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My wife got her mother fucked

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My name is Patrick. I am a resident of Ottawa. I am a civil engineer by profession and build big buildings. All the responsibility rests on me, hence I am very busy with work. For a few days my wife Nicole wanted to talk to me about something important. But due to work pressure, I was not able to talk to her nor was I able to find time to listen to her. Then one day I got two days leave and then I gave time to my beautiful wife.
‘Nicole!! My love, tell me what to say?? You have wanted to talk to me on some issue for a long time. Tell me what the matter is???’ I asked. My young wife Nicole got a little embarrassed. She started contracting. I said, ‘Tell me my love. Why are you silent??’ Then Nicole sexpressed her views in front of me.
‘Darling, my mother Honey has wanted to get fucked for many days. My father David has now retired. Therefore, being 65 now, his penis has also been retired. Can’t stand at all. On the other hand, mommy’s hot pussy asks for cock every night. So will you please fuck my mother ?’ my wife Nicole said. Patrick jumped 4 feet high. My mother-in-law Honey was a very nice person. It seemed as if youth was never leaving his body. Even today, despite being 45 years old, Honey looked exactly like a 30-year-old.
I welcomed the unique initiative of my wife Nicole to fuck her mother . As soon as I heard my mother-in-law’s name, firecrackers started bursting in my mind. When I got married to Nicole, my mother-in-law was looking no less than a piece of clothing. Yes, 100 percent I wanted to fuck Nicole’s mother and my mother-in-law Honey, but I was not going to obey her at once. It was necessary to show some emotion. My wife got her mother fucked
‘Nicole!! What kind of demand are you making of me??? …..Fucking my mother-in-law. No no, this ridiculous work will not be done by me’ I said to Nicole and turned my face away and sat down. She believed me to be true.
‘Listen Patrick tell me truly How many sons-in-law flirt with their mother-in-law? Please fuck my mother and satisfy her sexually. Please My dear sweet lovely husband ‘ Nicole started requesting me. I kept walking him for a long time.
‘Ok, good! Ok!! Let me see…what can happen?? Call your mother in my home next week!!’ I said. Why wouldn’t a son-in-law fuck his mother-in-law, who has a mother-in-law with great breasts like Honey? As the days passed, my penis started becoming erect. Every night I would sleep, thinking how thrilling it would be to see my naked mother-in-law. How will mother-in-law will be?? How will mother-in-law’s pussy be??? hundreds of such questions started arising in my mind one after the other. Thus came the day for which I was anxiously waiting. Mother-in-law came to my house Like a film star, she had big funky goggles on her eyes. My mother in law came in Trouser and Skin through shirt, youth had completely taken hold of my mother-in-law Honey. Even today she was in jeans top.
Her figure was absolutely maintained. There was no fat at all on the stomach. Yes, I definitely saw pregnancy stretching marks on the sides of my stomach. As soon as I saw Marks, my penis started getting erect. A woman who has given birth to 3 children will get to be fucked . Mother-in-law was looking very sexy to me at that very moment. I felt like throwing her down and fucking her at that very moment. I, Nicole and mother-in-law drank tea together. Then mother-in-law started asking about Nicole’s well-being.
While walking, Mrs. Honey stared at me. I can clearly see her lust and sexiness in those slanted eyes. It was quite clear that she had come just to eat my dick. I moved forward and kissed my wife Nicole on her cheeks in front of her, ‘Bye mother-in-law’. She felt shy. I left for office. In the evening my young wife had prepared various dishes for her mother. Now it was night. ‘In which room will you take mother??’ Nicole raised the question in front of her mother that in which room will you fuck my mother. I felt embarrassed and could not say anything. The smile playing on my lips was revealing the condition of my heart.
‘In whatever room you say.’ If you ask, I should go to mother’s room and get them,” I said. I went into the room. After some time, my wife Nicole brought her mother Honey dressed in Bra and Panty. ‘Take them carefully!!’ Nicole whispered in my ear and went away, closing the door. May be she is outside
There was not a single wrinkle. I made her sit on the bed next to me. and held her hand and slowly started pulling mother-in-law towards me while kissing her hand.
He had betrayed his true age long ago. She looked young and youthful like porn star. Is my father-in-law’s penis no longer stands erect, so you had to come to your Son in lw foe fucking?’ I asked jokingly.
‘ Dear Son If his penis was erect then why would I come near you? Fuck me properly today son. For how many days has my unfucked pussy has not eaten a cock? Fuck me well, son!!’ My mother-in-law started humiliating me. I held her tightly in my arms. I wanted to hear these sexy words from her mouth. Mother-in-law was looking very beautiful in a red Bra and Panty. Gradually my mother-in-law Mrs. Honey became hot and horny. She herself came near me and sat on my lap. After some time I removed her Bra. Mother was looking likePorn Star.
Thinking her youth. I hugged my young mother-in-law. I could hear the heartbeat of her chest. Slowly free the pigeon of her bra offering My hands automatically started going on the milk of Mrs. Honey i.e. my mother-in-law. She was fully cooperating. There was no opposition of any kind from anywhere. I started pressing my mother-in-law’s breasts vigorously. Today I will probably take her pussy for the first time. How fascinating all this will be. I was lost in this thought. After some time, mother-in-law herself became very horny.
Because I had connected the negative of her pussy with the positive of my penis, by placing my cock against her vagina and at the same time by placing my manly hands on her magnificent 36 size breasts. mother-in-law herself started opening the Panty with her own hands. I also removed all my clothes. despite being 45 years old, my mother-in-law had a great figure. The breasts were just swinging slightly, but not fluttering at all. My mother-in-law was a bit like Porn Star and . After sucking her lips, I started drinking her milk in my mouth. She stuck to my chest.
I opened her legs. Mother-in-law’s pussy was seen. There was a pussy full of light orgasms I put some spit on my hand and started fingering her pussy. My mother-in-law Honey jumped up. There was a sensation in her pussy. I started fingering the pussy vigorously with my hand. She started stopping me. But I didn’t stop. When the path to the pussy is well made. So I took some spit in my hand and applied on the penis. And put it in mother-in-law’s pussy. She started getting fucked. I started fucking my. Mother-in-law, I don’t know why she was not making eye contact. Maybe she is feeling shy while eating the cock of son-in-law. I turned my mother-in-law’s face towards me so that she could not look away from me. I lay down on her as I began to pound her. I placed my mouth on my mother-in-law’s mouth and started fucking her while sucking her lips. ‘Mother-in-law. Look at me here…otherwise I won’t enjoy taking your pussy at all’ I said.
After a lot of persuasion, my mother-in-law started looking at me the same way. I put my eyes into his eyes. We both became one with our eyes and body. I started fucking her quickly. With increasing thrusts, mother-in-law started enjoying more. She started lifting her legs and waist. Ooh oh aahh ohh sounds started coming out. I kept on hitting her pussy. Mother-in-law was now looking straight into my eyes. I held both her hands tightly by the wrist and started sucking her pussy vigorously. Mother-in-law’s breasts started dancing with my thrusts. This was a wonderful and lively fuck. Continued my thrusts. Mother-in-law’s stomach started dancing up and down in circles, seeing which I felt very happy.
Even today her waist was smaller than my wife. I kept pushing her with all my strength. Her sexpanding stomach would go down again and again and then come up again. Similarly his stomach was dancing again and again. I could understand very well that she was thoroughly enjoying my wonderful thrusts. I was fucking her with a bang. After some time, mother-in-law raised both her legs up to 90 degrees. But to adjust my penis for a few seconds, I took it out from mother-in-law’s pussy and she ran to drink my penis.
‘Son-in-law!! I am slave of your dick, won’t you suck your dick???’ Mother-in-law said. I immediately put my penis in her mouth. Like a woman thirsty for some work, she started sucking my penis while making loud noises. My penis had become completely tight after taking mother-in-law’s pussy and it had become erect like a 9-inch gun. Mother-in-law was thirsty for my weapon for a long time. That’s why she was sucking the whole thing in her mouth. After some time, I made her lie sideways near me and started fucking my mother-in-law’s mouth vigorously. She was sucking my sex gun like a whore. Now she had to be fucked once more again.
Now in the second round, I made my mother-in-law lie straight on her back. I took both legs of my mother in lawon my shoulder as a result her pussy , I inserted my penis into her pussy. While lying down like this, I started fucking my mother-in-law’s pussy. This was a different kind of easy. In this I was able to clearly see her face to face and take her pussy. I held my mother-in-law’s shoulders and started hitting her harder. Every shot of my penis was going straight into her pussy and scoring a goal like a football. Lying down like this, I was fucking my mother-in-law so fast that it seemed as if a bicycle was moving. I started hitting goal after goal with full force. Then I ejaculated while pushing harder. My hot young mother-in-law Honey stayed with me for 15 days and kept taking the services of my penis. After that she returned to her home..

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    Great premise for a story but hard to read and keep track of with your style of writing but liked it alot

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    Enjoyed the story. Your writing style made me feel like it had been written in the 1800’s.

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    Part two plzzz