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Addicted to my sons cum

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Raising a teenage son alone is a hard task on its own .
Because as soon as they hits up their puberty they become too much horny .

We live in a two bedroom apartment. His father left me and my son a few years ago when he was 9 . It’s wasn’t going on well between us so we both mutually decided to be apart . The task was that who is going to keep the kid as I was very much attached to my son I decided to keep him with me .

So he is 16 years old a well built physique tall and strong . As we share a single bathroom . Till he was small I used to bath him wash him and I use to see his cock it was big for his age . After he was 10 I never bathed him . During his Christmas holidays he was in home all the day .So one Sunday he was in the shower and after he finished I went to take the shower . I found some public hairs in the bathroom and I guessed he might have shaved down there . This made me curious how big his thing has might grown up . I just shaked my head and made myself stable and thought what I am thinking of and took a shower . So I came out and went near my laundry basket to do the laundry and saw my son throwing something quickly in the basket and running towards his room . I went near and saw he threw my panties which I wore last night and have just put them down there before going to shower . I took my pink panties and felt warm wet liquid coming out of that . What ??? What ?? Is that what I think ? Why my panties ? Certain questions were in my going on my head then I saw the liquid was running through my finger . I felt really wet down in my pussy my clit tingled out what’s this feeling I imagined but I wasn’t in the state . I don’t know what happened to me I went again in the bathroom with those cum of my son on my panties . I sat there imagined what might he be thinking does he wants me have he licked my dirty panties . The smell of fresh seeds of my son was driving me crazy . As i was touching my sons seed my left hand went down in my pussy I just started rubbing my clit and then put some fingers in it smelling those mess my son has made in my panties . I was moaning like hell . Within a minute . I was reaching my climax what dove me I licked my sons mess and as soon as I did that I had my best orgasm of my life . It was pretty intense .

Till that date every thing was normal but things now began to change . I was seeing my son in a different way . I would try to peek into his room .

So I started to wear only T-shirts in home so that my bare ass could be visible to my son . And I noticed he was checking on me . And I loved that . So in the morning after breakfast I found my son near the laundry basket and realised he might have stolen my panties which I have just took out before shower . This feeling just turned me on . I thought to take a peek into my son’s room . As I tried to peek through the key hole I saw my son was half naked with my panties in his hand . He was smelling my panties this made me go crazy out I knelled down near his door looking through the key hole . I was getting wet down there . Then I saw he was licking it and he pulled down his underwear and brought the thing I was eagerly waiting for . There I saw my son’s huge cock and I was numb . It was big it was really big . It might be 6.5 inches . O my god he is so gifted like his dad but his is bigger than his dad . I put Down two fingers in my cunt as he stroked his big dick with licking my panties my fingers were wet just think how crazy and erotic seen it might be for me . He stroked it for some times the he put my panties in the bed and started to rub his big ummm cock on the crotch area of my panties where my pussy was placed some times ago . He was pumping hard on that so as I started fingering myself even harder . I was controlling my moaning but I could hear his saying fuck mom your pussy is so good then he exploded in to my panties it was 6 shots of streams by looking that seeds coming out of my son made me squirt down there and I was uncontrolled I squirted a lot and during my last jet I just can’t control my moaning and I moaned . My legs were shaky . Listening my moaning my son looked towards the door and he started to wear his pants . I was afraid as I squirted all over the floor and might be my son coming toward the door at any moment so i left that watery mess I made and ran to my room . I heard the door of my son opened and he call out mom were you there . I didn’t answered . There was some silence out there . After some time I heard the door closed . I came out of my room I went near his door and cleaned my mess . I was sure he have sawn these . Did he know what this was ! My mind thought let it be . Let’s see what’s next .

I went near the bathroom to clean up but I saw my panties that he was using was there . I took them and opened that and saw my sons fresh seed . I took them to my room . The smell was so good and so fresh . I find my self lucky how many mom get to touch their sons cum and with their panties . This drove me I was again getting wet I pulled down my panties and was completely naked with those cum full of panties in my right hand . It’s so much . It’s so thick . I just touched my son’s seed with my younger and I was down to my bed . What came in my Mind I wore those messy panties with my son’s seed . It touched my pussy wow this warm feeling down there . My son’s cum was all over my pussy and it was getting down near my butthole it made me even crazier . I rubbed my panties and his sperm was all over my place I didn’t bothered I put my fingers sidelining my panties . My finger were full of his cum . I was fingering to my sons cum wow this feeling was amazing . The place where he was born form is getting his own sons seed .thinking about his cock It drove me even crazy . I was moaning like hell and I came over and made a big mess I didn’t bothered about that . In the next moment I decided by hook or by cook I want my sons cock in my pussy . That umm big cock .

So after all that in that afternoon I decide to put a new pair of panties on the door way after lunch so that he might notice that and take it with him and use it . I was damn sure my boy will lift up mommy’s panties and will surely stroke to it and as I guessed after lunch I didn’t found my panties in the doorway . I ran toward his room and I found out the door was a bit open . I realised he might have guessed I was in the morning moaning there . So I peeked through the door and saw with dim light my son was stroking his cock with my panties covered his face . O my god his cock I was mad it was rock hard . So I knelled there as I did in the morning . Pulled out my nighty to my thighs sided my panties and started fingering my wet pussy . He started making his hand speed faster I knew what was coming next . I couldn’t control I opened the door . He was on the way to cum he didn’t bothered he was in his zone he made his hand speed even faster seeing me with my panties on his face . He came all over his body it was 8 to 9 jets of cum and it was even more than the morning cum . After releasing he came into sense and tried covering his dick with a blanket . And said mom it’s my private space you should knock before coming in …

To be continued

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  • Reply Jaru ID:45xxjt9nv9i

    I would love to know your nasty sex stories with your son Mommy

  • Reply Tina ID:7ylren4oic

    Screw these other comments, make hints that you want that cock up your cunt.i have been doing the nasty with my son and its the best sex ever.

    • Embarrassed1 ID:61nk6qgvqr9

      Ya you are right darling

  • Reply Cracksniffer ID:16oigapfv9d

    Do girls like boy’s smelly used underpants too? It’s something they don’t mention much, whereas boys have dirty panties on the brain!

    • Mike ID:6qau5vn20b

      Email me [email protected]. I’ve done several family members

  • Reply Jesse ID:28as7a6uhm

    sounds like your a great mom though, you should start giving him your panties you masturbate in and tell him to let you watch him jerk off.

    • Cappy ID:1a4kzeo38i

      Boys, pretty much all boys I think, love sniffing and tasting used panties. At home or at friends houses. Moms panties smell the best, especially moms who wear their panties all day & night and masturbate in them. Boys, and men LOVE those panties to smell and masturbate with. Moms who leave their used panties easily available are well loved.

  • Reply Jesse ID:28as7a6uhm

    Similar thing happened to me but it was my moms best friend. I would stay the night there quite often growing up, she would leave a mess all over the place and I would constantly find her dirty panties all over the place. as i got older i would masturbate and taste them, cuming in her panty drawer. One evening she caught me with a pair of her panties by where i had been sleeping at. SHe made me pull my pants down and show her exactly what i do with her panties. She then sat on my face and would ride my face until she came. Have some wild stories with her for sure

    • Cappy ID:1a4kzeo38i

      When I was young, I had a friend who would cum on his moms used panties, in her panty drawer, in her coffee, all over her food. Even on her leg when she was drunk once. Boys are horny. Moms are right there. It happens. His mom never caught him, that I know about.

  • Reply Cappy ID:1a4kzeo38i

    This is a very good story. I love it.

    • Embarrassed1 ID:61nk6qgvqr9

      Thanks alot

  • Reply [email protected] ID:2vfibiky49i

    Loved that story and love a mother in need of her son. Session or email would love to know more . Embarrassed1

  • Reply Sam ID:60ab4fy8k

    Key hole ruined it. Do you live in a castle? Who still has doors with keyholes, makes it seem fake.

    • Cappy ID:1a4kzeo38i

      Sam, lots of older houses still have the original door hardware.
      And people who restore those old houses find old hardware to put back into the houses.

  • Reply BRITNEY ID:1df0k80uvhff

    This story reminds me when my 14 year old nephew jerked off a huge load of his sperm right into the gusset crotch area of my favorite expensive , Waldron pantyhose , it was fucking gross ! Britney

  • Reply Cowboy ID:1dv2gjit5kgy

    Hi 😊 I love mys son’s cum from his used condoms if any mom’s wants to text preferd 925-917-3729

  • Reply Anon ID:juywp79zyud

    If this is a true story from 1 mom to another sweetie you need to walk to n his room naked 1 night wake his ass up with a bj and once he does tell him mom needs a good fucking both of you wont forget it

    • Steve ID:2vjp9dv0

      Are you speaking from experience

    • Daddy2 ID:1d99cmh5qyqg

      Is this something that you have done.

  • Reply Cracksniffer ID:2dd0wlevql

    At 16, a boy likes to leave his sticky cum in lots of places – dirty panties, door handles, food, toilet seats,pillowcases and wherever!!

  • Reply Lauren ID:jvxbqwrmgno

    I’m addicted to my dads cum, we’ve been active since pre-teen and still very active

    • De ID:1com7u18nknn

      Lucky guy

    • Brian ID:1dj16zi5qzgd

      My step daughter caught me masterbating once and asked if I needed help. She was 18 at the time so she came in and finished me off with her mouth.

    • Older guy for fun ID:5nsms2p27kp

      Lauren I would love to chat with you sometime. Add me on SC if you want to play with an older guy. Daddyisback6996

    • B ID:1ck8m0wok7f9

      That’s just hot lauren

  • Reply Nawtymom ID:1dqr7jm5nki0

    This is a deliciously arousing story! Can’t wait to rehearsal the rest of this!

    • Lauren ID:jvxbqwrmgno

      I agree with you 100%

    • Faro ID:1e1fth6sucjm

      Great story with a wonderfully dirty set up for chapter 2

    • Faro ID:1e1fth6sucjm

      How are you with sharing your stories one on one

    • Embarrassed1 ID:61nk6qgvqr9

      Thank you 🩷

  • Reply Hornygirl22 ID:6e38dxv1

    Such a hot story!🔥💦

    • Lauren ID:jvxbqwrmgno

      Definitely a hot story

    • Like a rock ID:bh5p6q2m9i

      Would you like to chat do you have kik