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Dominated By A Kid (Matthew)

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I corrupt the young boy I was babysitting to fuck me. (Story is only a fantasy)

Tonight I was supposed to babysit a young boy who was ten.

His name was Matthew and he had the tendency to pull on pranks and not respect anything.

His parents had wanted the weekend off before they could outburst. So, they called for me and promised a lot of money if I could survive the week-end.

Of course I accepted.

Now that they left after giving a forceful hug to Matthew, he was already running back upstairs for who knew what.

I shook my head but mentally I was preparing myself to corrupt the kid. I just needed to wake up his male side for him to rape me good.

As I nodded to myself, I heard him coming back down with his water pistol and before I could utter a word he started shooting at me.

“Hey ! Stop doing that !” I tried to protect myself, more my face than the rest of my body and Matthew only laughed as he kept shooting.

“You peed yourself !” He yelled as he shoot on my crotch before running away again.

I blinked in stupor, looking down at myself, wet from neck to toes.

Well, it was a good thing I didn’t wear my bra. My pink nipples were now perked and stuck to my wet shirt, color weakly visible. While my dark blue short bottoms was just wet.

But I needed to act angry and oblivious to my wet shirt.

“Matthew !” I yelled and went upstairs where he was clearly waiting to prank me again.

Matthew didn’t respond but I could hear his giggles from his parent’s room.

I walked in after toying with my nipples to make them hard and fakely looked around. “Matthew ! Come out, we need to talk about what you just did.”

I slowly kneeled down and bend over to look under the bed, he wasn’t there. But there was some randoms toys down there and I instinctively tried to reach and pull them out of their poor misery.

A noise startled me out and I bumped my head against the bed while hands roughly pulled down my short bottoms.

“Hey—” but I cut myself with a surprised noise when something cold was roughly shoved against my cunt.

And then something wet and cold spilled in making me moan and jerk.

He was using his stupid water pistol to fuck me.

Matthew laughed and kept shooting water in my cunt, making me spasm each time, “You’re peeing for real !”

He started shoving deeper the tip, using one hand to spread my ass while my thighs were shaking.

“Matthew stop ngh—” I begged, I wanted his dick not some dumb toy, but the fact he was doing whatever he wanted turned me on.

So I didn’t fight back, instinctively rocking my hips until he pulled out and shoved it in my ass.

“Ah !” I gasped as the wet coldness overtook me.

Matthew laughed more, “What if you pee with your butt ?”

My slick and the water dripped down my thighs as my orgasm started building up.

God, I was about to cum from a dumb toy in my ass.

He kept shooting in while I rocked against it and soon I moaned lewdly as I squirted on the floor.

Matthew paused while I panted trying to calm my breathing.

When he didn’t move, I came out from under the bed, sitting on my ass, thighs spread and nipples perking.

“My peepee feels weird.”

I looked at him hiding his crotch, his eyes going between my nipples and my cunt.

“What ? Why ?” I asked in fake confusion, I needed him to make the first move.

Matthew frowned, and showed his growing bulge, “It’s because of you, now you have to help me or I’ll tell my parents.”

Good, he knew I could help him.

I swallowed thickly as he came closer, and pulled down his pants and his boxer.

I automatically drooled at his virgin hard dick, “Please don’t tell your parents or I could get in trouble.”

Matthew seemed to understand he had the upper hand because he smirked.

“Then you better do everything I want the week-end.”

I nodded at him and held on his dick, made him jerk in surprise. He reflexively bucked his hips in my hand with a moan and I opened my mouth, lolled out my tongue for him to shoot right in.

I quickly sucked on his dick to take the rest of his sperm, delighted. He kept snapping his hips despite having already cum, holding on my head roughly.

“What is— what happened—” he whined and couldn’t stop using my mouth for his pleasure, “— feel so good !”

My tongue rubbed against his shaft, playing with the tip and then he pulled out, his dick now soft, panting.

I opened my mouth to show his sperm tainting my mouth before swallowing.

His cock jerked in interest.

“When a boy is old enough he can make this white stuff which is called sperm,” I trailed, “it’s to say he’s now a big boy and can get girls to have babies.”

He swallowed, “A baby ?”

I nodded, “You can get me pregnant.”

“You’re gonna be pregnant ?”

I shook my head, my cunt pulsing hot, “No, to have a baby you need to shoot your white stuff here,” I spread my folds apart to show a hole.

Matthew was almost drooling as he kneeled to look at my cunt.

I gasped when he pushed a finger in my hole and pulled out to find slick tainting it.

“Why is it so wet ?”

“It’s because earlier you played with it and my body got ready to be bred.”

“Does that mean you want to get pregnant by me ?”


I frowned hesitant, “But you’re too young— you can’t do this— ngh oh—” I moaned when he shoved the tip of his pistol in my drooling hole.

“But I’m a big boy now !” He thrusted his toy in roughly, I spasmed in pleasure.

“No Matthew— ngh do you want to oh— be a papa ? Ah !”

“You promised you’ll do everything I want now !” He threw his toy away and pounced on me, grabbing on my breasts and rubbing his slowly hardening dick on my cunt.

I mewled, this was it yes ngh— “No— Matthew please ! Don’t put it in !”

I was limply on the floor, leaning on my elbows while he humped my cunt in desperate thrusts.

“You want to be bred by me ! So I’ll breed you !” His cock kept catching on my clit sending me incoherent and he roughly toyed with my hard nipples.

This young boy now knew exactly how to treat girls. A breeding hole to use and a slave to men.

His cock was driving me crazy and I threw my head back when he finally slipped in, shoving it all in one go.

I squirted hard and screamed in pleasure while Matthew didn’t stop pistoning his hips driving me to overstimulation. “So warm and tight inside—”

“Uh uh uhn uh—” I mewled at being pounded like there was no tomorrow.

He fucked me with rough and sloppy thrusts while sucking on my nipple, “I will be daddy and you will be mommy !”

I couldn’t keep up my act, nodding while drooling dumbly, “Yes ! Breed me ! Teach me a lesson !”

He raped my cunt with force, clearly trying to reach my womb and fill it with his sperm. “I’m gonna put babies in you !”

Matthew hit my sweet spot all of a sudden and then he was hitting the place all the time sending me dumbly mewling, eyes rolled back.

“Take this !” He ordered and shot his sperm deep in my cunt making me squirt again, head thrown back and body shaking.

He panted as he laid on top of me before kneeling back, staring at the sperm oozing out of my fluttering hole in awe.

This was going to be a great week-end.

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    Get help

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      Or maybe even milk his cock for all its worth fucking him all night

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    I really love when little brats force older women. Wish their are more story like this.

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    I like this story

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