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My new neighbor Diane #1

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New neighbors move in a few houses down the street. My wife becomes friends with them, and I end up getting a new sexy afterhours plaything.

One week end my wife Kath, talked me into meeting our new neighbors that she has become good friends with. It was just after I had got back from a two-day company meeting in which her sister had attended it with me. Again, both of us had shared a room and bed because that was all that was available, at least as far as she knew it was. I fucked clueless Donna numerous times those two nights. My sister-in-law would wake hung over each morning only to have no memory of my fun with her. My nieces were quite busy now with all their school activities, it was hard to schedule alone times with the two of them, so I looked forward to new.
When Bob and Diane came for supper, I had a tough time not staring at her. She was quite the sexy looker. She was 31, had long black hair down to her waist, 5′ 2″, 105 lbs., and a real hot body. I could not keep from getting hard when I looked at her which both she and Kath noticed. Both Diane and Bob were in sales and had to adjust traveling so that their 13-year-old daughter, Valerie would not be left all alone so much. We all had lots to talk about with our busy lives.
As time went by, I got to know a lot about Diane and Valerie. I found out though Kath that Diane and Bob were having issues between them. Bob was becoming distant and traveling a lot more. Valerie was a freshman and in sports at school which kept her very busy. She was on the socker and volleyball teams. As time went on, I would kick the ball around with her in our yard and we became friends with me attending most of her games. Diane loved the interest that I showed her daughter, it made up for her father’s so many absents. I carefully began training little Valerie like I had of my two nieces. But for now, Valeries mother was my main focus. What had to happen was for both her husband and my wife to be gone for a few days. Also, Valerie had to be staying at a friend’s or her grandparents overnight. Diane was use too me stopping over and she would stop by me for visits even when Kathy was gone on the road. I was aways helping her in which she was grateful.
As time went on, the opportunity finally came that Diane would be all alone for a few days, so I took complete advantage of that. Both Bob and Kath were on the road for a few days. Valerie was gone to her grandparents for the whole weekend and Diane had invited me for supper since she was all alone. I got to her home around 6 PM, I had brought a bottle of southern comfort along for drinks. Diane was wearing jeans and sweater, she did not usually wear a bra, her breasts were firm and did not need the support. We always had something to talk about. Tonight, she had brought up the up why my sister-in-law was always going with me to meetings with me. And wondered why Kath would be Ok with that all the time. I had got Donna her job with the company and we both had to attend out of town for our meetings. I always drove so that her girls had a car to use. Besides we each had our own room and had different meetings that we attended each day. That stopped her concerns for now. We finished dinner and I helped her clean up. After we sat in the living room and visited while drinking our old fashions. Diane was not good at holding her drinks. I drugged her second drink with the Ambien, usually 2 and a half pills doe’s it for all my girls. It was not long until Diane words were slurred, and she struggled to stay awake. It was not even 9 PM yet and she was becoming oblivious to my voice and movements towards her.
I went to her and pulled her up to her feet. Diane mumbled senselessly as I held her up. I walked her to her bedroom; she stumbled all the way with me. Once there I sat her on the edge of her bed and pulled her sweater up over her head. She babbled all the while unaware that her firm pointed breasts were naked for me to touch and look at. Diane just flopped back on to her back and I unbuttoned her jeans, grabbed the cuffs and pulled. They slid right off her smooth silky legs; I tossed them and hooked the waist band of her thongs. Diane mumbled all the time I was sliding them off of her. I stood back admiring my lovely naked prize laying in front of me. Dianes skin was covered with goosebumps, her nipples shriveled up two hard erect points. Her cunt was hairless with puffy lips and clit. I had a huge hard on, I got out of my clothes as quickly as I could and joined my new partner in bed. I kissed Dianes mouth and started sucking her moist tongue into mine, then worked down her neck to her breasts. Diane was loudly moaning as my mouth hungerly licked and sucked her silky skin. Downward over her very flat tummy traveling until my mouth found her cunt. I pushed Dianes thighs wide apart so that my tongue sank between her lips into her vagina. She began to twist and turn under my attack, her chest heaved up and down, her hands gripped my head and pulled me tighter against her cunt. Diane moaned with pleasure grinding her cunt against my face. It was not long until she started to come arching her back high as I ate her out. I moved up kissing her mouth and push her legs wide apart until the head of my erection made contact with her wet hot open vagina. I pushed in, Dianes cunt was really tight as I began to enter her. Oh no, oh no, she moaned as I slowly sank in, I scooped up under her thighs and thrusted hard.
Diane let out a loud cry as half of my thick cock stretched her open. She was panting hard as more and more of my 9-inch cock entered her. Slowly I began to fuck her pushing more and more of my length into her hole. Diane was moaning and panting until she felt my cock hit her hard cervix. No, no, no, please, Diane moaned and mumbled. She twisted and moved under me as I thrusted into her. I moved her ankles up to my shoulders gaining deeper depths inside her. My heavy full balls whack against her ass cheeks as I forcefully fucked her. It was not long until I started to come, I soon had my sperm over filling her vagina and was oozing out as I kept fucking her. I came again making a gooey mess of her bottom and soon collapsed down on to Diane’s small twitching body. After a rest I fucked Diane again and again until that tight cunt of hers was taking all 9 inches of my thick hard cock completely inside her. It was about 3 in the morning to when I stopped and cleaned up Dianes body. I covered up all I could so that Diane would hopefully be clueless in the morning of what had happened.
I left locked up and walked home to get some much-needed sleep. I hoped I would find a very clueless Diane when I saw her tomorrow. I was planning for another sex filled night and looked forward to fucking her again. It was exciting to have sex with an oblivious unknowing partner and it was great to have one so close to home. The fact that she had a young daughter was a real plus to look forward too.

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    Not for me

  • Reply nitecaptain ID:3yw3mjdm2

    Diane is currently one of my latest conquests. Since Donna and my nieces my cock was about 8 and a half inches. But it’s now grown to 9 inches because of all the herbs, vitamins and exercises that it now receives. You guys should all try it. I have a very active sex life now, it’s even more so than in my teen and college years. With Diane living so close and both of our spouses on the road a lot, Diane fills my sister-in-law and niece voids.

  • Reply 6924cm ID:zddce9fia

    Your stories are nice but your dick seems to grow in each one

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    Absolutely, amazing story