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The Dream Alien

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I am honey only 12 years old staying in a home as my parents have left me their at my birth and I don’t know what will be my future, surely God knows. I always dream of good days and in night see all angles coming to me and told Honey you will be rewarded with whatever you want. Honey answered I want my parents who has left me.Angles smiled and vanished.
Honey is a totally black looking flat chested girl with a height of 3 feet 8 inch and looking very ugly, many a good looking girls younger than her has vanished from this home. Honey just heard while passing the chief administrative Mistress room that tomorrow someone will come and adopt and Honey knows they will make her do house hold work and Honey in her bed started weeping and she doesn’t not when she has slept. Now Honey is dreaming and feeling her two hands are resting on two horns of two unicorn and they can speak to her mentally. They are asking Honey actually we are your dream.we are aliens and fulfill everything of your life. Honey told I want my parents. Honey then saw infront of her eyes the female beggar in front of their home is half mad skinny type always looking at her and they told she is your mother Then Honey asked what about my dad? They answered he is a perverted type man has fucked your mother when she is only 12 and your dad 17 yrs. as a result you came to this world but your father left your mother after fucking her and she got mad.Honey told my Alien friend- I am also not good looking and solve my problems.
Suddenly Honey found that beggar woman her mother is also flying on two unicorn as she is flying now both of the ladies laid on the cloud bed just like their bed at home but much more softer. Now two snake type alien came forward and entered both mother and daughter’s vagina and Honey is feeling at seventh heaven and she has not the feeling of breaking of her hymen and her cunt is sexpanding both in depth and width and the serpent is going in anddeeper in inside her body and came out of her mouth and now it has two mouth and both the mouth was moving towards her nipples and covered her entire nipples and started sucking, OMG! What a feeling of joy and as pumper pumps a balloon these two mouth is sucking her nipples and giving pumping effects and flat chested Honey is now owner of 34+ breast and when the serpent removed their mouth from her nipples OMG! her nipples are now engrossed and protruded like a grape with dark chocolate coloured areola and the serpent are getting vanished inside her body and it is also coming out of her vagina and at the end point at the sexit of labia the serpent mouth also started sucking her clitoris and it enlarged about an unbelievable and unusual length of 4 inch and with a girth of 2 and half inch just like a sporty cock.Honey is also now a woman of 5 ft. 4 inch with a chubby sexy figure of 34-26-36
Now It was Honey’s mother turn now and her name was Shelley and she is half mad and a fatter serpent went inside her cunt and there is a resistance from inside of Shelley’s cunt and she is making huge cry and jumping like a be headed goat and her hands and legs all are restraining the serpent to enter her vagina and now four more serpent came and her both hands and legs are held tightly and wide eagled as a result she is perspiring profusely and another serpent came and started journey towards her labia and it went inside labia and started swelling inside labia as if a three inch girth cock entering her vagina and the serpentine held up her legs are widening and the girth of serpents body inside her vagina is also widening and slowly and slowly serpent started to enter inside her vagina and it must be 11 inch or moe the mouth of serpent is kissing her cervix of womb.
The serpent started to go insde her body and Honey’s mom Shelley is now totally normal by the adventure of the alien in her body. Now when the serpent came out of her mouth it has two mouth and thin as tape worm and it strted to wound around the base of Shelley’s breast and she has a hanging type breast touching her navel at the age of 25 only and Honey is enjoying all the sex show of the alien with her mother and Alien asked in the ear of Honey what kind of look and behavior you want for and from your mother. Honey repied just like a slut with pornstar body and the alien smiled. Now the serprntes after encircling the base of the breasts started sucking nipples of Shelley, OMG: all four legs and hands are being stretched by the aliens and her mother is shouting and the serpent in Shelley’s, cunt is vibrating and it has sextended one tentacle to suck the Shelley’s clitoris for making it portruding fat and in continuous vibration of clitoris to make Shelley’s body super sexy.
To tell about the physical structure of Shelley when she was brought here should be sexplained as she was a mad and only 4 ft in height and hardly 30+ breast that to be in sagging condition and due to tormenting torture by the serpents and their tentacles Shelley’s physical structure is getting changed and became 5 ft 6 in height with an adorable beauty. Now the tentacles at the base of her breast and sucking at the nipples made her breast a no.6 size football completely round with a placing of sizeable nipple just like Blue film Heroine but Honey forgot one thing her mother as Blue Film Heroine also grew up sex appetite within her and she was wantng sex and found a horse cock unicorn entering Shelly’s vagina and OMG: Shelly is accepting atleast 16 inch horse cock with 4 inch dia in her vagina and after 50 minutes sex releasing combined sex jism of that alen unicorn and Shelly at least one gallon continuously flwing from Shelly’s cunt.
Now the Alien told Honey please lsten to us, we have come for you into this universe because your womb has the potentiality to produce baby of our race and the baby you produce they can prouce child with your race, so we are thinking to take you and your mom with us to our planet. Honey thought for a moment and told what about our dad and step mom, I want to fuck his anus,want to be get fucked by hm and want to see him die n front of me and if possible I want to stay in earth with someone like you.
Now in a moment Honey’s dad Fred and step mom Micky is standing in frontof them and now Fred 30 Yrs. old very rich but due to curse with her mom shelly he has lost hs frigidity and he is always being humiliated by Micky and Micky is only 22 Yrs. old very good looking sexy figure of 34-24-34 and she has got many extra marital affairs due to frigidness of her husband.The alien told in Honey’s ear your step mom is already a whore and now you fuck your dad’s anus with your big clit and see the fun and Honey started fucking the anus of her dad and her dad’s penis is started to rise and became strong as iron rod and Honey told Fred to fuck Shelly and make her happy.
The alen again told Honey in our plaent after mateing with male and female the male person dies at the spot and the female die after the production of baby.Now they brought a worm like caterpillar and said to Honey he is the only our living creature who can produce baby and you are the last womb to produce baby out of him. Now Honey lay on cloud bed and the worm went inside Honey’s vagina and Honey is feeling magnificient and Honey fainted. Honey came to sense then the Alien told the worm went inside you have died and you have produced two babies but they will be full grown within an our,your planet woman can produce two or more but our planet only one.Now the baby alien grown to adult and they were tested with shelly her mom and her step mom Micky and the produced babies also. Suddenly all vanished and Honey thought she was in dream.
But howcome she is coming out of slumber as she was getting fucked by her dad Fred with his strong 10 ich long and 3 inch girth solid cock and after fucking Honey, Fred started laughing but suddenly he died. OMG: one thin worm is coming out of Honey’s vagina and started to move towards her dad and it entered into the cockpit that is the pss hole and the penis of her dad is started to inflated and when it became around 14 inch height sex pole and 4 nch in dia hwer dad became alive.
It was the alien creature birth out of Honey and entered into her dad’s body, thus Honey started her sex life jouney with her alien in disguise of father.


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