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Real cousins part1

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She was ready!! And she wasn’t the first cousin to play games with me.

This is a true story of myself and my cousin that made passionate love when she was 18 and I was 16. Becky was the middle child of my uncles family. She wasn’t the most beautiful girl in the room but she was “pretty”. We both lived in the same town but she was more cosmo and I more rural. Her younger sister and I had been fondling each other the previous summer. Gail was 2 years younger than me and came for frequent visits to my sister who were both the same age. Gail would spend some weekends visiting my sister and she would always let me fondle her little hairless pussy and finger it. She had boy sized tits at the time and I rubbed them and she would get a nipple hardon that i’d gladly suck larger. She at 14 would squirm as my fingers found their way into her fleshy womenhood and after about five or so minutes of clitoral stimulation her hips would buck her ass of the bed and she’d orgasm. It was great fun for me and her. I’d never touched a girl or womens pussy before this she was the first. She would groan and wiggle as my index and middle finger filled her cunt. We’d been carrying on like this the whole summer ,and it seemed like Gail was there most weekends. I knew she loved it and she often reciprocated by jerking me oiff till I shot a load, she told me she was amazed at how it spurted out of my cock. Once school began the fun seemed over and Gail didn’t visit. I missed “playing our game”. One day in December I was jacking off one in the bathroom and my sister barged in, she said she need to go….. noticing my rock hard cock in my right hand she said nothing. I got up and went to my room. A while later my sister knocked on my door. “Dave, we need to talk!”. I got up and unlocked the door and she came in. Much to my surprise, she told me she knew everything that Gail and I did during the summer, of course I told her she was crazy thinking that Gail and I would do such stuff. Then she told me she’d watched us with my door cracked open as I fingered Gail or she jerk my cock til I came. She said sometime she would brush herself against the doors edge as she watched. I was as red as a tomato by then hearing my sister getting of watching me and Gail “play” excited me and disturbed me at the same time. I asked her to make sure she kept it to herself and that Gail and I were only exploring. She told me she’d keep it between us. and she left my room.

Sherryl, my sister from time to time that winter seemed different, me knowing that she’d watched us made me extend her a wide birth. She never mentioned it again to me. I walked on eggshells for the months of january til may trying to get myself free of what had happened the summer before. Hell we were just exploring each others bodies I never once asked to fuck her or had any intentions on that. By May I needed to get my head around not repeating last summer if Gail showed up for weekends .Soon summer was here and you guessed it Gail showed up. I tried to avoid her stares , Seemed like her breasts were blossoming they were now teacup sized so she was growing. the first few times she stayed overnight she never hinted towards a “meeting”, so I cooled my jets and hung out hoping that last year was a fluke. In June I saw Becky at church, my, my, she was alot more women than her sister Gail. You could tell her titties we well endowed and her legs were well defined as she stood there in high heals. Her pantyhose clung to her calves and her knee length skirt clung to her dainty midriff. I sat next to her in church and after church we got kinda reacquainted. She was 2 yrs older than I and we really didn’t hang with the same crowds in school. It was kinda nice to get to chat with her. The following Sunday we were together again and seemed to hit it off. She’d poke me in the ribs if she thought something in church was funny or odd and whisper in my ear about it. I was really having fun at church when I never seemed to before. As we left church that suday Becky slip a note to me and told me to read it when I got home. I told her “ok”. Shortly after getting out of my “church clothes” my hand felt the not in my coat pocket, I’d forgotten it and mused that she probably want to tell me something funny that happened that she couldn’t at church.
I was floored as I started to read Becky’s not, she told me how lonely she was and how the boy’s her age treated her badly because she wasn’t beautiful. She said that she wouldn’t be going to her senior prom because no one offered her a date and she couldn’t bear the thought of attending by herself. She said she felt all alone in the world that she had never felt loved by any boy or man and that she at night she cried herself to sleep most nights. She told me her few friends at school were mainly other girls who didn’t have a “bright ” future either! And then came the kicker she wanted to know if “we” could skip out of church next week to “talk”. At first I wasn’t sure of how we’d handle our folks just dumping church but the next Sunday she told her mother she was having stomach trouble and asked my dad if I could walk her home , so she’d covered for me also. My father said it was ok and her mother said ok and my dad could come over after church and pick me up. My uncles family lived 2 blocks from the church so it only took us moments to get there. We chatted as we walked and Becky seemed rather upbeat, she was 180 from her letter almost giddy.
“I wore this dress special for today”, she said “wanna know why”. I just shrugged and she said ” It’s above my knees , mom hates it she said it make me look really cheap and she laughed. Soon we were at the house it was around 10am and church didn’t get over until noonish or so. So we had 2 hours to chat , at least that’s what I thought!!! Becky grabbed to cokes from the fridge and grabbed my right hand and led me into the living room where we both plopped down on the sofa .She asked me if I’d read her note to which i said yes to, she then said” God I’m tired of being so frumpy and a goody two shoes”!! She snickered a bit and said her mom controlled everything she did or wanted to do, that why she was so despondent. She said “I have no life of my own”. I told her I was sorry she felt so sad and that I’d wished that I could make her feel better….. wrong words were never spoken !!! Becky inched over towards me, I thought at first she wanted to whisper something to me and she did…” I want you to play with me like you did with Gail”. And she gave me a peck on my cheek. My mind are now fumbling to get a word out…. first how the fuck did she know about Gail and second what would I do, after all Becky was older than me and she was a women not some little 13 yr old flat chested girl. I trembled as I felt my cock get excited by the offer of doing similar things to this young women. Becky leaned over and took my freehand to he bustline on the dress and whispered “please”. Christ, I was so blindsided I sure I could hardly squeek out an ok. Within a few moments Becky went from a school marm to a vamp. She rose up and said she wanted to get more “comfy”, she pulled the front curtains in the living room and ducked out to her parent’s room which was right of the living room. No more than a few minutes passed and Becky returned in her mother’s bathrobe. She had shed her dress and I could see as she came back her rose colored bra and panties beneath the robe. She plopped down almost nonchalantly her kneed up and legs together. “Do you want my bra off”, she asked. “Only if you want it off” I replied. She slipped the straps down from her shoulders and reached in rotated the bra to get to the hooks and pulled the piece from under the robe. Cmon, lets go in my folk’s room ,we got a bed in there and not as many windows, “more private” she quipped. As she walked I noticed her breast heavy and sway beneath the robe. I walked the 10 steps into the bedroom it seemed dark and she opened the door to the master bathroom and the light from there streamed out into the bedroom. Becky hopped onto the bed her breast following gravity jumped up and landed on her chest. She shrugged of the robe from her shoulders revealing to me a very nice set of tits she was thin framed and tall and her breast we well endowed for an 18 year old. “Ok, am I good like this as the remainder of the robe opened to expose her taut belly and her panties. “yeah i guess” I blubbered out. Good she said and she reached outv and pulled me close to her onto the bed. “oh, get out of those she said, talking about shirt ,tie and ,jacket. Soo I was bare chested with just my pants on. “Cmon, she pled as I lowered myself to the bed…..she sat up a little and almost shoved a tit into my mouth. “Please, make me happy!!” I began to tease het nipple ,unlike her sister her nipple expanded almost twice it’s size … Becky quiver and I heard a ummmm in her throat. So this is my second interlude with a cousin, but this one was far more than I would know. Becky pushed my hand towards her panties I now knew her long legs were spreading and that she wanted more from me. As she pushed my arm down her lips came to mine and she kissed me. Gail and I never kissed, and this eemed rather erotic to me and made Becky even more forceful with my arm

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