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Under the stairs

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So last year I was friends with this girl and let’s call her Reena for this and I was a lot older than her I was 18 and she was 12 at the time me graduating that year and her being in 7th grade anyway..

So Reena was a short Philippino girl and had probably C cups, a plump body (she wasn’t fat but she was a bit chubby in places like her stomach was a bit chubby) she had nice thighs thighs and a firm ass, she was also pretty and had nice lips which honestly I liked and clearly others did too since she had a boyfriend (a boy her age) and I actually was kinda friends with him since I was friends with his brothers, but enough about details I’ll actually get to the story.

So as I was a senior I didn’t have to take the state mandated test anymore but the younger grades (7th, 8th & 9th) did so we had a delayed opening so that they could take their test and we got two and a half hours so instead of coming at 7:45 we’d have classes around 9: 45 and all of our classes would be shortened and most people will spent the time at home but I was for some of the very few who actually went to school early cuz no one was able to drop me off and I didn’t feel like walking so I got dropped off at 7: 20 my normal time and I went to the hall where I saw her we talked and that’s about it though I may have touched her thighs a few times.

The next day we went on a walk and eventually we sat under the stairs and I kinda forced her on my lap and I started touching her tits and touching her all over and I eventually pulled her shirt up and touched them without her shirt or bra to hinder me and after I got a good feel of her tits I put my hand down her pants and fingered her and she got wet so I kept going until she cam.

She was looking away from me the whole time and I got on top of her I sucked on her nipples and then I pulled her shirt back down and we walked away from there and I eventually she found her friends and she went with them and I just walked until classes started and I loved what happened and I was really horny now and wanted more but that’s all from that story

I’ll probably write more about similar things like this


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  • Reply [email protected] ID:2qlj3enm3

    Loved it grouping pple. Session me or email would love to hear more about her.

  • Reply [email protected] ID:1dxs6zd8pv52

    Groping pple would love to hear from u [email protected]

  • Reply Dewbury ID:1doj4gn38y4t

    A little story that made me remember my younger days thank you ,keep your stories coming.

  • Reply S~S~ ID:gnrvcvoid

    Now Leave Your Comment…I EJOID THE STORY ALOT. NICE ONE

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    • Groping pple ID:1fr7fp49b

      Well no because they were walking into school we were walking in the direction of them so they just assumed we bumped into each other

  • Reply S~S~ ID:gnrvcvoid

    Now Leave Your Comment…DID YOU CUM IN HER

  • Reply Hawk ID:5xrks72ql

    I actually enjoyed this story a lot even if it is on the short side. And that picture is adorable omg bro!


    • Groping pple ID:1fr7fp49b

      Thanks and I’m glad you enjoyed the story

    • Tom Tom ID:1fr7fp49b

      Damn that’s really hot honestly I would have tried to fuck her ngl

  • Reply PervyD ID:1ec7vh8s8yfs

    Nice, adding the pic is a plus

    • Groping pple ID:1fr7fp49b

      Thanks for that I might add another in my next one

    • .Groping pple ID:1fr7fp49b

      Thanks that’s really her btw