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I never realized how sexy and gorgeous my sister Jenni was

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I went swimming with my older sister Jenni one hot summer afternoon, and after seeing her undress next to the pool I saw how sexy and gorgeous she was

It was 3 days into summer vacation after the 8th grade when the phone rang. It was my older half-sister Jenni asking if me or any of my other sisters or brother wanted to go swimming at her town home swimming pool. Everyone else was busy and my sister sounded disappointed, so I told her I would go. So I got my swimming shorts on and started walking towards my sister’s place.

I got to the pool and noticed Jenni was the only one there. I threw my towel on a chair next to her and asked where her daughter (my niece) Deena was? She said Deena was spending the weekend with her friend and wouldn’t be home until Sunday night. I took off my shirt and socks and got into the pool. Then , while hanging onto the side of the pool I looked up to see my sister pull her shirt up over her head and toss it onto her chair. I felt a shock when I saw her without any top on. I almost said something, but then she quickly pulled off her shorts and tossed them on the chair. When she stood up, all she had on was this tiny little bikini bottom. I gazed at her in awe. My eyes looked her up and down several times. She quickly realized her top had come off with her shirt, so I watched as she fumbled with the shirt to get the top out. Then Jenni turned to put on the top piece, and as she did our eyes met and we both froze. After a second she just smiled really big and continued putting on the top. I knew she knew I was staring that whole time. I suddenly realized how aroused and horny I felt. I reached into my shorts and felt that I was maybe a little more than fully erect. I never realized how sexy my sister was.

I would like to tell you the rest, but it is now like 25 years after that day. In my fantasy I ended up getting some meth that night and going over to my sister Jenni’s where, as you can imagine since Deena was gone, we fucked and fucked and fucked again and again and again. All weekend I fucked my super sexy sister all over her town home.
But the truth is that day I left and did get some meth, but spent the ENTIRE night naked in my mom’s basement masturbating. Hours and hours I jacked off to images of my sister’s body in my mind. Since then I have never had sex with her. Once in a while I do jack off to the fantasy I wish came true. I’m 40 now, and I plan to text her today to see if maybe I can talk to her about this. And how it’s just bothered me for so long. And even though she is older and not anywhere near as good looking as back then, I still hope she will let me fuck her. I hope she will try it with me just once. Gosh I REALLY REALLY hope she will!

My sister Jenni and I during our FIRST TIME!

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    Stop insulting him ,why can’t u guys write ur own story,that if u can do better

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      Fuck off chloe the story is absolute trash Gonzo won’t approve of this.

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    Now Leave Your Comment…pls continue

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    Lmfao what kind of whack story is this. Remove it now it’s useless and “Meth” ewwwwww you must have aids.

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    That is really pathetic

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    Ugh what a waste of time

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    Hahaha, your sister Jenni! A picture taken from a porn site…! LOL