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Simon’s Birthday Surprise

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An orphan boy who gets bullied and gets a surprise birthday present. (Includes people with aids)

There was once a young shy boy of 14, soon to be 15 who was in a foster home with other orphaned and abandoned difficult children.
His name was Simon. He was an unpopular child made even worse as in the council foster home you were left to your own devices and Simon could be bullied at any moment.
He did have one friend, Michael that he secretly fancied. He thought he was just going through a phase but anyway couldn’t show his real feelings or it would have made his life unbearable and he still had at least four more years living in the home until the council absolved all responsibility for him.
There was one adult that noticed how vulnerable Simon was and that was Samantha, a volunteer that came in to help out and care for the teenagers and give them love and support when they needed it.
If she was around Simon generally felt safe as the others acted like everyone was friends with each other.
One day Simon was caught wanking over a picture of his friend Michael. “Hey what you doing there shouted one of the bullies”
Oh nothing! Yea I bet said the bully pulling the picture away from him. You fancy Michael don’t you? You fucking Little gay boy!
Simon pulled the picture back. “Hey that’s mine!“ He said. The bully fell back and hit his head. “Ahhh you’ll pay for that!” And he stumbles away crying.
Simons days at the foster home grew worse with the bullying.
The only time he was happy was when he was in bed thinking of sucking cock and getting fucked.
One day Samantha came to visit. I’m afraid that I won’t be here much longer as I will be moving to another part of the country soon.
Simon was sad she was going to leave. “It’s your birthday soon isn’t it?” She whispered in his ear. I’m going to make sure you have a special day. She gave Simon a big hug. “You are such a brave little man.”
Simon didn’t understand what she meant by this but he looked forward to his present.
The day of Simons birthday came around. It was also Samantha’s last day. She had invited him to go to a local cinema about half a mile away and told him to go through the park.
It was getting dark as he went through the park when he noticed that some people were following behind him.
Simon panicked and started to run but he tripped and the two men grabbed him and dragged him off into a waiting van where they drugged him and he passed out.
When Simon awoke he found himself to be naked on his hands and knees with a mouth gag keeping his mouth open
In front of him was a television and to his left by his hand there was a remote control saying press me.
His finger could just about press the button and the television came on.
It was a recording of Samantha. Hi Simon! I Hope you didn’t mind all this, quite erotic isn’t it? she giggles. This was the only way I could set up your special birthday present.
I’m sorry I couldn’t be here in person but by the time you see this recording I will be a couple of hundred miles away heading north to my new job.
Anyway I have been talking to all your friends in the foster home. Friends? Simon thought I have no real friends any more!
Samantha continued, They told me how you like to visit the public toilets and suck cock and swallow cum and take cock in your ass. Don’t worry, there is no shame in being gay! She said in her sweet little voice.
Simon couldn’t believe what was being said. He was still an innocent virgin!
Ok gentlemen you can come out now she says. Ten men then come out and stood around Simon.
Now it took a lot of effort to arrange this so I hope you enjoy being fucked by all these georgeous men in your mouth and ass.
I didn’t know what you like so I got white guys, big black guys, mixed race guys.
Now, your friends told me you had HIV. I’m so sorry to hear that. It must be difficult for you.
Simon panics what the hell?
Don’t worry all these men have HIV/full blown aids as well so you can all just have fun she says with a little smile on her face.
Ok guys Samantha says. Don’t spill a drop. I want every drop of cum to be unloaded in my friends mouth and ass she giggles.
It’s his birthday today and I want my special friend here to be fucked hard.
Nooo! Simon thought.
Well, take care Simon she says wistfully. This will be the last time you see me. Have fun. She waves and blows him a kiss and then the recording stops.
The men start to talk about who goes first and then the first two step up, one sliding his black meat in Simons mouth and the other slides his cock white in the lads tight ass.
He whimpers as he is being fucked harder and harder until the point of no return as they then unload their poisonous cum seed splattering in his mouth and ass. His life now changed and shortened considerably with the virus as he gulps the load down his throat and accepts it in his ass.
More men take their turn filling him up and his bum is coated in cum as he Is continually forced to swallow the dirty cum In his mouth down his throat.
After an hour of hard fucking the lad is exhausted.
They undo the restraints slightly and leave, leaving Simon to get his breath back after the marathon special Birthday fucking session he will remember forever.
Thanks Samantha he says. My life is now changed forever.

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