games with a pedophile

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i start peel banana slowly now i had his full attention while my brother looking at me with his mounth open

It was a nice and hot sunday morning of july i sandra 13yearsold brunette 1,55height 65pounds athletic body because i am athlete of box together with my brother sam 10yearsold black very short hair we were laying to our towels me with my back and sam with his belly and enjoy the beautifull sun today i wear a red top with a yellow bottom bikini while sam a black speedo.
Sundenly sam hit my hand and tell me i must this this what it is sam turn and you will see i turn and
my eyes go to a man around 50yearsold siting some meters in frond of us in rocks and he had put out his cock out of his speedo and masturbate sam told me he is looking to us you are right sam is he there now or hours i dont know i hadnt my eyes open all this time he must be one of this pedophile that hunt kids like us or younger say sam and he maybe want to fuck us like this men in videos we found in our father computer i continue i have a idea i take my beachbag i open it and i take a banana of inside what are you will do sandra something that drive crazy this men i start peel banana slowly now i had his full attention while my brother looking at me with his mounth open when i peel her full i put a big part of her in my mounth something that doing stranger stay with mounth open and i start up down my mounth in banana.
This move of my mounth doing him rub his cock faster and the final hit it was when i put and little tongue there he couldnt keep and he had alot of cuming i put out banana of my mounth and i smile to sam did you see sam i had or not right wow you did it exactly like girls in video but with a banana how its nothing difficult only fantasy and mind to have look stranger is gone lets return to our sunbath we return both but with backs now and i take a look in sam speedo that it had a bulge my brother realise me and go again with belly what going on brother you are erecting with your sister his face become red of embarrassment sister please stop dont be shy sam its normal boys have erection for girls even big sisters if you want i can help you like banana sister i say stop ok sorry brother and i let him alone and i take my banana to eat this time.
Later around half hour i discovere how fast hour go and must return house for lunch our parents will wait us and we must do and bath we hadnt time to change i wear a jean skirt while sam remain with speedo we take our things and we take road of return to our house after we left beach we hear someone call us to wait we with doubt we turn to see who tell us to wait and it was stranger that masturbate what he want sandra i dont know lets see he finaly come to us now we could see him better it was around 50yearsold athletic body like me dark hair and he was still with blue speedo a white tshirt and a bag can we help you in something sir yes you two you were laying down near rocks right yes we are perfect i am the guy that sitting some meters in frond of you yes we remember you and now what you want i take sexy kids in sexy poses or naughty situations like you girl with banana you are talent.
He doing me red of embarrassment well kids what are you saying for some photograps i will give also money there 500euros haif haif with your brother if you want i with sam take a look to each other where is bad i say and we agree good now follow me.We get in inside woods and a abandone house where there were paperboads laid out on the floor here we are kids and put down his bag open it and take a camera now listen me in what pose i want you and then doing her ok kids yes we aswere but better be nude right no yet i will tell when but girl better is get out your skirt ok sir and we start photos first we laying down at paperboards like at beach but with our legs wide open then the same but laying down now with our bellys also legs wide open.
Next we sit at four like dogs with legs wide open and our swimwear a little down to can take us photo our white asses next he put us in our knees and kiss each other then with tongue and last with our hands inside each other swimwear and grab his or her ass next while sam stand in his knees he ordere me in four go in frond of his speedo and put my hands in his speedo and i lay it down a little and me to be with my tongue outside and in one side of my mounth to be looking like i go for blowjob next same for sam going for licking my pussy you are so good kids that i am hard again it wasnt only he horny sam also was hard.
Now kids is time for some more sexualy photos and its time to get nude now i put down my top bikini reveal then a now start create small like pencils breads and a little hairy pussy while sam reveal a nice thin hairless erected cock perfect you two are ready doesnt need help because for this photos i want you two hot now i want you like previously photos but nude now but in first he wants now with my hand me to play with my pussy while sam rub his cock in second nothing change until in third we were like dogs where he wants us to open with hands me my pussy and then me and sam our ass so in photo can see anyone our entrance next photo me in knees sam had catch me with his two hands of behind my head and his cock inside but with open mounth and second with my mounth closed and blow him while i had in my eyes and faces a expression of surprise.
Next was me time i was in floor with my legs wideopen sam between them and ready with tongue to lick my pussy with me had expression of impatience for this moment while in second he was with tongue in my pussy and i with pleasure sguezing my breast and closed eyes was enjoying all that stranger had again starting rub his cock a little patience kids some photos remain then ordere us to do 69 we ask him what is this and explain us we find it strange but we are doing it first i was down and sam above me very good perfect kids and now you girl take your brother cock mounth and you boy your face and tongue in your sister pussy open yours legs more for air and closes your eyes to be look true perfect this is perfect after he take some photos around us we change but i had become very wet and while i hadnt problem with erected brother cock he wantnt to put my wet pussy in his face for a liitle time ok boy dont be afraid ok girl put down your pussy in brothers face and you blow his cock we follow his orders and stay there to take photos but while before sam tongue was dont moving now i could feel her lick my pusy and now the last photos he put me down with open legs and sam rub his cock in my pussy to be look true stranger wear him condom next the same but with my legs in my breast then again i in four but sam ready with his cock to fuck me and next me in four with a scaring expression because he is prepating to fuck me anal while next with sam laying down i come above him to ride him with pussy first and then anal but of so mush rub i hear sam say that he is ready to cum then stranger no keep.
Sam standing again in his knees he removed condom now you can cum in your sisters face or mounth you two take decision sam rub his cock while stranger was there waiting the right moment sam was far to finish and then i take his cock in my mounth and start some fast blows for this size it was very easy for me after some blows i feel his cock moving finaly i say i put him out of my mounth the right moment where he is cumming and a lot of cum comes in my face stranger take the photo while sam scream of pleasure you liked brother it was the first time that blow me bravo excelent say us stranger you two could be very easy pair or pedostars in pedomovies wee here is the money i must left now take paper to move your brother cum above you not go in your parents like this i thanks him and he leave we wear again our swimwear our parents will kill us so much time we are late maybe yes but we pass good tight brother or i am doing wrong beacause in nude photos your cock was always erected yes it was good.
We also leave of abandone house and we take decision this enent keep it secret and keep money somewhere safe until become more of others enents with stranger in other stories.

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  • Reply William ID:3i7mque9d9k

    I can Re-write your story with proper grammar and punctuation if you like please let me know you story is interesting.

    • Sandra ID:5v8s3j8rd

      Hi,yes i want it please

  • Reply vive-la-baise ID:3i7n800lk0d

    is it just me or is ti soo hardto read that its almost impossible, especiallyto understnd whats written.

    • AP ID:h81bi17qm

      English isn’t the author’s native language.

  • Reply Anonymously ID:bpcjnotv3

    How long did you do this and did you like doing it?

    • sandra ID:4pgya9hrk

      Many times later i start take roles in porn movies with other kids

    • AP ID:h81bi17qm

      Just you, Sandra, or your brother too?
      Did your dad ever figure out you found his videos on the computer?