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Love my nephew

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I love wanking off my little nephew, hes such a big boy.

I went upstairs to use the bathroom while his mother was downstairs cooking in the kitchen, when I left the bathroom I glanced down the staircase to check no one was coming up and I walked across the landing and in to Lee’s bedroom.

He was on the floor building things with his Lego bricks, he smiled at me when I walked in, I closed the door most of the way and then sat on the edge of his bed, I ruffled my hand through his hair as I walked by him, “Come here then.” I said, he pushed himself up to his feet and walked over, I helped him up to sit on my lap, he facing away from me and I had my hands around his little waist and give him a kiss on the cheek.

I shimmied down his shorts and lifted his Spider-Man T-shirt up a little and then fondled his little balls, “I’ve missed you. I haven’t seen you in a while. Are you okay?” I said, he tilted his head back so he could see my face, he smiled cutely and nodded, “Yeah.” He replied.

He had the biggest little cock I’d ever seen, bigger than average for an 11 year old, when it was nice and hard I spat on my hand for a bit of lubrication and I tugged on his cock, squeezing it tight and tugging it fast, I felt his little ass shifting around on my lap as he began to breath more rapidly.

I put my hand under his chin and tilted his head back, I licked his lips with my tongue and then pressed my lips to his and we tongue wrestled, he was a sweet kisser, so inexperienced but yummy, shortly afterward he started to make those cute little winey sounds and fidgeting in my lap, we both stared at his cock when his spunk spirted out of the top and shot across the floor, “Woooow.” I cheered, “Good boy.” I said.

I licked off some of his spunk that had dripped on to my fingers and I pulled his shorts back up and pulled his top back down, “All better?” I asked, he always loved his auntie Jess wanking him off when I came to visit, I kissed him on the top of his head and put him back on the floor, he went back to playing with his toys.

I straightened myself up and went downstairs to help his mother in the kitchen.

I so love wanking his little todger, he’s such a good boy, and a big boy, won’t be long before I’ll have the chance to fuck his balls off. One day. One day it will happen.

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  • Reply Barry

    A beautiful little story

    • Donald

      I was babysitting six year old boy and jacking him off an he cum it shot four feet into the air. The next time I suck him off he cum in my mouth I love his cum. I let him fuck some four and five girls and let him cum into them. He love to do it.

    • Dirty gal

      Love this
      I’m so horny

    • Dirty gal

      Tell us more please

  • Reply Sweetjuicexx

    Great story! Keep them coming please.


    Great story do part 2