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Kate Discovers a Secret 2

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Kate explores the secret and Joe comes home to explain.

Kate heard Joe arrive home with a clatter.

“Kate? Where are you? I can explain!” Joe called from the entryway. Kate could almost hear the rushed desperation in his voice and she smiled inwardly.

“I’m upstairs,” Kate called back, her voice carefully neutral. She didn’t want to let him off the hook too soon.

The time in the shower was enough for Kate to lift one leg at a time onto the shower bench, and use the razor carefully to remove all of the hair from her labia, then her pubis. Initially she left a small patch just above her throbbing clit, but a moment later she thought to herself ‘in for a penny, in for a pound’ and she moved that too. As the last bit came off a tiny part of her brain was distressed, but the pang of pleasure from her clit overwhelmed it.

Out of the shower and standing nude before the mirror, Kate adjusted her hair. In one of the vacation photos their youngest, Ellie, looked particularly cute in her bikini and Kate could swear she saw some ten year old camel toe. In that photo her hair was in pigtails highlighting her young age. Kate could remember doing her haur that morning on vacation. Now here she was putting her own hair in similar pigtails for her husband. She was doing it for herself, too, if she was brutally honest. Kate’s clit throbbed harder at the thought and she clenched her thighs again and appraised her hairless cunt mound in the mirror.

The curve of her nude pubic mound was pale and smooth. None of the reddish bumps she was worried about when she started. “It looks just like a child cunt,” Kate said aloud to herself, just to feel a delightful thrill. In the mirror, her pigtails and smooth sex mound combined to make her look juvenile. The only betrayal were her unmistakable adult breasts. Kate tugged gently on each of her nipples to make them stand, feeling that electric wire connection to her clit and knowing her first orgasm was very close to the surface, despite barely touching herself! She went to her closet, Joe would be home soon.

Joe’s laptop was on their bed, open to the sex story page where each entry displayed the hashtag #preteen. Kate made sure the folder of curated vacation photos was visible next to the browser window. Her dressing gown was on again and she had applied some make up to make her face appear mor youthful.

Joe arrived in their bedroom with a look of concern on his face, adrenaline obviously pumping. “Honey, I can explain,” he said, again, as his eyes took in the laptop screen.

“Sit down next to me,” said Kate, patting the bed beside her as she moved the laptop onto her thighs. Joe did so. “I was very surprised to see this,” she continued, “it was so shocking it took me a minute to put it all together. At first I was amused you were reading sex stories, but what’s the harm in that? Then I saw the topics…”

“Kate -“ Joe got out.

“-yes, you can explain. Shush now, honey. Let me finish. Then I saw the topics, every story about preteen sex, and most of them about incest sex,” Kate felt herself flushing and growing warm, just saying those words out loud to her husband. “Then I saw the photos you had open, the ones of Ellie and Avery in their bikinis at the beach…”

“-and you, Kate, lots of the photos have you in them-“ Joe blurted.

“… Yes, darling, some had me, but all had Ellie and Avery. Every single one, They’re only 10 and 11, and I think they make your cock hard. I read some of the stories, and I think you think about our young daughters as you stroke your cock and imagine them and you in the stories. Imagine their young, coltish legs, parting to display their smooth cunt mounds, eager for your fingers or your tongue, or your hard, needy, daddy cock,” Kate clicked on the window full of the photos she could feel herself creaming when she used those filthy words, and she liked it.

Joe said nothing.

Kate’s hand was over to her husband’s lap. Such a familiar place for her hand to be, but it felt different this time. His cock was firm in his pants and she gripped it. Her robe had loosened and she deliberately let it so he could see inside it. “God help me Joe, I got so fucking wet thinking about it! Look,” Kate united the robe, releasing his cock for a moment and discarded the robe before sitting back down next to him. “Look, I’m wearing a bikini just like they are in these photos. I’ll pretend to be little for you, but you need to tell me everything you want to do, everything you fantasize about.. I want to hear it all!”

Joe groaned as Kate resumed holding his cock, then she swung to kneel between his legs, pushing them wider. “Let’s get your daddy cock out, honey. Your little girl wants to see her daddy’s big cock and hold it and feel it in her little hands.” Kates nipples ached and she glanced down at them, prominent through the thin bikini top. “Do you like my little girl titties, daddy? Do you want to undress them and touch them and play with my pretty nipples? I want that daddy!”

Joe groaned, coming to life. Kate had undone his pants and he lifted so she could get rid of them, his cock springing completely free. She hoped she hadn’t pushed him to far, too soon. “God, yes, honey!” Joe said as he undid the tie behind her neck, “Let’s make your little girl tits bare for daddy to play with.” Kate bit her bottom lip, she couldn’t believe how much she loved hearing these words coming out of his mouth. She wanted to look up into his eyes but felt he might stop talking, so she looked at his cock. “Daddy is going to undress your pretty tits every day, form now on, honey, and play with your pretty nipples,” with this Joe tugged Kates nipples, not too hard, but harder than he normally would. She gasped. She liked it.

“Oh yes daddy! i want that! It makes me feel so pretty when you undress me and play with my tits, I love it daddy! And I want you to show me your cock every day too. I want to hold it and stroke it and make it hard and drippy, and i want to love it and kiss it too,”. With that Kate leaned forward and took he head of Joe’s cock in her mouth. Just the head, and she lolled her tongue around it and gently licked the frenulum with the tip of her tongue, holding the shaft with both hands. “What else do you want daddy? You can have anything you want, tell me!”

Joe surprised her by standing, and she released his cock. He lifted her up and pushed her on her back on the bed gently. He pulled the elastic waist of the bikini over her hips, “Ellie, i want you all naked for daddy, I want to see your pussy and your pretty fuck hole too.”

Kate gasped when she heard him use their daughter’s name. It felt wrong, but her body sung and her clit throbbed. “Oh god, yes!” She said, almost coming out of character.

She could see Joe’s face as her pubis and vulva came into view. His eyes lit up and she never felt so desired as when he viewed her hairless sex that first time.

Her bikini bottom was partly down her thighs, momentarily forgotten. Kate desperately wanted to spread her legs for her husband, but the prevented it. “Do you like my bare pussy daddy? Take my bikini off daddy, I wat to spread open my bare cunt for you, “ Kate demanded.

Joe came out of his trance and pulled the bottoms off completely, “Yes, Ellie, I love your bare pussy! Little girl cunts are so pretty, they should be on display for their daddies all the time. I’m going to undress your bare pussy and look at it every day, and touch it and kiss it.” Kate had spread her thighs while Joe was talking, and spread them as wide as she could for him. She could feel her labia part and she could almost feel his gaze at her vaginal opening.it clenched involuntarily ans she almost came.

“Kiss it and touch it and lick it, do whatever you want to me daddy. I love how this feels, I want more!” Kate had come out of character now, but Joe didn’t notice. He was between her legs with his erect cock inches from her wet cunt. Her hips lifted to greet his cock head.

“I love your slutty cunt, Ellie, and daddy is going it fuck it now, to show you how much I love you. Daddy will fill your kiddy cunt with cock and fuck my big daddy cock in and out of your incest cunt until I fill you with daddy’s sperm. This is what sexy little girls like you are for!

Joe’s cock tip met with Kates tight cunt ring, and her tight opening flared around his head. Kate groaned, her orgasm so close now. His cock entered her and stopped, and she pushed back for more. When the pad of his thumb started rocking her clit side to side, she went over the edge. As the waves crashed over her, a small voice in the back of her mind said “we aren’t going back”.

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    Loved it! A mutual love that can only lead to better, and smaller(?) things

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    More please

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    Tell me all about them, goldenbiguy on telegram. I want girls like this

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    Fuck I need more. Kate goes all in. Succumbing to her lust. Helping him seduce their daughters and turn them into sluts.
    Or, the locked browser has videos of him fucking them already. And Kate goes nuts. Lust driven. Wants him to breed them all. Turns into a complete and totally depraved young incest whore.

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    Oh my god that is so hot. Kate and Joe with Ellie getting involved some way towards the end. Later the three of them, later still Avery joins in. I would like to know what’s in the secret folder too. My imagination is
    rampant. Fully erect. And hurting so good.

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    so hot keep going

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    Open the locked browser

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