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Lesbian with my daughter

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i saw a nude unknow redhead girl in a 69position to be above from an other nude girl and lick deep a hairy pussy but soon recognize the licking pussy

I am helen a 40gearsold mature brown long hair with blue eyes big breasts 1,70height i am married with jason and we have two daughters joan 16years old and kate12yearsold i read all stories in this site and i take decision to write my real story, in my secret life i am bisexual jason is working as captain in ships and he leaves for months most times and then i discovered my other side with women first not my daughter.
It was wedsday i was out to shop in supermarket some things for house when i return i found door unlocked someone of girls return i was thinking two schoolbags was in sofa a little diffycult to be here and two girls for this i go up to stairs and i go to their bedroom i could hear moans from bedroom i wonder what are they doing i go loud and slowly start open the door to not scare them but instead of my girls i saw a nude unknow redhead girl in a 69position to be above from an other nude girl and lick deep a hairy pussy but soon recognize the licking pussy of the little flower tatto in right thigh it was my first daughter joan first i was scoking but then i was wet and start rub my pussy i had absobed of the show i havent see the other girl had understood my attendance and she was looking to me with her mouth full of my daugters pussy juices but with a smile joan asked her marilena why stop and she take with her tongue a round around her mounth looking at me and then continue to licking my dayghters pussy.
I left them and i go down to kitchen to cook after a hour girls go down the stairs hey mom hey sweetie our school go α trip in sguare and i and my friend marilena nice to meet you me too miss helen with a κnowing smile,we found a chance to read for the history test tommorow very good doing girls marilena are you greek yes maria and helen we are here one year we must go our teachers will want us i will return later mom ok i say she return i havent say something return and kate from her school we sit for food they doing their mathematics and we sit for dinner like all other days but in table looking at joan fantasized her to lick marilenas pussy and cum in her face joan asked if it is everything ok yes sweetie why because you are looking at me strange mom no i was thinking something dad when will return mom asked me i dont know kate he also leave to me girls we will talk with him tommorow.
It comes i kiss them and say them goodnight i go to my bedroom i put out my clothes but i was horny of the scene at evening and i lay down in bed only with brass and pant i was so horny where i open my legs an i put my hand inside pants and start rub my pussu for better use i close my eyes a little suddenly i hear a noise i open my eyes and i see joan in frond of bed wearing also only a white brass and pant joan i have told you and kate to hit door first and why you dont wear your pytzamaw to hit why she asked me to not see you masturbate for my sex with marilena dont do like you dont know marilena told me that you was in door and take us eye when we end and in dinner and now i am sure you fantasyzing to were you in seat of marilena right the truth is that i also like women but never my dayghter you are lying for this reason i am here.
Truth it was only this moment and moment of evening i was horney for her very well little bitch come to mommy she come sit down to her knees at bed and slowly comes above me until my mounth as good mom i will show you how to do girls or women and boys happy i want only girls mommy marylena teach me some things but you are sure better teacher then i put my mounth in her mounth and start to kissing she was good with her ieft hand grab my breast and playing with it white her right hand rub my pussy above my panties at the same time i unbuckle her brass and i shoot it to floor now i was playing two rounds chests with my hands she also unbuckle my brass and lick my nipples umm marilena show you nice things you have nice and bigger breast from marilena mom thanks sweetie its the age difference between us.
I put my hand in her panties and she wet did you want to do the same with marilena sweetie yes mom we put out our pants better because i am bigger and heavier better to be you above me sweetie she take position above and she ride her hairy pussu in my face i was thinking her pubic hair but before to her she must shave her pussy she say what nice pussy mom you have and she put her tongue in my entrance another time i was thinking and i grab her for ass to hane her pussy
all to my mounth her pubic hair jaggie my face and my tongue but it was nice but strange feeling and her hyemen that i wasnt await suprise me but i like to hit it then i put eye in her asshole she was there like please me to care her i dont lose time i grab a plastic cock under my pilow and i us
e her pussy juices to wet him joan was devoted tolick my pussy and i dont stop to lick her pussy
so she dont unterstand anything.
When i wet him enough i i rub him in her ass entrance she start moan more she like it but dry like it and start to push him inside she take it with the first time joan scream a lot surup little bitch you will awake your sister what are doing in my ass it hurts put it out please no little bitch and i continue to push him in out her ass after some screams we finaly continue 69 my plastic cock had her drive crazy i could understand that for the way she licks my pussy.
until our pussies load a lot of cum on each face i swalowed her cum but she not i put out plastic cock of her allopen hole now and she get out above me and she comes at side of me she has my cum in her face and i lick to clean her you liked joan yes mom but what you put inside my ass and i show her my plastic cock wow it look like cock i used it when your father its not here you know some things but at your age i kwen more things and you are virgin how i had never go with boys only girls and marilena its only the serioys ok whenever you want little and as long as father is leaving i will be there for you girls and if you want also marilena someday i will break your virgin w
e dressing now go to your bed tommorow school yes mom.There are more stories with my dayghter marilena and both in another time.

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