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My Stalker, Raped And Got Me Pregnant

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I was a freshman, in high school when a boy who sat behind me in my general business class, became my stalker. Lucas got more and more infatuated with me for some reason and began stalking me. He would call me, I don’t know how he got my number. He would walk by my house, he didn’t live in my neighborhood. He wrote me poems.

I was at a football game one Friday night and he caught me coming out of the bathroom as I was going home after the game. Me and a few of my friends had stayed after the game and was talking. So, everybody had gone. I went to the bathroom and they started home, I said, “I’ll catch up go ahead, I just gotta pee.”

I don’t know if Lucas accidentally ran into me coming out of the bathroom or if he’d been stalking me. But, he stopped me and grabbed me up then, took me in this room that looked like some kind of lounge and raped me twice. He was a really big guy, A football player who, I think had some mental problems. I promised him I wouldn’t tell or call the cops if, he’d just let me go. He finally agreed.

I was praying I didn’t get pregnant. I didn’t report him or tell anybody. I was also afraid of Lucas, if I did report him. I was so small compared to his size. No wonder he didn’t have any trouble raping me. I acted like everything was normal the next time I saw him and told him I didn’t want to talk about what happened.

But, a few weeks later, I was pregnant. What was I gonna do now. I’m 14. I told Lucas he got me pregnant an I didn’t know what I was gonna do. He was glad. Now, he’d marry me. I said, “No, I’m not getting married at 14. He got mad. We were at school when I told him. He started walking me home an I told him please, just leave me along. He looked mad and ran off ahead of me.

I have to walk past this old parking lot of a big store that had closed. When I went around the building he jumped out at me, grabbed me and drug me behind these bushes by the trash containers from that store. I’m telling him to get off, let me go and he threw me down on the ground and started pulling down my panties.

Lucas, started unzipping his pants and pulled out his dick. He said, ” Now, I can fuck you all I want since you’re pregnant.” I’m trying to get up but, he rams his dick in me and starts pounding my pussy. He’s so much bigger than I am, I couldn’t stop him or get away from him. He’s fucking me, holding my face, kissing me and telling how much he loves me. I just want to go home.

He fucks me a long time. I said, “Lucas, please let me go.” He just keeps fucking me. It’s like he’s in his own little world. I wanted him to be done. I wanted to go home so I told him, “Fuck me Lucas, fuck me hard.” He got so excited. I could feel his dick swell up get harder and then, he cum in me. I’m thinking, thank God. He said, ” Oh, Lily, I love you, that felt so good cumming in your pussy.” I said, I gotta go, Lucas.”

He let me up and I went home. What the hell was I gonna do? I had to tell mom. I did, an I told her everything, how he’d raped me and now I’m pregnant. She was so compassionate to me. She knew I didn’t want any of this. She wanted to call the cops but, I begged her not to. But, she did go to his parents. They realized Lucas has some mental issues but, never thought he’d behave like this.

I decided I’d have the baby and give it up for adoption. School was gonna be out in a few months for the summer, maybe I’d go unnoticed until then. I’d have the baby and be ready for school in the fall. They made Lucas go see a therapist. For some reason, Lucas thought he could fuck me whenever he wanted.
He came by my house one Saturday when mom was at work and I was home alone. It was early and I was still in my nighty. I had no idea he was coming by. I had no idea what he wanted. I said, “Lucas, you’re not supposed to be here. They had told him to stay away from me.

He walked on in and said, ” I just wanted to be with my girl. He shut the door and put his arms around me. He had me in a bear hug when he picked me up and walked to the couch. I heard him unzip his pants and I said, “No Lucas, were not having sex.” He pulled down my panties and laid me on the couch. I’m trying to get up when he pulls my panties off then, pushes me back and gets on top of me.

I’m telling him, “Stop, Lucas, stop.” He refuses. I can see the therapy sessions haven’t helped him yet. He gets his dick out, pushes up my nighty, rams it in and starts fucking me. I said, “When are you gonna stop raping me?” He said, “Never Lily.” “You’re mine, now that I got you pregnant and you’ll stay mine.” That’s when I thought maybe, I should have called the cops on him after the first time. He was never gonna stop stalking and raping me.

Lucas fucked me so hard. I said, ” You’ve got to be careful of the baby, Lucas.” So, he eased up but, fucked me a long time. I don’t know if it was the hormones or what but, for the first time I liked it and he made me cum. It felt great and I felt really horny afterwards. I wanted him to fuck me again. But, I couldn’t ask him. My pussy was having some kind if spasm. It wanted go be fucked again.

Lucas was kissing my face and I accidentally on purpose touched his dick. He jumped and I said, “Oh, I’m sorry. He said, ” No, I liked it.” He took my hand, put it on his dick and had me stroke it. I did and was hoping he’d wanna fuck me again. I got my wish, he claimed back in me an said, “Lily, I’m gonna fuck you again.” All I said this time was, “Okay Lucas, fuck me again.” I wanted it so bad, I couldn’t explain my feelings. I opened my legs and let him stick his hard dick in me an I fucked him back with a lot of eagerness. He looked and me and knew I wanted his dick.

He said, “You’re fucking me for the first time Lily, why.” I said, ” It must be the hormones, is all I can figure.” He said, “Well, whatever the cause, I love it.” So did I. Lucas fucked me and fucked me again before he left. As matter a fact, he came by often to fuck me, at my request during the summer. Mom was at work and Lucas would stop over and fuck me two or three times before he’d go.

I felt like a slut but, I just had to have dick. I’d never felt such a sexual drive as when I was pregnant. I was getting pretty big so, he’d fuck me from behind, I loved that position. I had the baby, gave it up only because, I couldn’t support it, I was only 14. Lucas was never gonna stop so, before school started up we up and moved out of state. Actually, we moved several states away and I never heard from him again.

I thought about the baby often and hoped it had a wonderful life, one I couldn’t hive it. I never knew the sex and never saw the baby. I just heard it cry. That’s what happened to me, after my stalker stalked me, raped me and got me pregnant.

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