black guy. Janet said this almost always backfires on the husband, and that I would love being there. I thought back to my first time here and the gangbang, and it did backfire on my ex-husband too. Janet nicknamed what happened to me the “gangbang break-up.” Janet said that 90% of gangbang fantasies for husbands wanting to see their wives endure such a thing ends in a divorce. Janet said, with a little tweaking of the gangbang, you can almost guarantee a divorce.

The white couple was in one of the guest rooms alone waiting on Janet, and we went in. Janet was asking them about what they expected, especially size of cock. Of course, the husband wanted to see his wife take a big one. The white wife was pretty, a brunette with barrettes in her hair on both sides and it was shoulder length. She was little taller than me, and she had nice size breasts from what I could tell through her top. She had sexy legs, feet, and toes, and looked like a housewife. The couple had been married for over 12 years out of college, so mid to late 30’s is my guess on age.

Janet came back with one of the black guests and she made Anthony, and James wait in the hall. They were all in shorts. The black guest came in and Janet shut the door and he showed his cock to the couple. He wasn’t as big as Anthony’s 10” cock, but he was close to 9” with a pretty good girth. The husband was impressed, probably because it was bigger than his. The husband asked Janet, are the other guys bigger? Janet made the black guy leave after the husband said that before she answered. Janet asked the wife, it is up to you, is that what you were looking for? The wife glared at her husband (like all this was his idea), and looked at Janet, and she said, are the other guys bigger?

Janet took me out into the hall and shut the door, and she pointed at another door and told me to see if Clair was in there and bring her here. Janet took the black guest that had showed the couple his cock to another room. I opened the door and less than beautiful was eating Clair’s pussy and getting fucked by one of the black guys. The black girl was kissing on Clair’s tits and getting fucked by one of the single white guys. I told Clair to come here, and she got up. We were waiting on Janet in the hall, and Janet came back and took Anthony in the white couple’s room and shut the door still in the hall. Janet went over to James, pulled his limp 12” cock out, and shook it at Clair and said, do you want to play with this? Clair said, yes, and she took James back into the room she was in.

Janet led me back into the couple’s room, and she told the wife that she would like Anthony. [I asked Janet later about all that, and Janet said, I have experience with this, and I just knew what to do by the way the couple was acting]. Now the wife was looking at me funny for some reason, but I just tried to ignore it. Janet said to the wife, do you want to just go one on one with Antony and start, or what do you want to do? The wife was looking at me again, and now Janet was looking at her looking at me. Then the wife said, you’re the woman on the float, that orgasmed in the pool? I said, yeeees. The wife said, do you like girl-on-girl sex? I said, yes. The wife looked at Janet and said, is she on the menu too? Janet sits on the corner of the bed and crosses her legs and says, she sure is. The wife said, can I start with her? Janet said, you sure can.

Now Janet started talking to the husband, and he did not know his wife wanted lesbian sex. Janet was eating this up, she loved watching the unexpected happen. Janet asked the wife, are you still going to want Anthony? The wife said, yes, but I want to start with her, and Janet said, Amy, her name is Amy. The wife said, I want to start with Amy. The wife walked up to me and ran her hands up into my t-shirt and grabbed my soft bouncy tits and rubbed them, and she leaned in and kissed me. The husband sat down in a chair. The wife took my shirt off and began kissing my breasts. Janet had removed Anthony’s shorts and they were both sitting on the corner of the bed, and Janet was stroking his cock and watching us. I reached for the wife’s shirt to remove it, and she stopped me and sat me on the bed.

The wife took her shirt off and tossed it at her husband, and then she undid her bra, and tossed it too. She rubbed her tits, and they were a little bigger than mine and nice. The wife unbuttoned her shorts, and she took them and her panties off together and tossed them at her husband. She had a nice figure and pretty pussy area with a landing strip cut. It looked good on her figure and white complexion, and her creases were well defined between thigh and pussy. She also had a small colorful butterfly tattoo next to her pussy above the crease of her left thigh. She straddled and sat on my lap and lightly motorboated her tits in my face slowly, and I grabbed them, and rubbed and kissed them, and I licked and sucked her nipples. She was watching me intently. The wife reached down in between her legs to my pussy and rubbed my pussy hair, and then ran her finger inside my pussy and back out to my pussy lips and began fingering my clit. I could tell by the sliding of her finger I was very wet.

The wife pulled her hand back up and rubbed her middle finger under her nose and then stuck it in her mouth and sucked it. I was still giving my attention to her breasts but watching her sample my goods. The wife then ran her hand down her body to her pussy and fingered herself. She pulled her hand back up causing me to stop kissing on her breasts, and she rubbed her middle finger under my nose, and I smelled her “stinky pinky,” and it smelled good, and I got hungry in a way. The wife then pushed her finger in my mouth, and I sucked her pussy wetness off her finger. See Amy Tale/s – Party Time Pt. 2 (Interracial Foursome), for the rest.

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    Thank you, I try to just write what I remember, but I do take into account a certain tease factor. If you have any fantasies you would like based on my circle of sex friends, let me know for my new fantasy fiction series.

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    Dam this is good the sex started slowly in in the story but the character development was great..